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Dancing Flowers For Cars-Solar Powered Dashboard Novelties


Solar powered cuties for your auto dashboard or home

Is there anything cuter than a dancing flower happily rocking back and forth in the light of the sun? If there is, I can't think of many! With the amount of novelty products to choose from online, the waving plant is simply one of the most adorable types of plastic toys on the market.

View Dancing Solar Flowers For Your Car Dashboard

Something about them always makes people smile. This is one product that appeals to almost everyone. Considering that these items are super-inexpensive, they bring a lot of welcome amusement, whimsy and entertainment value to your car's interior space. Yes, they are part of the toy family of novelty items, but big kids ( like me) find them irresistible for some reason. Small, colorful, cute and compact items that are inexpensive and easily portable sound like a great idea for any "treat" purchase online.

I enjoy whimsical and fun stuff to write about because I get to indulge my inner child. I had quite an imagination as a kid and that included pretending that inanimate objects were really alive. If your kid ( or you) has a creative/ imaginative side, these will put you in a great mood.

Car Rose-red Cute Flip Flap Swing Solar Flower

Car Rose-red Cute Flip Flap Swing Solar Flower

Adorable Gifts That Make Everybody Smile

Although single products are great as a car dash decoration for your auto interior, they come in multi-packs that can be shared as gifts. Some people use them to bring some cheerfulness to a boring office desk. You can hand them to your coworkers for fun. I think they would make interesting party favors for kids and teen events. I can't imagine anybody saying, " get that thing out of here!" if they were to see one.

A dancing flower powered by the sun would look awesome in a kitchen windowsill, patio ledge or even in a bathroom if it had enough natural sunlight to activate it. The Flip Flap Company has a nice selection of these cute products on Amazon. Once you start searching through the choices, it can be really hard to pick just one.

As someone who spends a lot of time with the elderly and shut in, I find them perfect for putting next to a patient bed or on a den windowsill. They don't rot away or cost an arm and a leg like real flowers and they have much more entertainment value.

Dancing Dashboard Flower Pots Come In Lots Of Great Colors - My personal favorite-The Smiling Sun

This has to be one of the cutest and most cheerful color combinations for a dancing solar flower, don't you think? I really love the bright yellow face, green pot and "arm leaves" on this one. Not only is it super-cute, it can have some educational value for kids too.

Are Dancing Flowers For Car Dashboards Safe?

When you think about some cute animated object waving about on your dashboard as you travel the interstate or congested traffic areas where you live, you may wonder if a moving dashboard novelty might be distracting. Once you take it out of the shipping package and adhere it properly to your dashboard, it should stay in place for a good long time so it isn't going to slide around on you.

Are plastic daisies that wave their leaves around on the car dashboard distracting while you drive? They might be at first, but moving dash accessories are easy to get used to. I used to have one of those bobble-headed dogs glued right in the middle of my dashboard. I became desensitized to it, so driving around with my bobble-headed dog was not distracting to me at all. Of course, if you plan on attaching half a dozen of these to your dash, you might!

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Some of these things are seriously irresistible!

Okay, so this isn't a flower, but it is a great example of the many adorable designs that are out there right now. I see bumblebees, fruits, ladybugs and hoppingly ( that's probably not a real word) cute frogs I am sure that somebody somewhere has taken to collecting these products and may have a room full that their mate is demanding they get rid of.

What is very interesting about these toys is how much they have the power to relax people and relieve stress. Even folks who would never think to get one of these items, stop and ask about them if they see one flapping around on somebody's dashboard out in the parking lot.

Oh, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.

— Roman Payne

These little cuties are so fun to watch !

I can't help but think that these adorable toys have great potential as mood lifters when the seasons change. I would definitely love to have a few waving about in the dead of winter when the weather outside is frightful. It would be a kick to see the reaction of a skittish pet when one of these start moving about all by themselves. Funny :)

A dreary, snowy day can seem much more cheerful with a cute dancin' daisy on your dashboard.


Do We Take The Sun For Granted?

Of course we do....

I never think about the sun that much and what life would be like on this planet if anything changed drastically from the way it is right now. I am guilty of complaining about the heat in summer and the shorter days in winter, but rarely do I think how the sun nourishes me and how it affects my moods one way or the other.

Although this page is not meant to take a serious tone, flip flap toys and dancing flowers are great reminders of the alternative energy potential of sunlight that we need to harness. These cute little toys make the perfect excuse to work with the next generation of "green living" inventors and alternative energy sources for their future.

Most of us don't study the sun in too much detail, but there is a lot going on under the surface as well as on the surface. You know what just crossed my mind? A solar powered flower would stop dancing if the sun decided to stay hidden behind cloud cover for a week or so and we humans would also feel listless and droopy on those gray days as well.

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Doc_Holliday on May 26, 2014:

I have two of these in the house already. The best part is that they are solar powered so no batteries :-)

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