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10 things that help you get over a crappy day at work


A crappy day at work is not something that anybody can escape from! Even the so called spiritual teachers, priests face criticism and annoyance of other's incompetence. Sometimes the work day turns into disaster by your own mistakes, because of various reasons and other other days it's just that others choose to be giant pain as they are possible going through their own annoying day. No matter what's the reason for your day to turn crappy, it's only you who can fix it for yourself. Having been part of this work madness for over 7 years following are some positive ways that help you get over the crappy day at work without alcohol or drugs or dwelling in the thoughts of murdering someone.

A bad day can turn into an office nightmare if you don’t handle it properly. If you let it override you then your actions may do some permanent damage to your career. Hence, here are 10 ways to help you not do that damage and instead positively get over the day, rejuvenating your mood:-

1. Music


Listen to anything that makes you happy

Put off your worries and switch on your headphones! Play your favourite songs, understand the lyrics and enjoy the rhythm. Classical or devotional music definitely calms down unstable mind. I would personally take a walk for about 15 minutes, with music turned on full volume, singing along!!

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2. Breathe


I know it's silly, because you breathe all the time, right! Or do you? When the work day is crappy, notice your breath. Practice deep breathing. It'll help you relax, rejuvenate and not mentally sweat at the next moron you meet at work place. Following is a link to guided breathing meditation. Simply take it offline on YouTube and practice it either at your work desk or conference room.

3. Create the list of thing you are grateful for

When everything goes bad, try to find out something good. You can start with by listing out simple thing such as being alive, having a phone or awesome place to live. Slowly, the list will give you unlimited number of reasons to tackle a bad day like a true fighter.

There is always something to be grateful for. :D

4. Treat yourself with favourite cuisine

Treat yourself with favourite food of your choice. No need to wait till dinner, just order it in office’s lunch time. It can be anything from favourite pizza joint to sticky rice.

Treat yourself with favourite food of your choice. No need to wait till dinner, just order it in office’s lunch time. It can be anything from favourite pizza joint to sticky rice.

5. Time to call your 2 am friend

This is that one person to whom you can send SOS signal anytime and he or she will rescue you like superhero. Talking to good friend will also make you feel light and relaxed.

“Feeling good about yourself is the best sleeping pill of all.”

— Annika Sorensen

6. Watch favourite show or movie

Use your relationships with favourite movie or sitcom characters to cheer you up. Watching movie alone in a cinema hall is not as boring as it sounds. You may end up spending more time with yourself and that’s a valuable emotional investment.

7. Try to stay away from the boss:

Being around the most influential person in the office on a bad day is definitely not a good idea. The boss has an ability to disrupt your work life. You can’t deny the chances of that on a bad day. Just stay out of the boss’s way. It is not a perfect timing for your bonding with him or her.


8. Random act of kindness

The joy of giving and kindness is a big mood changer. Help out a stranger! This will shift your energy on his problems for a while and divert attention from your own problems. It can be anything from showing an address or translation into the local language.

9. Clean your inbox

Constant habit of checking messages and email these days is disturbing mental peace. Move your important emails to the archives and delete rest of the junk. This way, inbox won’t keep you reminding you of regular tasks, worries and problems.

10. Take an off for a day

It is the ultimate solution to get over a bad day. Go explore exciting parts of your own town. Visit that neighbourhood which is famous for street art or hike in a nearby national park.

"Handle every situation like a dog. If you can't eat it or hump it.... piss on it and walk away."

— Anonymous