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ATV Snowblower Attachment Buying Guide

As an avid fan of four-wheelers, I'd like to share my knowledge on dirt bikes and ATVs.

ATVs in Snow

ATVs in Snow

For anyone looking to make a wise investment for their ATV, you should be thinking about more than just the speed or comfort of your drive. Many ATV drivers will invest in things like their wheels, or even their seating options. And while you absolutely should look to do that, you should also look to take into account everything else that you need to drive around with total comfort.

For example, have you ever had to confront the elements on an ATV? Many people find snow ruins their ATV opportunities. However, if you are worried about driving in the snow – or you would like to try and make sure you can clear the roads a bit on your journey – then you should look to buy an ATV Snowblower.

Such hardware has become a major part of the industry, and it’s actually quite easy to see why. They offer versatility, effectiveness, and means that you can do some good with your ATV. The problem with buying an ATV snowblower is that you have so many options to pick from, you simply might not have a clue where to start! Where do you start? With our ATV snowblower buying guide, of course.

What is an ATV snowblower?

An ATV snowblower is, as the name has suggested, a solution for making sure that you can batter through even the most stringent and significant of snow in a short space of time. If you live in an area that is the victim of much snowfall, then you might wish to do something about it. It might mean going out with a shovel to try and clear some basics. Horrible, right?

Instead, you could get an ATV snowblower. This basically allows you to add the blower to the front of your vehicle and then just drive through the snow, eviscerating that glorious white essence away as you drive. Good quality ATV snowblowers can be effective for making sure that you don’t need to risk yourself being injured or hurt when it comes to going out there and having to tackle the snow on your own

Many people would rather simply enjoy the relative ease of just smashing through the snow with their own ATV snowblower. The only problem is that, like any other piece of hardware, buying the right snowblower can be quite tough. We’ll address that issue in just a moment.

Why do I need a snowblower?

Of course, every single buyer is different. Some people might choose to invest in one because they think its useful, while others might do so for a bit of winter work. People need their snow shovelled and removed, and you can hop aboard your ATV and start moving that snow for them. It could be a fine choice for you, of course, but here are some excellent reasons why you might wish to invest in a snowblower:

  • They make driving around easy. Getting from A to B in winter is a needless challenge. With an ATV snowblower, you can demolish the snow without any issue, creating easier transit.
  • They make driving safer. By getting rid of much of the snow in your area, you can start to make it easier for other people to get about their day, making the roads safer to drive on.
  • Great for all forms of snow. This won’t just be suitable for the fluffy white stuff, though; an ATV snowblower is great for dealing with slush, ice, and normal snow without any issue.
  • You can make a living with it. Of course, you don’t just need to sit around and wait for the snow to pass. You could get out there and help others get moving again – for a fee, of course.
  • Get around during the cold seasons. Often, we use winter as an excuse to stop going anywhere and being productive. This helps you to avoid that lack of winter productivity!

Can you se then why so many people choose to make a happy investment when it comes to an ATV snowblower? The only problem that you have now is choosing a snowblower to invest in. What matters, then, when buying a snowblower to attach to your ATV?

Does it have enough power?

The first and arguably most important question that we can ask you is how much power does your ATV snowblower need?

If you intend on just using this for clearing your own driveway and maybe getting around your own land, then anything down to 14HP will be more than enough. Keep that in mind, as it should make it a bit easier for you to make an investment that you will be happy with.

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It will also ensure that you can get the help that you need to start moving more snow with ease. However, if you are using an ATV for more professional snow management, go for something in the 20HP+ range. This will beat through tougher snow and give you more opportunity to keep on using it for the rest of the winter, leading to better results and the chance for higher earnings.

Is it wide (and tall) enough?

We also recommend that you take the time to look at the height and the width of your choice of ATV snowblower. Good quality snowblowers are able to give you all manner of solutions, but they should be in a dimension that suits your ATV itself. The most common size that we see is around 48” in width and around 18” in height. However, you can easily find ATV snowblowers that exceed 20” in height and way over 45” in width.

We’d recommend measuring the front of your ATV. This might give you a clearer idea of how much space you actually have, ensuring that you can make a more informed decision about what to attach to the front of your device. That should go some way to helping you pick up an ATV snowblower that can cover the area you need assistance with.

How does it mount on?

As you might already know, ATV snowblowers have their own engine power. This is because they work independent of the ATV itself in many ways, but they do ned to be mounted correctly. Every model that you look at will have its own form of mounting – you have to make sure that A) it’s going to fit to your ATV and B) you have the means to attach it.

You should look to try and work out what kind of ATV snowblower mount style that you need. If you are ever stuck, though, you can just buy a universal mounting kit. They tend to cost more and usually have some kind of issue, but they tend to be good enough for mounting just about any general ATV snowblower mount.

Each brand, though, will have its own mounting preference, so keep that in your mind.

What kind of snow are you dealing with?

While snow is never too consistent, you should look to work out what the average kind of snow you are dealing with is. Why? Because snow has to be dealt with in a very particular manner. It has to be cared for, and it has to be dealt with using the right kind of solution. For example, you should look to get some chains for tires if you are dealing with ice-dominant snow.

While the kind of snow that you are going to be handling will change from year to year, it will depend on the kind of snow you are up against to choose your choice of snowblower. Some are more suited to handling large quantities of lighter snow, while others are better at chipping through things like large collections of ice, so keep that in mind as you move forward.

How long does it have warranty for?

Finally, we recommend that you take a look at the length of the warranty provided on your snowblower. Given the reason you made the purchase, it’s likely that your snowblower will need to get through a power of work to do the job that you intend. Getting rid of snow is a high intensity job, so you might notice that you have some problems with your snowblower.

Warranty matters because your snowblower might not last from one winter to the next if you make the wrong kind of purchase. As such, you want to know that it comes with a long-term warranty that can ensure you get many more years out of it. Be sure to check the warranty on the engine as well as the warranty on the actual snowblower; they are totally different warranties, and both need to be considered carefully.

What are you happiest with?

The choice of ATV snowblower can be hard to pick through. That’s why our simple ATV snowblower buying guide should hopefully help you find an option that suits your needs. Just keep your mind open and your eyes peeled for all of the above, and you should find that making a purchase will become easier.

Every snowfall situation needs a particular kind of snowblower. Make sure you buy one that you can be happy with by following the above guide to ATV snowblowers!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Harry Sheen

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