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16 Sites That Pay You to Answer Questions

Tina studies ways to make more money in small ways every day.

Is This For Real?

You know, good information is pretty hard to find. But trust me, you don't have to be a Dr. Spock to earn money for what you know. You just have to be willing to use a little of your time and your skills to get others the information they're looking for. If you're willing to do that, then follow me as I introduce you to some companies that don't mind offering you the cha-ching for great answers.


1. Ace College Classes

Getting help with homework sometimes can feel as if you're trying to get approved for a huge bank loan. The internet has some resources but most of them have a catch to it. Not AYCC! We make it simple. Just post your question and get your answers fast! We even let you earn money for your tutoring skills. There are no hidden fees or charges. So go ahead and give us a try. You won’t be disappointed! Logon Now to begin Answering Questions.


2. Just Answer

We invite you to become a high quality Expert on Answer questions on your own time and get paid by JustAnswer’s rapidly growing customer base of over 20 million and counting.


3. Live Person

LivePerson is a unique service that matches people who have questions to the people who are qualified to answer them.

As a registered Expert on LivePerson, you will be listed according to your professional expertise and will be available for hire by any LivePerson client. You receive all the tools necessary to communicate with clients and colleagues — free!



3. Student Of Fortune

Earn money while helping others!

Student of Fortune makes it easy to score some extra cash while helping others with their questions.

  1. Users post questions to our site, seeking help with an academic or technical subject. They offer a bounty for what they're willing to pay for a tutorial that teaches them how to solve their problem.
  2. You find their question by searching or browsing for questions, or by opting-in to email alerts in your areas of expertise.
  3. Write up a great tutorial for their question on Student of Fortune along with how much you'd like to get paid for it. We'll pick a random 20% of your tutorial as a preview and post it for everyone to see. Don't worry... you'll a say in what 20% we're sending, and we never send the end of your tutorial (where we expect you'll put the conclusion).
  4. When the other user buys your solution, we'll send you the tutorial (less 18% to cover the bare-minimum cost of processing your transaction).
  5. We keep your tutorial around forever, so if it's a commonly-asked question, you could be making money off it for a long time to come! Some of our users have made over $1,000 off of a single tutorial! In these cases, we'll take 40% to help cover the cost of advertising your tutorial.

Rather than wait around for students to help, you can also take a more proactive approach. Simply complete textbook or similar questions in great detail, showing all of the steps and providing good explanations along the way. Then upload your tutorial! Other students can purchase your tutorials, one question at a time, and learn how to solve difficult problems based on your example.


4. Mahalo

Do you love sharing your knowledge with the world? Are you an internet whiz that can find the answer to any question? Always trying to impress your friends with your impeccable writing skills? Then you're exactly who we're looking for!

Mahalo is seeking remote, freelance writers to contribute quality, written content to our network of Q&A sites. Writers will focus on asking and answering new and unanswered questions across a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

Beauty & Health
Cars & Transportation
Internet & Websites
Fashion & Shopping
Food & Drink
Fitness & Nutrition
Sports & Entertainment
Video Games

Accepted writers will be paid a solid, flat rate for every answer they contribute, with the ability to earn up to $200 a WEEK just by answering questions from home. This is the perfect gig for college & grad students, stay-at-home parents, freelance writers, or any internet-savvy, well-written folks looking to earn extra income on the side.


5. Kgb

Welcome to kgb’s Work @ Home Recruitment Center, where you can find out about Work @ Home opportunities with our 2-way mobile text service and get answers to Frequently Asked Questions about working for kgb.

Founded in 1992, kgb is the largest provider of branded directory assistance services in Europe and the largest independent provider of outsourced directory assistance services in the United States. Last year, we answered over one billion requests for information by phone, by text message or over the Internet. We are currently recruiting Special Agents for our newest product.

Our Mission:
To provide fast, accurate, and convenient answers 24 hours-a-day, every day.

Our Vision for Work @ Home:
To build a best-in-class Work @ Home community to support our expanding suite of kgb products and services with your help.

kgb Work @ Home positions offer the opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun; to be part of an elite group of kgb Special Agents who enjoy flexible scheduling; a commute-free day – saving time, money, and the planet. You can also enjoy the total eradication of a dress code policy.

Click on the “Current Positions” link above to learn more about our Work @ Home opportunities.

For information on career opportunities in our brick and mortar locations, visit:

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6. Web Answers

WebAnswers is a web site where anyone can ask questions for FREE, receiving immediate responses from community members who answer questions. You should begin to receive answers from the community within minutes of posting your question.

WebAnswers allows you to get answers FAST - eliminating need to spend time searching for your problems or questions.

WebAnswers is COMPLETELY FREE - you pay nothing, zero, zip, nada! Just ask a question, then relax as you receive answers from our community members.

Tips for Success

  • When asking your question, please be detailed and articulate. Indicate specifically what you are looking to get answered. The more information you provide, the more likely you will find a solution right away.
  • Once you receive an answer that is satisfactory answers your question, we ask that you award the best answer to the member of your choice. Simply click the red button next to the best answer and your question will be awarded to that member. Members answering questions earn ongoing advertising royalties on questions they answer.


7. Paid Answers

If you have answers, we have cash for you.

Our experts at Paid Answers come from all walks of life and share in their desire to help people with their knowledge and experience. If are an expert, PaidAnswers wants to pay you for your expertise! Earn commission on every accepted answer you receive as compensation for your time and effort.

