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Youth ATV Helmets - Parent's Buying Guide

As an avid fan of four-wheelers, I'd like to share my knowledge on dirt bikes and ATVs.


Your kids’ safety is a top priority, especially when you let them drive around on pit bikes, ATVs and buggy karts. Investing in a youth ATV helmet (along with all the other protective gear) is one of the best investments a parent can ever make.

Now when searching for Youth ATV helmets - it can get pretty intimidating. There are all at different price points, different styles, sizes and purposes.

Well, this guide is looking to help you break it down into simple step by step decisions, leading you to make the right purchase and have a better overall idea of exactly what it is you are investing in.


Now the first point of consideration is brands. There is a whole range of brands that produce a wide variety of helmets. This just comes down to a bit of research to determine which one you think best, look for reviews, watch YouTube videos and get an understanding of quality from the manufacturer.

I have featured a range throughout the article for you to get a better overall idea.

Helmet Model

Further research and due diligence will be required into each specific helmet that you are honing in on. How they typically vary from one to the other is a few factors:

  • Specific Purpose

For instance, you will see that a pit bike helmet can differ a little bit from an ATV helmet. They can be shaped a little differently and offer different styles of protection as well as general visibility. However, you will find a lot are multi-purpose - make sure to specifically find that stated, however.

  • Design & Shape

There is, of course, the most obvious point and that’s the actual design of the helmet. It might be best to get the kid’s consultation on what is the best pattern for them. There is a whole range of colors from Pink to Black as well as designs such as camp ATV helmets.

  • Price

There is then the price. Remember, just because it is a more expensive helmet does not mean it is a better quality - it can be an indicator - but it is certainly not always the case. Hence, the emphasis on research.

Where to Buy Youth ATV Helmets?

There are a lot of options available to you when you go about actually trying to buy youth ATV helmets. Generally, though there will be recommending helmets to go alongside a four-wheeler if you are buying it there and then.

However, if you are going to pick one up separately there are a number of online specialist stores who sell everything you need. Plus, you should reach out to them if you are looking for advice on a specific model or brand - they are more than willing to help you out intros regard.

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If you are looking where to buy youth atv helmets near you - you can of course also take the offline route, where you can try and find a specialist shop or dealership that offers ATV helmet choices for kids. The disadvantage is that you can’t explore a wide range of options like you can online and you are subject to their pricing. The advantage though is that you can get face-to-face feedback from somewhere who has industry experience.

To find a spot, simply type it into a reputable search engine and they will produce a list of nearby spots that you can visit. I would recommend giving them a quick phone call first though - just to make sure that they have some in stock, particularly if you are looking for a certain size or brand model - to avoid a wasted trip.

Of course, you could do what a lot do and that’s getting the recommendation over the specific model of the helmet then go hunting for the best price online.


When it comes to making sure you get the right size for the helmet, you can follow the guides on the actual helmet itself (there should be a specific size chart)- but generally, it just follows the circumference of the kid’s entire head. Above the ears, and about an inch above the eyebrows and don’t have the tape too tight. This should give you a good idea of what you have got to work with.

You generally don’t want to base it on age alone but it can give you a good idea for what you are needing. For instance, an 11+ year old kid’s head is generally going to be larger than a 3-5-year-old kid’s head by a few centre meters in circumference. Generally, youth ATV helmets sit around 45 - 60cm depending on the models.

How Should the Helmet Fit?

It’s not like a stylish hat. It needs to sit square on top of the child’s head and make sure to follow the specific instructions dictated by the model and would encourage you to get an experienced industry-related second opinion to make sure it sits right - that's why I'm more of an advocate of the offline route - at least when doing your initial research. It should not be lopsided and you want it strapped in firmly sitting on the child’s head. As with new helmets, they can be pretty uncomfortable and feel a bit tight at first but this should get addressed with proper positioning - however, you don't want it overly tight either - again consult the helmet videos featured and get a second specific opinion if unsure.

There’s also a bit of a breaking-in stage over the course of around a day’s or two’s worth of riding around the cheek area so it should start to feel a bit more comfortable. However, it’s worth been reminded that this isn’t a fashion piece designed to make you look the part - it’s there to keep you safe.

When to Replace?

There are a fair few recommendations out there but you generally want to make sure that you are within the recommended allowance as specified by the manufacturer. This varies from around 36 to 60 months - since the helmet was actually manufactured and cross-reference this with the date you bought it. This is basically due to natural degradation to the helmet due to exposure.

Plus, as they grow older you are going to want to likely change the helmet to fit their head size too. Then of course, if you have damaged in a significant way, then it is time to replace the helmet as well. Again, you can get a second opinion on this to make sure - a lot of brands offer an inspection and refurbishing service that will recommend to you if it can be fixed or you need a new one. Don't risk it, always get them checked out.


This is an essential piece of equipment to ensure your kid’s safety so this is one place you don’t really want to cheap out on - so make sure that getting something of quality from the top brands and is in brand new condition is highly recommended (and avoid used or any that have been degraded).

You will also want to ensure that they are approved and certified (e.g. DOT approved). It is worth considering that not all youth ATV helmets are developed quite the same and some designs offer more protection than others. Many will advise you to opt for a helmet that is fully faced rather than a chin strapped open-faced version. Usually, the price tag is a good indicator of quality (however, it can, of course, be misleading as well - that’s why it is important to carry out your own research into specific models).

In addition to this article make sure you carry out your own due diligence in getting the right youth ATV helmet for your child.

Now if you do have any potential questions about out youth ATV helmet guide and think anything should be amended, added or removed - then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the comments below.

Plus, if you do have any specific questions get in touch with us through the comments as well, this is where we are most likely to pick them up and we will try and get back to you as soon as we can.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Harry Sheen

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