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How To Push Start Or Jump Start A Stick Drive Car

How To Push Start Your Car

Some Times it takes a few people to push start a car.

Some Times it takes a few people to push start a car.

The Push Start

There are 2 ways to jump start a car with a flat battery the first being the most difficult and tiring unless you are on a slope.

The push start:

The push start needs at least 2 people the driver and the pusher,ensure all electics like the radio and the lights are off.

turn the key to the on position.push in the clutch pedal,put it into 1st or 2nd gear,release the hand brake and brake pedal,

when the pusher has got u some speed,release the clutch whilst you give the engine a little gas, and your engine should start.drive for about 10 minutes to put a little power back into the battery before turning the engine off or the next time you want to use the car you will need to do the same again.

Where Do My Jump Leads Go?


The Jump Start

The jump start: To jump start a car you will need a set of jump cables and a friends car

park the cars close to each other but not touching so that the jumper cables can reach both batteries,turn off both engines and remove the keys,ensure that the emergency brakes are on.

open the hoods and connect the jumper cables to the batteries if the battery terminals are corroded use steel wool to clean them.

start with the car which has the dead battery,put the red cable clamp on to the positive (+)side and then connect the other side of the red cable to the other cars positive (+)terminal.

Connect one end of the negative (-) cable to the negative terminal of the good battery.Connect the other end of the negative cable to metal on the engine block on the car with the dead battery. Don't connect it to the dead battery, carburetor, fuel lines or moving parts.

Stand back and start the car with the good battery.

Start the stalled car.

Remove the cables in reverse order.

Be cautious when starting a car in this way there is a very small risk of explosion.

have fun .....jimmy


Candle Hour from North America on September 12, 2011:

very informative, thanks.

Instant-Immersion from Saint Louis, MO on August 10, 2010:

This is one of the things I love about having a stickshift car. Sometimes if I was parked on a hill, I would start the car by rolling it and engaging the clutch just for fun.

Francis on March 01, 2009:

Yes you can. Just happened to my car .. at first I thought it was the battery .. but discovered the battery is ok after attempts to jump start my car .. in the end, need to push start it.

mike on January 01, 2009:

does this work if you have a good battery but the starter won't turn over

Ricardo Nunes from Portugal on September 18, 2008:

I still remember having to leave my old VW Polo van on a downward-sloping every time just to be sure I´ll be able to start it when I came back LOL. This is a very informative hub ;)

Misha from DC Area on October 18, 2007:

Nice info. Just one small clarification - push start is possible only with manual transmission. If you don't have stick shift, you are out of luck and have to look for somebody to give you jump start :)

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