No rigorous testing and no interviews. To become an expert simply start answering questionsin your area of expertise. If you have any questions, read PaidAnswers expert FAQs.

PaidAnswers strives to be the best Q&A experience so we encourage you to send us feedback with your thoughts, comments and suggestions.


8. ChaCha

What do Guides do?

ChaCha Guides help answer questions from customers in a fun and fast-paced environment. You provide the brainpower to analyze the question and craft high quality answers, we provide professional search training and custom tools to turbo-charge the process. Once you’re onboard as a Guide, simply log in whenever you want to contribute.

Why Guide?

Guiding for ChaCha is a great opportunity to expand your mind, share your knowledge and expertise, and surf the internet with a purpose.


9. Askables

Writing for Askables

Contributing to Askables is fun, easy and profitable. You can take part by writing articles, adding your existing articles or answering questions.

You'll earn ongoing revenue for all your contributions as well as up-front cash payments for some*.
The more you contribute, the more you'll make.

As a contributor to Askables, you will be paid for your contribution by being given a share of revenue created by your content. The more active you are on the site, the higher the revenue share you receive.

Askables Experts receive an upfront payment per post as well as ongoing ad revenue. The payment depends on your expert level.


10. Help Owl

How it Works

Contribute content - Earn Points - Get Prizes!

Who doesn't love skeeball? You earn tickets that can be redeemed for prizes...

We have adopted the same model on! You can earn points for a number of things throughout the site, and then use those points to receive any product sold on It's that simple!


11. Weegy

Weegy Experts

Do you want to help create of the largest and most comprehensive expert system in the world?

  • Weegy experts will take part in a truly exciting and stimulating endeavor that will provide a positive contribution to the global community.

  • Weegy experts become online leaders of a community of people who share your interests.

  • Weegy experts are real people - just like you. They include professionals, educators, students and stay-at-home dads and moms: anyone who has knowledge and a willingness to share it!

  • Weegy experts can participate whenever and wherever they want. No amount of participation is too little or too much.


  • Being a Weegy expert is a labor of love and an opportunity to be seen as a leader. Weegy experts work hard because they are passionate about their areas of expertise and they love to help people.

  • Weegy experts are paid $0.20 (USD) for each conversation that they are involved in. Payments are transferred to your PayPal account when your account reaches $20. You can view an online summary of your compensation status at any time.



12. Guruza

Guruza allows you to chat with experts until you get an answer to your question. Guruza is a marketplace that brings together people seeking knowledge with those who can provide it. You don't pay unless you get the answer you are looking for.

Go ahead and try it out—it only takes a minute to get started! Just enter a question into the box below, decide on how much you offer to have it answered, and submit to Guruza.

If there is a question you would like to answer:

  • Click on a Guruza question link to find out the question details (reward, description ... etc).
  • Click on the answer question link if you know the answer and the price is right.
  • Chat with the person who asked the question and give them your answer.
  • Collect the reward for a correct answer.
  • Click the "cash out" link to have your earnings sent to you through PayPal.



13. Small Biz Advice

Are you a business expert? Get paid for sharing your knowledge and expertise in your spare time at Small Biz Advice. Some sites provide you points and some say you can promote your services by providing answers, but on our site you can get paid for providing expert advice. Questions may be simple enough how-to's and where to find certain information online or offline and can be answered by anyone knowledgeable enough, or could be complex and need to be answered by a qualified professional. Some may include compiling a research report or data. You can decide which questions to answer.


14. KnowBrainers

Get paid to answer questions.

Questions are asked by members of the KnowBrainer in a wide range of subject areas including entertainment, history, science, pet care, parenting, automotive, home contracting, computer help, health, and law.

Currently all questions are answered for free. In the next revision of the KnowBrainers website (approximately May, 2006) users will be able to offer to pay for complete answers that require more in depth research. Approved experts will be able to accept these offers and receive payment for complete answers. The amount offered for each answer will vary with the area of expertise and complexity of request. See to get a sense for the type of "pay questions" that will be asked.

To become an approved expert and qualify to receive payments, become an active member of the community by asking and answering the free questions. Once you do so, send an email to experts at to express interest in the approved expert program. Include your KnowBrainers username and relevant information about your professional/academic/personal background.

If you have a blog, you can offer to answer questions from your readers by by embedding RSS feeds of your answers in your blog with the unqiue scrolling widget below. Just follow in the simple instructions to copy and paste the code into your sidebar.


15. AnswerGem

Become an Expert at AnswerGem! Answer questions. Help Others. Earn income in your spare time! Build your online resume! Generate leads!

- Do you have expertise in health, legal, pets, cars, tax, etc.,?

- Want to earn extra income in your spare time (as much as a few hundred dollars per day) by just using your computer?

- Want to build your online resume, generate more leads for your business, and get more recognition for your expertise?

- Don`t want to spend too much time and effort doing so?

Look no further! Become an expert on AnswerGem! Easy and rewarding! Simply provide answers to questions posted by customers in your expertise area. Earn income! Get leads! Do it at your own leisure. Get started now! Signup below. It is free for experts.


16. Shvoong

Write a summary or review of any published written text, written in your own words. you may choose any published book, article, newspaper, website or academic work. Your summary should be up to 900 words long. You can write

Any summary or review of a previously published book, article or newspaper, an existing website, movie or an academic paper will be welcome. Write your abstracts in your own words. Content that violates copyrights will be deleted

More About : Write a summary and earn!


This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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