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Supercars That Can Accelerate Faster Than A Jet

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Supercars That Can Accelerate Faster Than A Jet

Ever dream of riding a jet engine pony under your arm like a valiant knight so it could break the sound barrier, compete with jets and cops. Can everyone afford such a fantasy? Will it be too expensive? What's the best place to store it? At 745 mph, how do you turn? You can already feel your door pounding with these questions and you want to find out what's inside the end of the video? Let's go.

First up, Is it possible for a supercar to overcome the sound barrier?

Hey, Doc, you can look at this problem from the perspective of technicians and physicists. Friction hurts. The rear axles should have smaller tires because they struggle with the wind. This is why you see those cars with pointy noses and skinny front tires. Having too little downforce makes the car take off like an airplane, but too much downforce makes it drag.Frogs jumping on the road can unbalance the car, so I don't think you'll like it.It's not the case when Snoop's lowriding supercar is coming up. As for what would wear out first, I'd say tires, axles, or wheel bearings. It's not about how much power they are able to handle (like HD racing axles), but rather their rotational force and speed. If a CD spins too high and explodes, it'd need axles made out of spacecraft alloys and bearings that can handle the forces of hell. Typical roller ball bearings can't do that which only gets you halfway there.

The next question is, why are jet-powered cars cool? Aren't there a lot of these ?

Jet-powered cars aren't viable anymore, as Chrysler's failed experiment proved. Chrysler ended its turbine engine program in 1979 due to non-emission regulations and fuel efficiency problems. Jaguar presented its C-X75 concept car in 2010 that featured four electric motors driven by diesel microturbines. It's likely that a jet-powered car will be paired with another vehicle soon. The terrible fuel economy of turbines could be solved by combining a hybrid car with a jet-powered car. Do jet engines use a lot of fuel? Imagine how much fuel your car will burn in a second. If you're a money bag, the Greens won't make you live, Gretta Thunberg wants to visit, and Uncle Sam is coming to you because he doesn't have enough gas. Wouldn't it be easier to compete with super cars if they used jet engines? Because the gas turbine blades are constantly hot, using minimum air would melt the hot parts. That's a problem for engineers right now. Whatever, now we know what machines will help us to make the perfect hotdog sausage.

You must be damned curious to find out how it feels to turn left in a supercar?

You'll probably take 10x longer to get to California if you drive than if you fly. Even a tiniest mistake on a land vehicle can kill you. Near the ground, the air is thicker, so there's more drag, and hill slopes, rivers, buildings. Rather than going around obstacles on the ground, it's better to fly straight. There's also the possibility that the plane can fly so high that there's no air resistance and no one can hear the engines. Wouldn't it be nice to drive down the highway silently? A car going 400 mph would have to make 1000 foot turns to stay on the road, and 2 miles to stay on top. Not practical anywhere but a desert. I always knew Dubai had big prospects and desert regions were underrated.

Here's Fast & Furious. The fastest car that Vin Diesel, with his heavy breathing, can drive.

Usually driven on salt flats, supersonic cars don't look like normal cars. You know what I'm talking about if you've ever seen "Despicable Me". There's nothing about a chick's magnetism in this car. The Thrust Super Sonic Car still holds the Land Speed Record after twenty years! The speed of hell is 760 mph. Engines and transmissions can't handle aerodynamic drag that limits the top speed of most road cars. The rocket with wheels doesn't seem like a car to the observer. It's more like an alien spaceship from the ghetto than a car. As of now, all it takes to build the fastest car is to cut off fighter jet wings and land them. Okay, doc, let's take out these engines and build a rocket. I've got it. By the way, a rocket-powered racing car called Bloodhound LSR is aiming to break the land speed record with 1000 mph. Bombardier's Global 8000 is the fastest private jet in the world with a maximum speed of 720 mph. For comparison, let's look at some military developments. Overcoming Mach 1 is called going supersonic. This critical speed is around 760 mph. A supercar has a great competitive advantage if you take a close look at the numbers.

And now let's talk about power. Who rules the Earth? Let's compete with wheels.

Lamborghinis are officially faster than planes on the ground. As the Lamb approached the runway, it reached a speed of 210 mph, more than 62 mph faster than a typical passenger jet's takeoff speed. Due to its physical characteristics and a better power-to-weight ratio, F1 cars typically beat fighter jets in drag races. It doesn't take long for most jets to overtake cars in speed after takeoff. Several videos show fighter planes beating racing cars on the runway, but once in the air, the planes are too fast to catch up.

