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10 Perks of Being a Freelancer!

Sujata is an architect by profession and has a passion for writing. She shares her life experiences through writing, hoping to be of help.

Do not get me wrong here. Full time job has its amazing perks – a secured job, a monthly salary at the end of the month, guarantee of having work throughout the month, a place to go to every morning, a set routine and one of the biggest advantages being, not having to take the burden of loses to the company since that will be taken care of by the owner. These provide a great amount of security to life and families survive on these.

But probably, these are not the things I have been looking for.

I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to experience both a full-time job and freelancing. Few years of freelancing after graduation and then I settled for the conventional full-time job. Later I again started with freelancing, and that has made it much easier for me to compare both the ways of work. And that is when I realized the perks that exist as a freelancer.

Here is a list of 10 perks of being a freelancer that are personally my favorite and that has influenced me immensely to consider freelancing as a full-time option for myself.


1. Breaking the Monotony

Being in the traditional 9-5 job can be a very monotonous life. Every day the routine is similar, and we usually know how the day is going to be. In freelancing, no two days are the same. Every day is unique. On some days we might just be working the entire day, and on others we might not even have work in hand. A day could just pass by dealing with clients and meetings and the next day could just be working lazily and trying to meet deadlines. But we can be sure that the monotony of weekday and weekend is broken and there would be great variation in how we spend our days.

2. Growth and Responsibility

We become our own bosses when we freelance, and we are no longer answerable to anyone. And that allows us to grow, and it teaches us to be responsible on how we handle work. Being an employee, we can always depend on our bosses to take care of our mistakes. But as freelancers, we are obligated to bear the consequences of our actions. This helps us grow not only in our profession but also helps us be a responsible human being.

3. Flexible Working Hours

Honestly, for me having to follow a set routine every day at exactly the same time is a very difficult task. Of course, it is a good thing to be disciplined and consistent. But for me discipline and consistency should be in terms of quality of work. There could be times when we are not at our most productive self at 9 in the morning, but our productivity is skyrocketing at 6 in the evening. Ideally, that is not the office hours. But I would love to work on my most productive time rather than the same time every single day, just because we have to. We can get that freedom and opportunity only with freelancing.

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4. Choice of Location

Being a freelancer, our first place of work is usually our home – that cozy corner of our home where we are most comfortable and where we are most productive. But that is not the only location where we need to do all the work. Instead of a set desk, we have the opportunity to move around and work from wherever we want. Be it any café or outdoors or even from different cities – as long as we are dedicated to our work, our location is never the concern. We can freely choose the location of our work and it could be different every day.

5. Freedom to choose Work and its Style

With responsibility also comes the ability to choose the type of project we want to get involved in. As freelancers we can decide who we want to work with and the clientele we want to build. And most importantly, we can choose the style in which we would prefer to conduct our work. When we work on our own, we have full opportunity to exercise our style and develop the skills as per our choice without any obligation.

6. Multiple Sources of Income

As a freelancer, we do not have to confine ourselves to only one genre of work. Of course, having our own niche can be an advantage. But if we have multiple skills, which are completely different than one another, we can simultaneously utilize all of them and generate income from different sources by providing different services. We have a broader opportunity to increase the income and that also allows us to work on a variety of projects rather than only one particular type.

7. Increased Exposure

Being a freelancer means we do not have to be confined to one particular geographical location. There is the possibility of work flowing in from anywhere in the world which exposes us to the global market. And a global clientele means the opportunity to learn and work with people from different work cultures and learn the art of communication. There is a possibility of a wider and a diversified network. Also, we get the opportunity to interact with other freelancers and have increased chances of conducting collaborative works.

8. Job Security

Being a salaried employee, there is always a fear of losing our job. In addition to the work stress, we also have to deal with the stress of losing our source of income and livelihood when being employed. However, being self-employed, we do not have to have that additional stress. Of course, we will be worried in case the workflow is not as much as we expected during certain periods of time. But we can fully focus on the work and be sure about the job security as long as we are responsible enough to not give up, keep trying and produce quality results.

9. Work From Home

With Covid-19, the Work from Home culture has become a major way of life for many of us. Though the conditions are much better now, but with one year of working in the comforts of our own homes, this has become a way of life. And if this is something one likes, freelancing makes it possible to have a permanent Work from Home Work life. As mentioned earlier, freelancing gives us the freedom to choose our location of work.

10. Choice of Lifestyle

As freelancers, we get to choose the kind of lifestyle we want. We can decide our work hours and when we would like to devote our time to work. We can either work late nights or early mornings, whenever we are the most productive self and utilize our day the way we want to. We can decide the work-life balance we want and pursue them. As long as we keep a track of our deadlines and delivery dates and are consistent with our work quality, we are free to live a lifestyle we desire.


I believe the most important aspect comes down to the lifestyle change that happens with shifting to a freelancing career. As can be seen, the biggest perk of all that I find being a freelancer is the ability, opportunity, and freedom to be our self, be our own boss and have the liberty to do whatever and however we want. And if we utilize this freedom smartly enough, in today’s time and age, there is a possibility of building a whole empire out of it.

© 2021 Sujata Hazarika

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