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Is Aion Plas Chamois the Holy Grail of Drying Towels?

Aion Plas Chamois vs Clean Cham

Aion Plas Chamois vs Clean Cham


Have you ever tried Aion Plas Chamois to clean your car while washing? I've began using it about a week ago, and I really loved it!

For those of you who haven't heard of it, Aion Plas Chamois is basically a drying towel that's made in Japan that can absorb up to 300 percent of its weight. Many would claim that it lasts up to 2 years depending on how it's used. Even years of use, it can still absorb water well.

Here in the Philippines, since our cars are exposed to heavy rain, Aion Plas Chamois is perfect for every car owner to keep your car dry.

How I found out about this product

I was browsing around Facebook, when one of my friends kept tagging me on a post with a yellow cloth being wiped against a car. My initial reaction was, "can this product really remove water droplets without leaving any marks behind? If it can, I'd love to try it out!"

I went to their website and checked where I could buy a tube of Aion Plas Chamois. It says on their website that it's available in Ace Hardware, Handyman, True Value, Blade Accessories and car accessories shops in Banawe.

Background Research on Aion Plas Chamois

I told my husband about Aion Plas Chamois, and he told me that he's been using it on his car for more than a decade already. I initially thought that this was a new product but later learned that it used to be called Kanebo Plas Chamois, a brand well-known by older folks. He told me that it's widely available in Banawe because that's where he buys it.

Aion Plas Chamois was formerly known as Kanebo Plas Chamois

Aion Plas Chamois was formerly known as Kanebo Plas Chamois

I asked him more about the product, and he told me that he wouldn't use other brands because other towels could damage the surface of the paint of the car. So far, he tried alternatives 3M Chamois, Eon Sans Chamois, Auto-gard, and others but he was disappointed with the results. He said that most chamois cloths cause swirl marks but Aion was the only one he tried that didn't cause this problem. I decided to buy one and try it myself.

Swirl Marks vs No Swirl Marks Comparison

Swirl Marks vs No Swirl Marks Comparison

A few days later, I went to Banawe and checked a couple of shops there if Aion Plas Chamois was available. Majority of the sellers urged me to buy one, they said:

"The best talaga yan. Matagal masira chaka magaling sumipsip ng tubig. Yan gamit ng mga naghuhugas ng kotse dito. Ilang taon mo magagamit yan." (It's really the best. It's very durable and it absorbs water well. Most car wash professionals use this product. You can use it for years)

I bought one tube for Php 350. I also noticed a China imitation called Clean Cham (the packaging looks very similar). The seller warned me that I might be disappointed with the quality. Regardless, I bought one for Php 30 so I can compare the two.

Clean Cham Results

Clean Cham Cloth and Tube

Clean Cham Cloth and Tube

My Initial Impression

For Clean Cham, I noticed that the tube was very loose. The cap slides off and won't lock the cloth inside. You could easily loose to cap when you're traveling with it.

The cloth itself looks almost the same as Aion Plas Chamois but when you feel the material itself, it feels very rubbery.

Using the Product

I had problems using Clean Cham around the house and on the car because it left water residue on the surface. Unfortunately, I couldn't capture them on my camera because most of the surfaces are white (the camera couldn't capture them).

It couldn't do its job. I had to wipe and squeeze out the water several times before the surfaces were all dried up. It was tiring process.

My Rating

From a score of 1 to 5 (where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest). I would rate Clean Cham a 1/5 because the product is really poor. It doesn't do its job well. It feels as if you're betting off using a cloth towel. True enough, you get what you pay for.

Aion Plas Chamois Results

Aion Plas Chamois Cloth and Tube

Aion Plas Chamois Cloth and Tube

My initial impression

In Aion Plas Chamois' tube, the cap is very secure unlike Clean Cham's. I'm sure you won't lose it when you bring it with you when you travel.

As for the chamois cloth, when you look closely, there is an embedded Aion logo. There are also tiny holes in the cloth (I'm not sure what it's for). It feels soft and much less rubbery than Clean Cham.