Do you still want to do a GTA-style supercar cop chase? Watch the video until the end if you don't want to miss it.

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Here we are in the market, what's next? What supercar do people want to have most and why?

Over 58 million searches were done on Lamborghini in the last year, which is almost 30 million more searches than the next brand. The color stuped thing, uh, but it works as always. Lamborghini is unique because the colors are wild and ostentatious. Neon green and orange cars aren't common. Think about how many shades of white can make you unique when you compare Porsche and McLaren. When you buy a car like this, what is the biggest shock for you? It's like you grow up in the eyes of others instantly. The experience of sitting in such a car is unforgettable even for a few seconds. Is there a reason why supercar owners don't use their cars? A supercar owner usually has more than one car. Supercars don't work for mundane driving tasks like commuting and shopping. Supercar resale values tend to be mileage sensitive since they're only used for leisure and leisure time isn't exactly cheap. High-performance cars are tiring to drive. They're buzzy and vibrating, so they're fun on twisting roads but irritating in traffic. Getting gawked at and taking pictures is fun, but when you're running errands, you have to do that five times ten minutes.

Being gawked at, taking pictures, and just taking pictures takes more than an hour, so any trip becomes a time funnel. Hello Prince of Persia, Dahaka I'll follow you.

Let's get one. Is it cheap to maintain supercars?

Maintain your car for at least $2,500 per year and buy tires for at least $2,000 per set. Ferrari began offering seven years of free maintenance to every car in 2012 After that, you can extend it for $5,000. In supercars, heat and thermal expansion/contraction are an enemy. Furthermore, supercars are more mechanically flexible between "cold" and "fully warmed up" than normal cars. It's pretty easy to damage rubber hoses, plastic vacuum lines, and wiring insulation after 150k miles if you use them hard. Warming up the car is therefore a necessity. If you want to reach 150k miles you'll need to replace tires every 10–20k miles and that's $2000. It's going to cost you more than a BMW or Benz midsize car. You'll use synthetic oil all the time, and the factory filter is $50. Your body might not like the Testarossa if you drive it every day. Sunday mornings are fun, but a 40 miles commute during rush hour is a little tiring. Additionally, you have to be hypervigilant: people tailgate you when you're taking pictures, every driveway cut could damage your low-slung air filter, and non-original paint will take 20% off the value. Most people who own supercars drive a normal car or truck to work every day.

I'm sure we'll get a couple. Will supercars go cheap in price?

There are fewer of these cars made, which makes them more expensive at List price. Aside from this, they are a status symbol for those who can afford them. After a few years, it's not a status symbol. This is because the technology inside isn't as cutting edge. Maintenance is more expensive, and most people want to upgrade every several years. Because of this, there are a lot of sloppy seconds on the market that no one wants, so anyone who wants exotics but can't afford them drives up the price. This makes me think about NFT and Bubble tokens, which have fixed prices and budget liquidity, but they also have space prices. So bargain hunters aren't going to have trouble finding their supercar. Used supercars like the Chevy Corvette Z06 start at $20k.

The cover! Damn, I forgot about it. Should I buy a special garage for my supercar?

Many people don't even care what supercars are and you can meet one right in front of your house or right in your neighbor's garage. There are others who view cars as an investment, status symbol, or décor and keep them in special garages with climate control.

And finally, Are cops going to try to avoid catching you in a supercar more?

Disclaimer: author doesn't call for breaking the law, just playing with the imagination. In a traffic case, Police will let it go and wave it bye-bye as it hits lightspeed. They wouldn't pursue a Ferrari or a Lamb for a traffic offense, and probably not a Pinto. Police will pay more attention to the police radio if it's a serious crime (murder, armed robbery, etc.). It doesn't mean the driver knows the area or has better tactics just because the car is faster than a police car. Besides, helicopters can get in the air pretty quickly, so that's a huge advantage since you still have traffic and terrain restrictions like a supercar.

Keep driving, friends!

Let me know what you think in the comments below the video about supercars and how we can use them in our lives, what dishes we should cook on their jet engines, and how we can sell them for a good price. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next one!

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