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10 Ways to Succeed in Life and Work

John is a long-time poet, short fiction, and article writer. He loves story-telling and also has a Certificate in Permaculture Design.


What is Your Passion?

What is your passion? Mine is firstly for the love and welfare of my wife and family, but next is writing. Isn't it wonderful if what we are passionate about is also the thing that brings us an income? That isn't always possible but it is the goal we should aim for.

Let's use writing as an example. For instance, say you are a freelance writer. You can't just copy and paste a few paragraphs of content from across the Internet, rearrange them, and sell them to your client as being by you. Then feel you have done a successful days work. That's crap, dishonest, and just overall bad business practice. It needs to be in your own original words and you need to inject everything you write with a little bit of yourself so it comes over as believable and honest to your readers.

But, whatever you do, professionally or otherwise, if you want to be successful you need to be truthful, and throw your drive and passion into it.

The following are ten tips to help you be successful:


10 Ways to Succeed

  1. Study intensively and learn everything you can about your area of interest.
  2. Have passion for what you choose to do and try to always keep that alive.
  3. If you do lose your desire try to find something else to redirect your passion to.
  4. Be unique! Do your thing better than everyone else, or find a different slant.
  5. Listen to criticism and learn from it. No matter what you do or say, someone will disagree. Never let it discourage you.
  6. Keep striving to be better, and ultimately to be the best.
  7. When you feel like giving up, GO HARDER!
  8. Always be honest with yourself. Don't pretend to be what you are not.
  9. Be confident in your ability and your product, and be willing to promote both. Be loud, be proud!
  10. If and when you realise your success/fame, be humble. You owe it to your readers/audience/customers. Always treat them with gratitude and respect.

Always Keep It Humble

No matter what you do in life

Strive to do it well.

Be passionate and seek your dream,

Don't be stuck within your shell.

Never be discouraged

When things don't go to plan.

Just pull up your big boy pants,

And realise that you can.

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Be strong and persevering,

Believe you are the best.

Promote yourself at every chance,

Stand out from all the rest.

When you make it to the top,

Don't forget from where you came.

Always keep it humble,

Or short-lived will be your fame.



We all enjoy receiving praise and encouragement for a job well done, but, always be prepared for criticism.

Remember, there are people out there who hate puppies and kittens, even Bambi. So there are bound to be people who hate what you do as well. You need to learn how to accept this (often unfounded) criticism and let it go like water off a duck's back.

No one is immune, but if you always do your ultimate best and are confident in your abilities, these occasional barbs will have no effect other than make you stronger and more determined.

How Can I Not Be Motivated?

Two of my sons, Jared and Trent, are personal fitness trainers and ex Muay Thai fighters. Trent is also part owner of a gym and Jared is also a motivational speaker through his business Fight4Life.

How can I not be motivated in everything I do in my life? Even though I am a writer, not a fighter.



John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on February 12, 2018:

Thank you, Shaloo. I am glad you find this piece inspiring. That was my aim. Thank you for reading and I greatly appreciate that comment.

Shaloo Walia from India on February 12, 2018:

So inspiring!

John Hansen (author) from Gondwana Land on December 03, 2017:

Hi Anita. I am glad this was helpful to you. I think I write for the same reasons as you, on subjects or topics that interest me, not for the money. My sons thank you too :)

Anita Hasch from Port Elizabeth on December 02, 2017:

Thank you for this hub Jodah. Just what I needed. I have recently had a few of my hubs marked for not having enough views. will rewrite them and change their titles. Must admit that I enjoy writing articles that I find interesting and do not always consider their monetary value. But then just as I prefer certain articles I believe there are thousands of readers with the same preference in articles as I have. They just have not discovered my articles yet. Love the image of your very attractive sons.