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Top 10 Bobber Chopper Helmets!


The Right Helmet Does More Than Look Good, It Can Save Your Life.

I know there are many chopper and bobber helmet pundits out there that give the finger to the helmet laws, and cherish the states or countries that don't have helmet laws. But the fact is you don't need to bump your head very hard to get brain damage, or dead.

A good helmet could save your life and reduce the risk of great bodily harm. I know because I used to work in a head trauma specialty hospital. Guess who were many of the patients? Bikers...

A chopper or bobber style helmet, or any motorcycle helmet can save your family and loved ones a lot of grief and sorrow. When you purchase a helmet make sure it is DOT safe otherwise it could cause you more harm in an accident than good.

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Below are reviews of the best and coolest chopper and bobber helmets on the market. So lets take a look...

bonanza bobber helmet

bonanza bobber helmet

Biltwell Rootbeer Bonanza Helmet

The Biltwell Bonanza Helmet is a 3/4 open faced helmet that is very low profile, more so than any other 3/4 faced helmet on the market and gives you that classic daredevil look. It's a cafe racer bobber helmet...

The rich glossy hand painted rootbeer color on this motorcycle helmet looks like it is flecked with deep red and black flakes giving it a beautiful marbleized appearance.

Around the edge of the face opening, it has a rubberized black edge with shiny chrome trim, to make sure it stands out. This helmet is leaner and lighter than most 3/4 helmets and is 100% DOT approved. It has a custom hand stitched liner with lycra panels that have moisture wicking to keep you dry and sweat free in the hot summer days when the sunshine is beating down on top of your head.

The plated steel D ring chin strap holds the helmet to your head securely to ensure it does not come off in an accident or any other time. It also has a snap strap goggle retainer on back which comes in handy. The Biltwell name is very well known for high quality and dependable motorcycle helmets, so you can rest easy knowing your safety is assured when wearing this stylish helmet.

TORC T50 Route 66 Bobber Helmet

japanese bobber helmet

japanese bobber helmet

The TORC T50 Route 66 Bobber Helmet is a 3/4 faced helmet that has a very retro paint design. The red and white stripes give it a classic, throwback, daredevil look that will be sure to turn heads everywhere you go, reminding people of past times. It is both lightweight and comfortable for being a full sized helmet, It weighs only 3.8 pounds.

The shell is made of advanced ABS for extra protection in accidents. It has a removable and washable inner lining made of ultra suede comfort padding that feels and looks like real leather, but it wicks away moisture to keep you dry when you sweat. Although it looks and feels like leather it wears like technical fabric.

The removable visor helps to keep both the sun and rain out of your eyes, and since it is an open faced helmet you have a wide range of site which allows you to see everything around you which will help keep you alert and safe. The D clip on the chin strap will ensure that the helmet fits correctly so it does not come off during an accident, this allows you to confidently ride without the worry of not being safe.

PGR B03 Half Helmet

low profile half helmet

low profile half helmet

This Low Profile Chopper Half Helmet is DOT approved so it meets all safety standards. It's an old school looking helmet that can look good riding on any chopper or bobber.

This helmet brings you back to the classic old school style riding helmet. It has a low profile thermoplastic shell with a UV protected coating over the high quality black matte paint finish.

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It is 10.5 inches front to back and 5 inches top to bottom. It has very comfortable breathable padding lining the inside, so it helps to cut down in how much you sweat in the summer and helps to keep your head warm in the winter. The DOT approved double D ring strap retention system will ensure that the fit is tight and that the helmet will stay in place even through the roughest of accidents. This sleek helmet is perfect for the people who enjoys wearing the more classic Harley style helmet.

This helmet will also not give you the dreaded mushroom head look, you will be confident in the way you look and comfortable when you wear this helmet out riding your chopper or any other cruiser you own. With the added knowledge you are also safe you are sure to enjoy your ride whether it is cross country or just down the road.

VCAN V531 Half Helmet

vcan half helmet

vcan half helmet

The VCAN V531 Half Helmet stays true to the classic shorty helmet style without giving you that mushroom head look that everyone wants to avoid. This helmet has all the features you need to be both safe and comfortable while cruising down the road on your motorcycle. The high gloss solid black high quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell exceeds DOT standards.

The super plush breathable interior lining molds to your head to give you the maximum amount of support and comfort, and you can remove the cheek liners to wash so you will not have to endure the smell of them being soaked in sweat. The adjustable nylon chin strap stays snug and tight with the double D style closure so it is guaranteed to stay securely in place even in an accident and high winds.

These style helmets are great for any guy who does not want to wear a full helmet but still wants to be completely safe when riding on their motorcycle. This helmet style may not cover your whole head like a full style helmet, but they have the advantage that they do not impede your view of the road whatsoever $6, so you will always know what is around you which makes you that much more safer.

PGR B09 German Style Half Helmet

half helmet

half helmet

The PGR B09 Low profile German Style Chopper Half Helmet is sleek and it is also very much like the the Harley skullcap or lid style helmets. This is so old school of a style that it does not even have any screws.The high quality black matte paint finish is also UV protected so it will not fade from the sun or weather, this is a great since it is a real hassle to get your favorite motorcycle helmet repainted.

It has a very low profile, and an ultra strong thermoplastic shell to ensure your safety. It is extremely light weight, weighing in at only 2 pounds and the dimensions are 11.8 x10 x 6.5 so it fits snug and tight and covers enough to be safe. The double D ring retention system on the chin strap ensures it will be staying in place when you need it most.

This helmet screams biker like no other. You are sure to be asked where you got it since it is so classically accurate, and you can be stress free knowing you are safe on the road since it passes DOT safety regulations, unlike a lot of other types of skull caps.

