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10 Particular Buzz Marketing Strategies for My Business (Product: Baby Food)

Benazir Marjan is intended to use her business knowledge in the practical field through this article.


10 Particular Buzz Marketing Strategies for My Business (Product: Baby Food)

Buzz marketing creates a connection between a specific product, brand or business between its users and consumers. It is actually a word-to-mouth marketing strategy where it wants more people to talk about the product rather than just spreading a message.

In accordance with the business world, without promotion and marketing no product is gonna exist or survive in the competition. The world is highly competitive. The demand and supply of the product in the market is fluctuating every time. As a business person, people have to analyze the market before launching a product. Therefore, it needs huge marketing and promotional activities to come to a successful point.

As I have also inspected the market and my research found that there is always a demand for baby food product. It is a basic need for a family. As it is a basic needed product, definitely has a hefty market urging.

My product is Cerelac for babies which have 5 stages.

1. Stage 1 (for 6-8 month’s babies)

2. Stage 2 (for 9-12 month’s babies)

3. Stage 3 (for 13-16 month’s babies)

4. Stage 4 (for 17-20 month’s babies)

5. Stage 5 (for 21-24 month’s babies)

Different stages will offer different flavors along with necessary nutrition requiring each period.

This is my potential business plan and I am explaining about my Buzz marketing strategies those I will be following. We can promote our product in both online and offline advertising.

1. Facebook: Now-a-days online promotion is very feasible to carry on. Its outcome is also very good. People can do their advertising very fast there. Facebook is a social media. I prefer Facebook for my promotion as I use it in a regular basis. I have 157 friends over there. I would like to post the packaging picture with all details there. It will be spreading quiet rapid from my friends to other people. This will be my first buzz marketing approach.

2. Blogs: I will be writing blogs in different websites to foster my product’s publicity with specific qualities required for baby’s nutrition and proper diet. There will be all features about why this Cerelac is really needed for a kid of 6 months and next to 6 months period. My blogs will help both writers and readers to know about the product.

3. Videos for YouTube: I will make video which will be informative regarding my product. It will convey the message to the audience. Once I will share the video in YouTube, Facebook and other social media it will attract more spectators of my product with time.

4. Connect to my University clubs and groups: The universities from where I have completed my BBA, MBA and Masters in ELT, I had connection with some clubs and groups. Members work there for each others. I will make my buzz marketing propaganda to those clubs and groups which will cover a wide range of crowd for my potential product. Their discussions, interest and devotion will bring more listeners from their family and relatives as well. I am bit confident here, as I have strong reputation in my universities due to my sincerity and dedication towards my studies as well as my results also.

5. Family and relatives: I will let my near and dear ones know about my product by myself. I will meet them to some extent it will be possible. Otherwise I will make phone calls to tell them about my package.

6. My previous job place: I used to teach in an English medium school from 2016-2018. I had my colleagues and peers over there. I will go there and advocate them about the Cerelac. Those who have young kids can prefer my one.

7. Leaflets: I will print captivating leaflets including all features, picture, nutrition value and flavor for different stages. I would like to distribute those outside the shopping malls, outside the kindergarten schools, near busy roads and all feasible areas where it would possible to give out. I will prefer kindergarten school parents most, as many of them have another young kid at home. This is how my product will get word-to-mouth publicity.

8. Free sample: I will make free sample of 50 grams packets and distribute those to people who have young kids, so that they will get the chance to try it for free. Once they will get the proof of my perfect food product, they will buy automatically.

9. Ensure the safety of baby’s health: A mother always stays very concern about her child’s better health and they just try their best to ensure it. I have to take the chance of a mother’s feelings towards her child. I will ensure through all of my buzz marketing policies about the safety and healthy facts of the product which will enrich her baby with proper nutrition. Once they will get the desired feedback, my product will get more connection to get promoted itself.

10. Help from influencer group: Influencers are individuals who have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship. I will take help from my uncle who is an industrialist. If he recommends my product to his employees it will get a better market. I will also take help from some school teachers those whom I know well. If they promote it to the parents I hope to get a better outspread. There are some of my relatives who are really my well wishers. I will connect them and I know they will make the publicity by their own to what extent they really can.

This is how I will be working for buzz marketing of my potential baby food product. I know any kind of success needs patience. Return will not come over the night. It will depend on my sincerity, hard work, passion, intelligence and ability to seize the chances those will be appearing on the way.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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