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10 Home Jobs That Really Pay

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10 home jobs that pay

10 home jobs that pay

10 home jobs that pay


Home jobs have come to stay and is fast becoming the norm.

Many people are already working from home and earning good money. They earn both active or passive income, contractual sums or wages.

The home job industry is either terrestrial or internet based depending on the format.

There are a huge selection of home jobs to choose from, like customer service representative, media management, virtual assistant or social media management.

More home jobs are transcriptionist, teaching, content writer, copywriter or bookkeeper. Here are 10 Home jobs that really pay.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant

1. Virtual assistant.

A Virtual assistant job is to manage or organize office duties, replying emails, schedule social engagements, and provide data entry.

They schedule appointments, conducting research or focus solely on administrative tasks from the comfort of their home.

To become a virtual assistant you need to take training courses, determine the work you can do and
figure out prices to charge.

Next you have to create an online presence, and applying for jobs. It is important to understand your clients needs including your strengths and weakness.



2. Tutor.

An online tutor offers an affordable and convenient way to teach students virtually. They use online tools for streaming or video conferencing to delever the lecture.

Online tutoring is one of the most lucrative ventures on the web. There are countless opportunities for qualified teachers on different subjects.

And the type of lesson depends on the teachers qualifications and area of expertise.

You can work part-time or full-time depending on your emoyment or schedule.

Data entry clerk.

Desk clerk

Desk clerk

3. Data entry clerk.

The duties of a remote data entry clerk is to inpute data for a company or business.

They work directly for the company or remotely as a contractor from home or the company location.

Things you need to start the job is experience as data entry clerk, fast typing skills, knowledge of touch typing.

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You need to have exccellent knowledge of word processing tools and spreadsheets (MS Office Word, Excel.).

It is important to have working knowledge of office equipment, computer hardware and other peripheral devices.

Customer service representatives.

Customer service representative

Customer service representative

4. Customer service representatives.

The job of a customer service representative is to communicate with the customers of a company through cold calls, email, forums, messaging, online platforms.

They answer customer questions, comments or concerns. To become a customer service representative you need good communication skills, a diploma or degree in mass communication.

Good spoken language including excellent writing, verbal and lising skills is advantageous.

Social media manager.

Social media management

Social media management

5.Social media manager.

A social media manager organizes social media accounts for celebrities, Individuals and company's.

Their job is to reply comments, develop social media campaigns and create content for the account. They write content that promotes sales or engage the general public.

Popular social media platforms they manage are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A social media manager should have proven work experience in social media management.

Tthe need hands on experience in content managment, excellent copywriting skills and ability to deliver creative content both text, image and video content.

The manager should have good knowledge of search engine optimization, keyword research, Google Analytics and online marketing channels.

10 home jobs that pay

6. Transcriptionist.

The job of a Transcriptionis is to convert voice recordings into documents.

They work closely with scholars, lawyers and medical personnel. They have good typing and listening skill and earn good money.

They are generally hired as offsite contractors and are paid per transcribed minute.

This remote job is perfect for stay-at-home parents or undergraduate students.

Website content writer.

Content writer

Content writer

7.Website content writer.

The huge demand for online content has over the years opened the doors to website content writers.

The job is lucrative and renumeration is attractive for both old, new and experienced writers.

To become a website content writer you need good writing skill and good general knowledge.



8. Bookkeeper.

An online bookkeeper uses online bookkeeping software to manage clients transactions. They aid online job creators keep proper account of sales.

They study financial documents like cash receipts, and iinvoices. A bookkeeper needs accounting knowledge, good communication skills, and networking.




9. Copywriting.

A copywriter writes, edits content for brands for social media posts, blogs, or company advertisement.

To become one you need good writing skill and a flair for words. The
national average salary of copywriters is $61,837 annually.

Survey taker

Survey taker

Survey taker

10.Survey Taker.

A person who is paid for an opinion poll is a survey taker. The job is the least attractive of the lot earlier mentioned.

You tend to make very small income per survey about $1 or 50 cents. People in certain geographical locations earn more than others.

10 home jobs that pay

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