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10 Ways of Making Money Online

Ian is a marketing strategist. How Covid-19 Pandemic has affected supply chain management.

Making money online

Making money online

With the internet influencing a larger part of our lifestyle. Especially now that you are working from home and physical distancing, many people are looking at how to make money online to increase their sources of income. It would be best if you considered which platform you decide to use.

How I Make Money Online

What are the avenues that can help you make money online?

Here are ways on how you can make money online from the internet.


Freelancing has been the most famous way of making money online; many websites offer freelance jobs for people with different experiences and skills. To start making money online, you have to open an account with freelance, browse the task, and choose a task that matches your experience and skill. To mention, you can earn up to $100 through different freelancing websites. It is important to understand that you only get paid after completing a task; however, some sites offer you milestone payment. Your client will approve your work or even suggest revision until your work is used. The mode of payment preferred by most site is PayPal; this is because most clients prefer making online payments.

Creating Your Website

Creating a website has been made easier since there is a lot of material you can use to create a website. This may include but is not limited to domain templates, layout, and your website's overall outlook; I recommend using WordPress. The best way to make money through a website is by registering with Google Adsense. This means that when an ad appears, and visitors click it, you make money. It works by the number of traffic your website gathers; the more traffics you have, the more you earn.

Affiliate Marketing

When you are done with setting up your website, you can choose to do affiliate marketing by allowing enterprises or companies to insert their links on your website. This is a two-way benefit, assuming that your website has an affiliate link when visitors purchase goods and services via the link, you earn money. A good example is this symbiotic relationship is between and

Doing Reviews and Surveys

This works best with email marketing, where you receive surveys, research, and reviews to make money. However, to earn from these programs, one must share sensitive information about themselves, including but not limited to banking details. This explains why you should use this form of online selling with great caution. A number of them you to be subscribed to earn money and receive daily or weekly updates. It would be best if you did not involve yourself with a website that is offering a dubious amount of money.

Translating Languages

Facebook has employed this kind of service, understanding a lot of languages other than English is a great way to earn money. in the current decade, sites such as Facebook may require you to translate documents, post, or even videos from one language to another. the common languages are Spanish, French, Arab, Chinese, German, or any other international language apart from English. Many people may not be able to translate since they can view the task as time-consuming, and therefore they opt to hire online translators. Indeed this is the most paying online since not everyone can translate. There are many platforms that you can find translating services. Explore the different freelance website and select your preferred site.

Online Tutoring

This is for subject experts; if you are a subject specialist, you can make money online by offering tutor services. This can also be done by creating a content video; online tutoring creates an avenue of connecting learners from different corners of the world. Many platforms have a flexible schedule for an online tutor.

Web Designing

This is another great way of making money online since not every business owner is a tech expert; all the business people a website of their own. Coding and web designing factor in having a website created since a website need frequent improvement and maintenance; one can have a great way of making money out of web designing.

Content Writing

What you are reading right now is content in an article; it was produced through research, and writing about a particular subject, may be of interest. Online platforms such as Hubpages can be the best starting point; they don't require anyone to be committed to any form of writing; it is a pure freelance platform. Depending on the quality and frequency of writing articles, one can earn money. One may be asked to write about a certain idea or write about what they like. Work on strengthening your area of specialization so that you can increase your relevant stream.


Wow, this is a lucrative way of making money since it starts with an interest, hobby, or passion; soon, blogging becomes an avenue of making money. You can choose to be a full-time or part-time blogger. A blog may earn money through ads, product surveys, reviews, and affiliate marketing. Earning money through blogging may take up to a year to start earning, it requires patience.


This is mainly for those who hate writing, but they like talking and video shooting. through YouTube, you can share your content by just standing in front of a camera and creating a video tutor or a presentation.

I recently uploaded a video about how to make money online and it have attracted ads now.

How to get started in YouTube

Start by creating a YouTube channel, upload a video, and start making money. Make a YouTube channel that people may get interested in for you to make more followers. You can choose to make a channel that reflects your blog content. Payment is made based on every thousand views you get.


As we seen above, we have a lot of ways on how we can make money Online. The best way to do this is to find one of the above ways and get committed to it. This will help you build your online reputation.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2020 Ian Muiruri

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