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Buying Alloy Wheels for Cars: Benefits | Mileage | Tire Pressure

I own a Swift petrol car with Tornado stock tires from JK Tires in India, so if I go for wider tires with alloys wheels for Swift, what is the effect on mileage?

Many people have this perception that wider rubber tires will affect the fuel efficiency very badly but it is not true. If you buy good brand of tires with good alloy and drive sensibly, the reduction in fuel efficiency would be negligible. One of my close friends has 205/55/R15 Michelin Pilot Preceda 2 which is the best performance tire in its range and he is getting 18 to 19 kmpl in city with AC on in his Swift.

Benefits of Alloy Wheels in Car

You need to remember one thing that buying alloy wheels from good brands have numerous benefits as:

  1. Alloy wheels are lighter than steel rims and the unsprung weight reduces and suspension performs better.
  2. Alloy wheels have better ventilation due to their design, the rims and tyres run cooler, hence more tire life and less chances of burst or puncture.
  3. Alloy wheels also have better shock absorption for more comfortable ride.
  4. Tubeless tires fit best on an alloy rim and form the best contact patch.
  5. As the unsprung weight is less, vehicle acceleration and fuel efficiency also improves though by little margin.

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Always buy alloy wheels from best brands

Always buy alloy wheels from best brands

What is the Right Tire Pressure in Cars

For cars like Swift diesel and petrol, 33 at front and 30 at rear is the ideal pressure and mind it that lower or higher, both will affect your car’s suspension and tires in an adverse way. Lower pressure will cause load on suspension parts, premature wear on outer and inner grooves of the tires. Over inflation will make the ride bouncy and will cause tire to wear out faster in the middle so maintain correct pressure, even if you fill nitrogen gas and have tubeless tires, check the pressure every fortnight at least. When you have to do long touring, then overinflate the tire by approximately 2 psi as constant long drives causes the tires to heat up too much and will make them wear faster. Also check the pressure only when the tyres are cold or you have done max 3 to 4 kms before you check the air pressure. If you are doing long travels and the tires are hot, wait for 5 to 7 minutes and even then, fill the air with around 2 psi more than the normal as being hot, the tyres will show wrong air pressure reading due to air expansion, so if in cold tyres, you will fill 33 and 30 at front and rear respectively, go for 35 & 32 when the tyres are hot. When you get back, do get the air pressure corrected next morning when tyres are cold.

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dr p chandramohan on December 08, 2013:

nice happy about the content easily under standeable to all

tashi on November 18, 2011:

Hi! i am looking for suggestion ... i have a all new swift 2011 which i have recently purchased it and i am thinking of upgrading the rim to 16" with low profile tyre can u pls suggest me which tyre should i opt for ?

websclubs on November 17, 2010:

Hi soni,

Buying a Car alloy wheels effect on mileage. The affect on fuel efficiency. The best performance tire ... getting 18 to 19 kmpl in city. Good brands alloy wheels benefits: They are lighter than steel rims. weight is less, vehicle acceleration and fuel efficiency also improves... Alloy wheels Ventilation design, the rims run cooler, which makes for a longer tire life-- Alloy wheels give better shock absorption that adds to comfortable ride. Tubeless tires fit best on an alloy rim.

Nice hub Thank you very much for this great post.

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