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TVS Apache RTR 160 Review | Comprehensive and First Hand

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A Review of TVS Apache RTR 160

A Review of TVS Apache RTR 160

Do you want to know how good (or bad) TVS Apache RTR bike is? OK, and then read on to understand how the bike scores in my review. This review is neutral and is not biased for or against the company or the product. This is a personal review and I hope to help you to take decision about which bike to buy.

Apache RTR is made by TVS Motor which is a part of TVS Group. The group owned its name to the founder T.V.S. Iyenger. The company has three large manufacturing plants in India and one in Indonesia. It is known for producing popular bike, scooter and moped models. Some of the well known products of the TVS brands are TVS Star City, TVS Star Sport, TVS Flame, Wego and Jive.

But the most popular bike model of this company is, no doubt, Apache RTR 160. A bike produced to get a pie of the quickly expanding 150 cc bikes segment in India. This bike is intended to compete with the king of the segment, Bajaj made Pulsar 150.

Apache RTR and Me

No, I have not owned a RTR. But one of my friends and a relative has it. I can assure you that I have ridden this bike long enough to judge it and give my opinion regarding it. Both of the owners are very proud of their beasts. They are very happy with their bikes.

Once I commented that the rear view mirrors of the bike should be far more spaced for better safety. My friend answered that his bike did not need any rear view mirror because no one can beat it.

An Apache RTR

An Apache RTR

Apache RTR Price

The price of TVS Apache RTR 160 is different in different cities. There are tax difference between the states and so there is no specific fixed price of it. It is available at the ex- showroom price of Rs. 68000 to 72000. It is better to check the price of the bike at your city by going to the nearest TVS show room.


Apache RTR is all about styles. You will feel swelling pride to show this bike off. You will have better chances to owe a girl friend by showing her such a macho looking bike. I like the green model most but people have their own personal choices. The ash colored model is also very popular. The design of the bike is its one of the selling points. The bike has a digital console. It had a speedometer with big numbers which are very much visible in every lighting condition. There are fuel indicator, odometer and a clock on it too. There are red indicator lamps to warn you when the fuel goes low, when the bike needs servicing and the battery charge is low now. The naked chain of the bike adds to its beauty but it can be problematic during rainy seasons. You need have to clean it regularly.

But the main concern about the bike is its build quality. Do you think that the body of the RTR will be as capable of enduring the rough handling bad roads and accidents as the top notch Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki bikes? I am not too optimistic about it.

RTR 160 Video Review


TVS boasts about the perfect throttle control of the bike. According to the company this bike will response with the slightest flick of the accelerator. I have ridden long miles on it and I have no choice but to agree with that claim. The response of the engine is excellent. You know, if your bike is not responsive enough, biking is not fun at all. The cornering of the bike is really good. The turning radius is very manageable. The bike feels light in your hands when it is moving.

Apache RTR from TVS is one of the best bike of India

Apache RTR from TVS is one of the best bike of India

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TVS Apache RTR 160 has a 159.7 cc 4 strike single transmission engine. It can churn out a maximum of 15.2 BHP at 8500 RPM which is equivalent to 11.19 KW of electric power. It can produce a torque of 13.1 NM at 6000 RPM.

Apache RTR is a bike for amusement. It is all about speed and performance. Whenever the traffic will go green, you shall zip through the traffic and go ahead of everyone. If you feel proud of beating every other guy on a heavy bike then RTR is for you. This bike will give you the opportunity to beat those Pulsar owners who think that they owned the roads. But be aware, this is a fast bike and if you are not careful enough then you will be the reason of your own misfortune. I hope that you are not interested to have a hand or leg bone broken or have a head injury with permanent loss of memory and intelligence. All such things have happen to many guys I know who were not careful enough.

The bike has a 5 speed gear system. I do not like it. The gear box is not that of high quality. The smooth functioning of it would make this bike much better.

Apache RTR is fast and powerful

Apache RTR is fast and powerful

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Top Speed of Apache RTR 160

The top speed of this beast is claimed at 118 Km/ H. But my personal best is 108 Km/h with it.

