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Art Cars: The Coolest Cars Ever

Welcome to my writer's den, home of a real artist, lover of of life, and all good people, places, and history. Thank you for being here.


How Cool Is Your Car?

The coolest cars ever range from relics of the past to prototype cars of the future. They are the OOAKs (one of a kinds) Automobiles, Limited Editions, and unique mobile devices.

To me, the coolest cars ever are referred to as, "The Art Cars." Below are a few videos and photos of some of the things you can do with a car that you may never thought of.

The Land Shark is featured on MSN's "Cars As Art"

Videos about The Coolest Cars Ever Made

The Coolest Cars & Hottest Wheels - Do you have a favorite?

Some of the coolest cars ever can be found in books, movies, television shows, and more. The car that Maxwell Smart drove was cool . . . So was the Man From Uncle's . . . Toy cars are cool, Matchbox Cars are cool, Hot Wheels are cool, so are soap box cars, peddle cars, race cars, hot rods and those crazy custom cars with the flames and fins.

Coolest Cars -- Hot Wheels For Big Kids . . .

Today's art car goes beyond the norm of the bells and whistles of the super cars like the talking Kit, the flying Herbie, or the Jetson's shuttle. Today's art cars are usually custom built by an artist with a passion. There are art cars that include portable domiciles. The bodies can be left in tact, or resculpted, rewelded, or rebuilt.

How To Custom Paint Your Car

It's A Big Rally . . .

A Book About Art Car Obsession

Remember the old hot rod cars? Hot Rod Cars are still around, and believe it or not, you can find them on eBay. Below is one example of what you can find on line.

The Coolest Cars - 2005 Houston Art Car Parade Photos - 2005 Houston Art Car Parade Photos

The automobile is a durable means of transportation, but when an artist gets an urge to dress it up, the results can be incredible. One can easily spend an afternoon learning about the vehicles, the art, and different venues which they are displayed. Below area few of my favorite links to the coolest art car information.

Would you like a Custom Car?

I drew a picture of my husband's car as it was being towed off into the sunset.

I drew a picture of my husband's car as it was being towed off into the sunset.

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Affordable Art Car Needs No Garage

"The '75 Cadillac De Ville Goes Out Kicking and Screaming"

About My Cadillac Art Car: The car you see above is an illustration of my spouse's beloved '75 Cadillac DeVille. The wonderful land yacht was parked beside our driveway for so many years that the earth was trying to swallow it. When the spouse called the tow truck last month, I got out the camera. As the tow truck pulled the car out of the yard the frame cracked, the bottom began to fall out into the street, and this De Ville went out kicking and screaming. Once the household got over the loss, I began drawing.

If you or someone you know would like a custom art car ready to hang, please drop me a line. Affordably priced, and in a small format size (original art approximately 8 x 10), with or without a frame. A custom made art car created from your photograph may be hand drawn or painted, and is an excellent gift for for someone who appreciates their car. I can also do a portrait of someone standing by or sitting in their favorite car, as well. My auto shop is open for business. Inquiries are welcome.

Thank you for visiting The Coolest Cars Ever.


Auto Rerun

There isn't a person I know who does not have a favorite car, or memory of a car they would like to have back. Do you have a favorite car, or did you get rid of a car you wish you still had? If your car is the coolest, tell me about it.

Do you have the coolest car?

Rose Winebrenner on September 17, 2014:

I love to look at art cars. I've had the chance to ride in a few at Burning Man. It's incredible how much time and devotion one has to put into an art car to make it outstanding. And then there's the storage of the vehicle. It's definitely something that is a luxury to be able to do.

cdevries on April 27, 2012:

Houston has a great art car parade. And a museum!

GoAceNate LM on April 12, 2012:

I absolutely love the first car you have listed here. That shark car is wicked.

julieannbrady on March 10, 2012:

Ah, sometimes I felt that I drove an art car as I put so much moola into it, you know? Living in Florida, I could see me driving an art car for sure!

WindyWintersHubs from Vancouver Island, BC on September 28, 2010:

I traded my last car in for an SUV. One day I hope to have a small car or a vintage mustang!

QuantumTraveler1 on October 10, 2008:

I love cars and things that are unusual. I especially liked your link to "Rad Art Cars". Thanks.

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