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Which is the best car, Maruti Alto K10 vs Santro vs i10 in between 3 to 4.5 Lakhs?

According to me, if you look in terms of fuel efficiency, low maintenance, and good resale value, then Alto K10 Vxi is the best, but if you want to experience pure driving comfort and safety features, then Hyundai i10 Magna NextGen is best for you. Also you will get good resale value on your i10 in the future.

I10 versus Alto

I10 will provide good fuel efficiency if you will install a CNG kit in your car as it does not give good mileage in petrol variant. Now the single problem attached with i10 is a little high maintenance as compared to Alto and Santro but if you are buying a new car, there will no maintenance problem for first 3 to 5 years.

New Maruti Alto with K-series engine Bharat stage IV

Less leg space in Alto

Alto K10 is a good car for middle class people of India in most aspects but still it has many negative points like when you are sitting in the back passenger seat of the car, you feel like you are sitting in an old Maruti 800. There is very little leg space for the back seat passengers.

Power steering issue in K10

Although K10 VXI has a power steering but still it is not as maneuverable as in an i10 plus when you are sitting in an Alto, you feel you are sitting in a low lying car whereas sitting in i10 feels really different. It is just like you are sitting in a luxury car with maximum seat height.

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Appearance of K10 vs i10

The exteriors and interiors of Alto K10 have become old and unimpressive whereas i10’s interiors and exteriors are young, dynamic, and fabulous.

Santro vs K10

Now if we talk about Santro, yes it is a tall boy out of both cars, Alto and i10, but still its design is years old. The zip drive of Santro is still great and you will feel no resistance in power steering. Exteriors of Santro are outdated but interiors are new and there is a lot of space inside this car just like in i10.

Alto K10 height problem

Alto K10 is not meant for people who have a height more than 5 feet 10 inches. It’s really difficult for a person of this height to easily accommodate in this car. If the person is a driver, he has to shift his seat towards the back so that he can use the clutch, brake, and accelerator in a comfortable way. In this situation, there is no leg space left for the back passenger of the car.

Overall, I don’t feel that Alto K10 is a complete family car in the price range of 3 to 4.5 lakhs. If you have got a budget of 4.5 to 5 lakhs, then it is really worth to buy i10 diesel or get a CNG fitted from a Hyundai dealer where you will not fall in any problem of warranty lapse but this advice is good only for people who travel approximately 40 to 50 km on a daily basis else you can always buy an i10 petrol variant.

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