PGR B08 Chopper Helmet

convict chopper half helmet

convict chopper half helmet

The PGR B08 Convict Half Helmet is very stylish and sleek. The paint finish has open yellow and orange flames that contrast sharply against the high gloss black background and it is all UV protected so you will not have to worry about it fading for a very long time if ever.

It is designed in the Harley skull cap style and is the smallest half helmet on the market, so when you go cruising on your Harley, it will be a perfect compliment to your bike. Since it so stylish though, you can wear it when you ride any type of motorcycle. The 10 x 9 x 5.5 inch dimensions make this a very low profile helmet, and it is very light too, weighing only 2 pounds so your neck will not get tired when you ride long distances.

The very strong thermoplastic shell and double D ring retention system on the chin strap passes all the DOT safety standards and will ease your mind when you are riding since you know you are wearing regulated safety gear. This helmet also has stability control and roll off protection, to help ensure it stays in place even if the worst happens.

Outlaw T-72 Chopper Half Helmet

outlaw chopper half helmet

outlaw chopper half helmet

The Outlaw T-72 Dual- Visor Glossy Motorcycle Half Helmet is perfect for you if you are into the legends and mythology of the Norse Viking Gods. This helmet has a high gloss black background with contrasting white images of the three interlocking triangles known as the Valknut which was linked to Odin, and it has the image of a viking god with wings swinging a war ax.

This graphic helmet will let people know you not only have a sense of style, but that you mean business. But looks are not everything, you want to be sure you are safe while you ride and this helmet can provide that. It has an extremely strong and durable polycarbonate shell, and a removable dual visor system with a bolted and drop down smoke visor to shield your eyes from the sun and rain. It is light weight weighing in at 3 pounds so you will not get tired from wearing it.

The chin strap is thick and comfortable and has a D ring style clasp so it properly stays in place and does not slip while you ride. The non removable DOT stickers assures you that is is up to all the safety standard regulations as well.

VCAN V531 Dark Angel Chopper Half Helmet

dark angel chopper helmet

dark angel chopper helmet

The Dark Angel Half Helmet combines style, comfort, and safety into one great looking helmet perfect for any Motorcycle rider. This helmet has great graphics, the contrasting gloss black background makes the bold white amazing dark angel skull that graces the front of this helmet stand out, and the white backbone connects to the front skull and travels along the top of the helmet and ends at the back to yet another skull with wings and various tribal pieces. The high detailed graphics in this helmet will astound you.

This helmet is DOT approved and has a high quality durable and strong ABS thermoplastic resin shell. The comfortable and great fitting adjustable double D ring secured chin strap, will ensure that there is no slippage and will stay in place properly through wind or an accident. It has lush interior padding to give you the perfect fit, and the cheek pads are removable and can be washed to keep them clean.

You will not have to worry about the sun or rain in your eyes with the visor that blocks it. You can remove this easily if you prefer to not have it on, just remove the screws that also make the visor more durable when you have it on, and wear sunglasses instead. Either way you decide to wear this helmet you know you will be safe, comfortable, and be showing off your great sense of style for all to see.

GLX Pink Butterfly Ladies Half Helmet

pink butterfly ladies helmet

pink butterfly ladies helmet

The DOT Approved GLX Pink Butterfly Ladies Half Helmet is perfect for women who has a great sense of style and likes to look like a girl, even when they are out riding their motorcycles or on the back of their guys bike.

Its low profile ABS injection-molded thermoplastic shell and light weight of 2.2 pounds makes this a very sleek and comfortable designed half helmet. With its shiny bubble gum pink color that has large bold white butterflies flying through hearts and across the helmets back and sides you are sure to get noticed in a good way. The comfortable, soft polyester liner which is removable to wash, makes this helmet both cute and functional.

The double D ring chin strap retention system will ensure that this helmet will stay in place through any accident and the screw on visor with optional clear or smoke shield will shade your eyes even in the brightest sunlight. This helmet is sure to please any woman whether you are out for a Sunday ride or everyday riding.

Ladies Half Beanie Helmet

beanie half half helmet

beanie half half helmet

The DOT Approved Ladies Beanie Helmet is perfect if you have more of a tougher personality than the girlie girl, but still want everyone to know you are a woman, just with some attitude. This helmet has some really great graphics of tough looking white skulls, two of them have pink tribal lightning through the skulls and they are intertwined with barbed wire and pink roses. It also has 2 golden banners one on the front and one on the back that has "Lady Rider" written in them.

All the graphics stand out starkly against the glossy black of the rest of the helmet. You will have no problem standing out in the crowd with this highly detailed helmet. This helmet not only looks good, but it very comfortable to wear too. It is the lightest and smallest helmet available, weighing in at only 30oz and measuring 8.5 inches from ear to ear and 10.5 inches back to front, and the new EPS plush liner is a half inch thinner than the average 1.5 inches in other smaller helmets.

The specially designed vents will ensure you stay cooler by 20 degrees when they are opened, so you do not have to worry about your head being all sweaty and itchy. It has stainless steel Dual D rings on its chin strap so it is guaranteed to stay snug and in place through anything. It has a removable visor to shield your eyes and is compatible with a full face shield, or you can just as easily wear a pair of stylish sunglasses instead.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Do you like half, full, beanie, or 3/4 helmets and why?

FMCCompany on July 10, 2020:

I prefer the Half Helmet. I have had more Brothers end up paralyzed or dead from broken necks because the paramedics were taking the bigger helmets off of them...I actually Prefer No Helmet. If there is no Helmet Law than I Do Not Wear a Helmet.

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