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Will Driverless Cars Opt for Luxury Interior as Standard?

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Driverless cars are fast becoming a reality, as big names in the tech industry, including most prominently, Google looks to get driverless cars on our roads in the next few years. There’s no denying that they’re an exciting concept and one that’s going to completely change the way we travel.

But will driverless cars opt for a luxury interior as standard? From the concept of driverless cars, we’ve seen so far from Google and other manufacturers, a largely plush interior has been opted for. Many will say that this is just Google creating an appealing shell to sell their product, but perhaps there’s more to it than that. When you think about how driverless cars will be used, a luxury interior makes sense.

The key fact here is that users of driverless cars won’t be driving, so they’ll likely be spending their time in the back of the car, whether that be for work or leisure. With that taken into consideration, we can expect to see plenty of driverless cars including a luxury cabin akin to what you’d expect of a chauffeur-driven vehicle, allowing users to get work done on the go in a comfortable environment.

We have taken a look at what makes the interior of a luxury car and given the expense involved in such a build. It’s very unlikely that we’ll see the likes of Google releasing such a car any time soon. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that manufacturers will soon be creating cars as a mobile living space and will hence need to afford them more luxuries than traditionally found in a vehicle that was once designed as a method of getting from A to B.

When it comes to travel for leisure, taking users away from the driving seat and into a passenger capacity means that the long driving void of time needs to be filled with another activity and in some cases, preferably an entertaining one.

It’s likely to become the standard that driverless cars will have their own entertainment facilities built in, whether that be television or video games. Along with that, more and more users are going to be looking for convenient internet access in their driverless vehicles, which could see the introduction of Wi-Fi to driverless vehicles as standard. These cars are certainly going to be completely different beasts.

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Another factor worth taking into consideration is the fact that driverless cars are likely to be first used by the business community and what’s the one aspect that attributes business with? Yes, that’s right, luxury. If luxury driverless cars with flashy interiors and a vast array of functions and facilities become the standard for business travel, that’ll likely remain the case when driverless cars become a part of everyday driving for everyone else.

Driverless cars are now almost a certainty, so it’s worth considering what form they’ll take and exactly how manufacturers will keep their users occupied whilst not sat in the driving seat; a luxury environment appears the likely way to achieve that.

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