The tires are not very dependable. The grip is not good at wet or village earthen roads. Especially, it seems dangerous to ride the bike on a country path full of mud. However, the control seems good on a high road. The rear tire should be much wider for better control of the bike. I shall advice you to change the tires of it for better safety and security of your bike and body.

The brakes are good. There is a front disk and rear drum break system on it. You can stop the bike within a few meters even when you are on top speed. Like many bikes, it does not have the tendency to skip to a side when the rear brake is applied with force. The bite of the disc brake is very good but it is a bit dangerous too. Try to use the rear one first, and then the front brake, to avoid skidding of the bike. I have fallen once for suddenly applying the disc brake of the RTR. There is model with both disc brakes too. But I do not like to depend on such brakes which can be cause of your fall.

The electrical gadgets work flawlessly. It is not prone to malfunction every now and then like that of Pulsar. There is 35 watt lamp for the headlight which is bright enough for the nighttime riding. The lamp is a halogen one, do you know that? The tail lamp is of 5W but the stopping lamp is 21W. There are two turn signal lamps of 10W each.

Engine Power Comparison of RTR with Some Other Bikes

 Engine Power (bhp)Torque (nm)

Bajaj Pulsar 150



Suzuki GS 150R



Yamaha FZ16



Honda Unicorn



TVS Apache RTR 160



User Experience

The user experience is what which makes or breaks a motorbike’s popularity. The sitting position of the bike may feel awkward to some people. It is reported by some that initial driving of it can lead to slight back pain. But the problem vanishes soon after riding it for a few days. The speed, performance and look of it give you a pleasant feeling about Apache RTR.

The gas shock observers of the bike really works well. It can make your journey smoother even on rough roads.

The engine of the bike is smooth but it is not as smooth as a Yamaha RTR or a Honda Unicorn. It vibrates at about 50 Km/hr speed. But you will not face the issue at higher speeds.


An owner of a power bike like an Apache RTR 160 do not want to show any interest about the mileage of his bike. When anybody asks him about the mileage of his machine he tends to answer with pride: “ I don’t know the mileage of my bike and I do not care. If I would then I would not bought this bike.”

But as an owner of a 150 cc bike I know that like me, you also want to know how much oil your horse will drink to run. You know the petrol price is soaring and we have not unlimited source of money.

The average mileage of a TVS Apache RTR is around 45 Kmpl. Once I got only 37 mileage with my relative’s RTR. But my friend’s bike had shown me a much better result, 49 Km/ L. In my opinion, the mileage is good for the amount of power it delivers.

The Pros and Cons of Apache RTR 160


  • The bike is very good looking and stylist.
  • Fast and powerful.
  • Digital Console with lots of indicators.
  • Good cornering.
  • Very good throttle to engine response.
  • High quality electrical systems.


  • There is a vibration issue
  • The tire grips are not that good.
  • Gear box is not very good.
  • Build quality is not as Yamaha or Honda bikes.


The sole purpose of this review of Apache RTR is to help you to form your own judgment. I know, it would be subjective and would vary man to man. If you are teen ager or in your early twenties then I think you will go for the look and power. In that case, this bike is perfect for you. But if you are a more mature buyer then I would advise you to go to the nearest show room and test drive the bike to form your own opinion. RTR 160 is not a bad motorbike at all but it is not for you if you want a little less time and much better quality.


Mira on February 21, 2015:

Hi Avin,I want to know one thing about the abs in this bike. Can the abs kit be fitted in non abs bike on a later date. say I don't have money ( apporx 2 lacs ) to put in the bike and buy a non-abs version. Can on a later date abs be put on it ? Will it cost more than the difference in the two models now ?Whats the mileage in your tests. Different sites are giving different data. .. How much does honda claims ? It being 10 kgs and 30 ccs more than 220 the mileage shall come atleast 35 40 kmpl ( P-220 gives 42 45 in city riding ).-Ankur

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