Using the Product

I was astonished with Aion Plas Chamois because every surface we used it on, dried very quickly. I was able to dry the entire bathroom and I only squeezed the water out about 3 times. It does its job better than a floor mop. I don't even need a floor mop anymore.

After using it on my car, it looked brand new. They weren't lying when they said that no streaks or marks were left. Now, I get why my husband uses this product.

My Rating

From a score of 1 to 5 (where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest). I would rate Aion Plas Chamois a 5/5 because I was very impressed with what I could do with it. Using it to dry surfaces (tiles, granite, etc.) was really easy. When I was using an ordinary 'basahan' I had to constantly squeeze out the water and put it in a bucket. In Aion's case, it saved me time because it was able to hold more water.

Clean Cham doesn't even compare to Aion Plas Chamois. It's light years ahead of it.


Comparison Chart for Aion Plas Chamois and Clean Cham

Comparison Chart for Aion Plas Chamois and Clean Cham

As you can see, Clean Cham is nothing compared to Aion Plas Chamois' overall performance.

Price - The only positive thing I can say for Clean Cham is that it's very cheap.

Durability - Aion lasts for up to 2 years (for some, it could be more). Clean only lasts up to 2 months. If you calculate the costs, you'll spend more replacing Clean Cham.

Water Absorption - This is probably where Aion's pride and glory comes from because a single wipe could already dry the entire surface while Clean Cham would take more than 3 wipes to do the same job.

Quality - I did some research and learned that Clean Cham is made from cheap leather chamois. Aion, on the other hand, was made by their own patented PVA sponge technology. That's the reason why no one could copy their results.

Usability - I love that you could use Aion in different situations. It's perfect for cars, pets, swimming, and household furniture. I couldn't say the same for Clean Cham.

Feedback From Their Customers

I searched around the Internet to find out what people think about Aion Plas Chamois. I was surprised to find out that it's sold in various parts of the world like Australia, Canada, Europe, and Indonesia.

So far, we shared the same sentiments regarding the performance of the product.


Beware of Imitations

When I was shopping in Robinsons, I went to Handyman. Just out of curiosity, I wanted to know if they were selling Aion Plas Chamois. They referred me to Eon Sans Chamois.

I observed it and thought it was the same thing. It was cheaper, and the chamois was bigger than Aion Plas Chamois. The merchandiser said that it was made in Japan. It costs Php 318.

I bought one and tried it out myself. Funny, that the quality is as poor as Clean Cham. Looks like Eon Sans Chamois is another cheap imitation of Aion Plas Chamois.

If you look at the pictures below, you'll see that they copied the packaging.

"Eon" can even be mistaken for "Aion."

The "Designed in Japan" can be mistaken for "Made in Japan." According to Aion's website, they are the only chamois manufacturer in Japan.

The merchandiser should be ashamed of himself for misleading customers like me.

Eon Sans Chamois - Eon sounds like Aion

Eon Sans Chamois - Eon sounds like Aion

Eon is "Designed in Japan" - but it's Made in China

Eon is "Designed in Japan" - but it's Made in China

Instructions look exactly the same

Instructions look exactly the same

The topview picture is very similar

The topview picture is very similar

Video Demonstration


Is Aion Plas Chamois the holy grail of drying towels? If you've read the entire article, then you'd know that my answer is an absolute YES!

Like most of you, I work hard for my money, and I take good care of my car. A lot of people would settle for a cheap Clean Cham even if the quality is disappointing. But for me, I prefer using Aion Plas Chamois even if it's more expensive than other brands. It does its job well and I had great results with it.

How about you? What's your experience with Aion Plas Chamois. Share them in the comments below.

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David on June 03, 2016:

I've been using the same kanebo chamois for 22 years and only use on my prized cars. I have others to keep up with the daily and work truck.

Had my arguments over what's better. All I know is I'm onto a good thing that lasts.

Henry on September 24, 2015:

I want know what I need to do for buy this item. And the price in dolar

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