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Lamborghini Huracan Technia

Lamborghini Huracan Technia


Lamborghini’s founder started off producing tractors. Those tractors were made out of next World War Two military vehicles. They were for the battalion home market where they had specialist conditions for their types of souls. Since he found success in doing it, he started business.

His business was producing oil burning stoves and heating systems. By the early 60’s, he became very wealthy. Both of his businesses were flourishing. He purchased a Ferrari for himself but, it didn't meet the requirements he craved. He was dissatisfied with certain components or certain areas of the car.

He decided that he could probably build a better package. One that included a more superior car. In my opinion, his proposal seemed to be a pipe dream. In fact, it was rumored that he was told to stick to making tractors. If true, ignoring that was the best he ever did. He started making fast cars and this Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica.



Inside this car is a lot of carbon fiber. There are carbon fiber doors. That’s an upgrade over the standard. The grab handles on it give a very sporty look. The seats for this car have a few different trim elements. In the center of the backrest, you have that laser cut Alcantara panel. This gives you that effect with a different material underneath it.

There is also technical embroidery on the side bolsters. The Lamborghini embroidery is on the headrests. There are cameras mounted on the bulkhead and in front of the rearview mirror. More unique features include….

• Track telemetry software
• Alcantara Steering Wheel
• Carbon Fiber Air Vents
• Carbon Flagship Panels

The track telemetry software runs through the central entertainment system. The Alcantara steering wheel stands out very well. So does the split of the leather with the matching stitching. Obviously, you can specify and customize all of this to your hearts content.

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The model was first launched a number of years back. We have seen a few different versions of it including the major update. That update came with the evo and in particular the Ivo rear wheel drive.

The technica sits between the evil rear wheel drive. This car is a little bit more versatile. Never the less, it is still incorporating many of the dynamic elements. The car is quite so special there is a fixed wing at the rear and a few more unique features

• 5.2 L V-10 Engine
• 692 HP
• 413 Lb-ft Torgue
• Coupe
• Exotic Car
• Top Speed is 193 MPH

It's Sharpe Design is surely an attention grabber. The coupe has new technologies for brake cooling. There's light weight centerlock wheels. These have much more going on in terms of our dynamics. They offer 35% more downforce while reducing drag by 20%.


Harvey from prestige reports exposing why this car is so special. Those at Prestige imports is all about sharing the love and passion of exotic fuel. They have a showroom full of amazing cars. You can come see and experience these vehicles first hand. Their desire is to create automotive fans, buyers, and frequent visitors. They come in unknowing but leave knowing the incredible inventory within. This car is included. When it arrived they immediately started working on the presentation. They often make sure it is deserving of the car.

Harvey never planned on getting into the automobile industry. It's already a special brand but this model is unique. It showcases the advancement of Lamborghini has made over the last decade. In addition, it is the test bed of future Lamborghini models. The cars space grade levels of arrow and remarkable attention to detail. With one word, this is best described. That is it's aerodynamics.

The entire underbody is completely paneled to have undisturbed air meet the diffuser. As you read above, it's one of the largest rear diffusers the Automotive World has ever seen. That’s only the underside. Your eyes are then greeted by a message from lamborghini themselves saying “ Welcome a board”. If that doesn’t show you what a special space ship this thing is I don’t know what will.

There’s no great trick no science. To find success you must endure. You must understand that just being enough is not enough. Lamborghini, to me, always seem to exceed what the standard expectation is. You could say it's style. You could say it’s power all that stuff but to me they exceed the normal. That's something I can appreciate.

— Kevin Hooks

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