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Why Motorcycle Are In-Demand Among Filipinos

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As a family, we travel a lot through motorcycles and I find it fun but only to do the work to minimize the risk.


Motorcycles represent different things to different people. For some, they represent basic transportation. To others, represent exhilaration of power and speed. To some, pure freedom.

Motorcycles are beautiful and gratifying. It can be practical as well as fun. It always has a strong influence on culture and that it has a strong role in developing the motorcycle community. The history of motorcycles is as old as the history of motion pictures itself.

The Reason

One of the reasons why Filipinos prefer motorcycles as their choice of transportation because it becomes popular now since its introduction of Japanese bikes in the early 1990s, aside from its being efficient and cost-effective for both personal and business use. The growing population of the Philippines sees motorcycles as an affordable mode of transport than the four-wheeled vehicle and since consumers can able to buy used units in very reasonable prices and even in installment basis.

Why Motorcycles?

Many Filipino commuters are workers and employees who spends hours in a traffic waiting for a ride to take them to offices and their destination. Heavy traffic is now a big problem in the country specially in big cities because of its growing population and high demand for manpower for many offices and jobsites. It is really devastating knowing that wasting time is an expense of the loss of income among many workers. With the increasing of private cars and passenger buses on the streets specially among urban cities in the country, and even if number coding was a strict rule to follow on streets, it cannot help to lessen the problem.

For many people, choosing motorcycles for more convenient and easy way of transport that can take them to their destination. There are already booking application online available to every Filipino who wants to ride or drive a motorcycle if a person doesn’t own one. These motorcycle apps can help every commuter rider arrive at their destination as safely and easy as it could.

We all know that riding a motorcycle can be risky, however, it caters also many benefits in using it.

  1. When stuck in a traffic, motorcycles can manage to move between vehicles slowly.
  2. Motorcycles can save money and time if you own one. It can take you wherever you want to go without spending money to pay for the fare.
  3. With the high price of gasoline and fuel in the market, it is more practical than buying a four-wheeled cars.
  4. Motorcycle are cheaper than cars and because there are second-hand units that can be sold at very affordable price and even in an installment basis.
  5. Comparing to cars, motorcycles are less costly when it comes to repair and maintenance.
  6. Motorcycles can be easier to find for a parking space than that cars cannot accommodate.

The Exciting Part About Motorcycle

The most exciting part is owning a motorcycle. So, how did somebody acquire it? Mostly, among Filipinos, owning a motorcycle is not as difficult comparing to owning a new car. There are lots of motorcycle dealers and companies that produces thousands of units within the country that are easily and readily available even in a remote area within the community. Units are available whether by cash or installment basis. Upon agreeing all the terms and conditions and upon submitting all the necessary requirements set by the dealer, one can immediately take the unit home as his own.

There’s nothing quite like seeing a new motorcycle parked inside. It’s fun just to go out and look at it, admire its combination of form and function. This is true to mostly young people. The machine will become part of their daily routine. But having a motorcycle in the first place can be a traumatic event. Like any form of commerce, people sell motorcycles to make money, they walk into a dealership unprepared, they will be their cash cow. Because there are competing companies that are competing for most sales, motorcycle units are sold anywhere and everywhere in the country.

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Many consumers tend to own a motorcycle that consciously did not know how the machine works. This is part of the lifestyle that Filipinos are mostly doing just to escape the reality. Even acquiring a driver’s license is not important in owning a motorcycle unit, the least, to the very younger age ranges from ages 8-17 years old where mostly the one’s eager to learn how to drive.


The Risk

Motorcycles are risky since it is a two-wheeled vehicle. Motorcycling offers more pleasure than any other activity a person can engage in. It also extracts a high penalty for making mistakes. If you’re going to be a motorcyclist, you’ll need as much knowledge as you can get to survive out there.

Most of the accident that motorcycle is involved is the racing of motorcycle. Not using a helmet and other safety gear for the protection of both driver and the passenger. Not following the road sign and the traffic light. Some of the accident happen at the road crashes and some of them have passengers of children. An accident in a motorcycle happened when the driver is over speeding. Sometimes when the driver is drunk can also cause an accident. Also when a driver of a motorcycle cannot anticipate the other vehicle coming to his direction. Sometimes accident happened when the motorcycle driver did not see a fixed object on his way that causes the person to die or commit fatal injuries. A motorcycle has a higher risk of danger compared to cars especially on road hazard.

The Survey

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 89,000 motorcyclists were injured, and 5,172 were killed in 2017 alone. Per vehicle miles traveled, motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to be killed in a traffic crash than passenger car occupants. They account for 14 percent of all traffic fatalities.

Nov 23, 2019

Consumers Choice

Many people ignore the type of motorcycle they want to own as long as it serves them and takes them to wherever. The perfect motorcycle for a rider or commuter may be ill-suited for the next rider. This does not please everybody. Consumers can buy what they like and what they can afford.

Most people choose motorcycle that are less expensive and no less salable than the most popular ones because reasonable price can be easily paid. Some company offers a free unit of motorcycle to deserving employees for their transport as company vehicle. There are lot of motorcycle companies today that a consumer can choose to, depending on their type and uses, including Honda, Yamaha. Kawasaki, Suzuki and many more companies that offers a lot of offers and discounts to interested applicants and consumers. It may be sold in cash and in installment.

Anybody can apply for a unit as long as the requirements are settled. There is no limit on how many units of motorcycle can a single person has as long as he can pay. This must be taken into action. That is why production of motorcycles in the market today is very in-demand because of this marketing style.

The Reality

Majority of Filipinos are choosing motorcycle because it is the fastest and easiest transportation on which one can afford. The hassle of the traffic in all public places in the country is a big problem as of today and one of the solution many Filipinos see is through owning a motorcycle even if it take the risk to ride on it. A lot of people recognize the effectiveness and convenience of using it. However, it is not always good to take a motorcycle now in the Philippines because there are many crimes committed by some criminals.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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