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Zaino Z8 Spray Seal Review and How to Use it Properly


Zaino Z8 - Quality in a black spray bottle

As you can see, when I first opened the package I wasn`t very enthusiastic about how the bottle looks. It`s a plain glossy black plastic bottle with a sprayer. I am always in a hurry to try out new products so I started preparing my car for the application.

Preparation is the key

If you are a detailer you already know that any wax or sealant must be applied on a contaminant free surface but for the readers that want to learn I will explain how to prepare the paint before application of the Zaino Z8:

  • Wash the vehicle well using Citrus Wash to remove previous old wax or sealant (You can also use an IPA solution to chemically strip the paint after washing the car)
  • Use a Detailing Clay bar to remove any bonded contaminants and make sure to use good lubrication when using Clay (you can use a quick detailer or diluted ONR No Rinse as a cheaper and good alternative). Some people say that Bilt Hamber Clay can be used with plain water but even if they were right I wouldn`t want to rubb anything against the pain without good lubrication because there are some very soft and sensitive paints out there on some cars.
  • Do a final wipe on the car using a soft microfibre towel and inspect there are no streaks after using the quick detailer or ONR No Rinse.

In the video below you will learn how to use a detailing Clay Bar in case you don`t know that already:

How to use a Clay Bar

Streaks or no streaks that is the question!

When the car was prepared for the application of Zaino Z8 I still had my doubts because I some products including sealants that left streaks on darker cars. These streaks are visible and I don`t want that because they are a bit hard to eliminate after the sealant has cured. Always work in a well illuminated and ventilated space using detailing gloves and other breathing equipment if needed. There are some substances that are harmful if inhaled and your health should be your main concern.

A few rules for Zaino Z8 streak free application

  • Always work in the shade, never work in direct sun or on a hot surface, leave the car in the shade to cool down for a while, don`t rush into anything as it takes more time to fix something than to do it right the first time!
  • A little goes a long way indeed! Zaino Z8 is very concentrated so be sure to apply a small amount of product (just a squirt) and then use a microfibre towel with short loops to spread evenly the product until you reach a perfect optical quality finish. I mentioned short loops microfiber as this in a very important step for those that cannot manage to get a streak free application. The side with the longer loops is only used to absorb more liquid when drying the car but the short loops are those which will get the car absolutely dry and these are the ones that we will be using.

Check out this video for a demonstration:

PROS and CONS for using Zaino Z8 vs other Sealants


  • Zaino Z8 really makes the paint stand out more than other products I have used
  • Gives that glass like but also wet look, just like a quality carnauba wax
  • Easy to use
  • A little goes a long way


  • A bit expensive
  • Lasts only about 2 weeks
  • Streaks if it`s not applied properly
  • A lot weaker protection for the paint, it`s intended more for showrooms, not for cars that are parked outside, I found that hard water easily stains the finish with Zaino Z8 applied.


As you can see, it`s more to it than spray on / wipe off if you want quality for your own car or for your customer but it`s not exactly rocket science!

Be aware it will not last long, and it won`t give much protection to your car but you can use it as a last step over a long lasting sealant like the CarPro Reload. The beading and sheeting of this product is awesome as long as it lasts on the surface. I would recommend using it only on ocasions when you want your car to stick out of the crowd as applying it every week or two weeks can be expensive (of course not for everybody).

Check out the picture after the Zaino Z8 application below on my own car. I hope you enjoyed my review!

If you are interested in any other detailing information, I will be more than glad to answer your questions.

Check out the reflections after Zaino Z8