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Why Should I tint my car windows

Why to tint your windows

As the owner of an automotive tint shop, I'm surprised to say that the most common reason people tint their windows is for the visual appeal. To me this only goes to show the lack of knowledge most drivers have about the other important advantages of tint. Saftey is the first, and most vital, benefit that comes to mind. Aside from young people out to make their car look cool, my next largest source of customers are those who see the safety benefits of window tint first hand - mostly Cops and EMTs who are the first to the scene in most car accidents. In addition to increasing safety, tint can also help to reduce interior fading, hide expensive equipment from would-be thieves, reduce/eliminate glare, Keep your car cool on sunny days, and increase comfort. Here's a quick breakdown on why you should get your car tinted right away.

  • The most important advantage of window tint is ironically the most unknown. In vehicle accidents which would usually cause the windows to shatter, spraying the occupants with hundreds of tiny sharp pieces of broken glass, the strong adhesive tint film will hold the cracked glass together preventing it from doing any damage. Any quality tinting film will be strong enough to hold the glass together even in the worst of accidents. I've heard tons of horror stories about injured crash victims who've been sprayed by the tiny shrapnel-like bits of glass, mostly from policemen and ambulance drivers who've been scared straight from accident scenes to my shop.
  • Aside from all the young drivers who like to black out their windows with the darkest tint they can, window tint is also a desirable aesthetic upgrade for many more mature and older people. Putting a nice light-colored tint on any luxury car will give it a very noticeable classy appearance.
  • Many people have GPS units, sound systems, tools, and other valuable equipment in their car that can be easily noticed from the outside, making it an obvious target for thieves. For this reason more and more people have been tinting their cars to hide expensive items from outside eyes. So for people concerned about keeping their valuables safe tint is an effective and cheap alternative to expensive alarm systems.
  • Anybody who's ever driven a car on a bright sunny day knows how annoying and even hazardous a strong glare can be when you're trying to drive. Tint is pretty much the only option if you want to make your car glare proof. It is effective enough that even lighter shades can negate most of the problems caused by glares, while darker shades will eliminate glare completely.
  • Many people claim that once you've owned a tinted vehicle you will never feel quite right driving a bare-windowed automobile. Most of my regular customers will come to me for tint immediately whenever they get a new car, often driving it straight off the lot to my shop. The added comfort is most noticeable on hot and sunny days when the sun is beating down on your car all day, with your car trapping all the heat inside in the same way the greenhouse effect traps heat inside earths atmosphere. Once you tint your car you'll never again be burnt by your cars hot interior when you go to sit down.
  • All window tint, no matter how dark, cuts out 99% of UVA and UVB rays. These are the same UV rays that are responsible for interior fading, not to mention how harmful they are to your skin. So if you want keep your interior(or your skin!) looking new, tint is a no-brainer.

Now you know all the main reasons to tint your windows and can make an informed decision about getting your car done. I suggest giving it a try, I promise once you own a tinted car you'll never own an untinted one again. If you decide to go ahead and get your vehicle tinted, make sure you read my Comprehensive window tint buyers guide before you spend any money!

Broken window with tint

A shattered window held together by tint

A shattered window held together by tint


Chris from Tampa, FL on October 16, 2015:

I live in FL and tinted windows are a life saver in the summer.

Marcus Morgan on May 11, 2015:

I have always been curious to why people tint their windows. I see people with it on the windows all the time and I wonder why. This article was perfect and gave me some reasons why you would want to tint your window. I think the number one reasons for me would be to keep the light out of the kids' eyes.

Kelsey Elise Farrell from Orange County, CA on May 07, 2015:

Great post, my own family has had some bad luck with their windows being too dark and the dealership selling it regardless. Living in so-cal, however, I'm all for getting windows tinted to help with the heat. I

Martin Gonzalez from Fontana, California on March 09, 2015:

Hi I really enjoyed your post about window tinting and added to my blog here:

windowtintinguide on January 28, 2014:

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That's a nice article you put together there. In many parts of the world window tinting is a vital part of life - imagine living without it, getting in your car on a day when its been sat in the sun baking - it makes real sense to have it. I am a big fan of window film and my little web page over at tries to cover a few similar articles to yours.

Matt M. on September 30, 2013:

Thanks for the great content. There are a ton of benefits with window tinting and I think some of the ones that are overlook is the beneficial health effects. Window tinting reduces UV rays by 97% and reduces heat by 54% (subject to type of film). I have a blog post at ‎ if you want to see some more. Thanks again!

Liheng from Shanghai on March 05, 2013:


Jack W. on January 25, 2013:

Great post. There are a lot of fantastic benefits to tinting windows that many people fail to see. Beyond the increased privacy and aesthetics window film helps to reduce glare, heat intake, and can protect you from harmful UV rays. For more information on the benefits of various types of window film, please visit

windowtintkits on October 25, 2012:

Tinting your cars windows is a very popular method used by car owners who want an extra amount of protection and privacy but also protects against UV radiations.

Donnie Smith on July 08, 2012:

I agree, window tint is one of the best investments you can make for your car. Great post and thanks for sharing.

MNowicki (author) from Pennsylvania on January 31, 2012:

if your on the fence about getting your windows tinted, I'd say go for it. I've never heard of someone getting their windows tinted and not liking it. Only thing to watch out for are the legal problems, I'm working on another hub that will cover that

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