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Luxurious Decepticons

I am very experienced in creative writing. Being creative when I write is soothing. It is therapy. I write about anything I put my mind to.


Remember Soundwave In Transformers Dark of the moon? This is the car he was. Which is quite interesting. In the film before it he is a space station. Soundwave was the deceptions communications officer. He was one of Megatron’s main supporters. He played two significant roles in the franchise. He was in Transformers:Revenge of the fallen and Transformers: Dark of the moon. He was also in the 2018 film Bumblebee.

I think I understand why Micheal Bay chose this car. I think I understand why he chose this next one too. Stinger on transformers: Age of extinction. I am a huge fan. I watch each movie like I never seen them before. I never played with the toys but love the films. What I love the most is the supercars in them. Stinger had a few minor roles in the film. In those roles, he demanded attention. Just like this car. This is a very cool design. The tail lights and the way the shape. The rear wing is just as special.

When pagini automotive owner, Horacio Pagani, worked for Lamborghini it inspired him. This made its debut online in 2011. That was in January, the next month it was seen by the world. Surely, it's one of the coolest cars for the brand. This vehicle was made for the tracks. There will be only thirty cars made. Both vehicles have Phenomenal Power, Piece of art on Wheel, and has very High Level Dynamics. Both are also unpractical on a daily basis, especially the pagani. It also has no storage on the roof. This exotic race car is over $3 million dollars. There are some incredible details to discuss about both these cars.


This car is Super low cut. It has a huge flat dashboard. There are massive center consoles in it. They separate the driver and the passenger. There are engine points here on set of console and analogy gear selector. There is a 3D stitching effect on the dash too.

There are carbon buttons & a black suit steering wheel. The wheel is flat bottom and has a little marker. So, you know when your wheels are pointing dead ahead. You also get black series badging as well and a special AMG button. The button brings up some data on the entertainment screens. It has things like engine power alerts.

You can also move laptimes. Numbered times when you’re on circuit and then download it for the USB system. There is a swivel here that helps the navigation go a lot smoother. Like most modern cars, it has apple CarPlay. You can’t use Google Maps but this helps greatly. This car has the integrity that Mercedes stands for.


The first thing noticed on the SLS is the winged doors. Many who own this car park with the doors open. That's done because it’s just a piece of art. If someone tries to steal anything from this vehicle they'd get a surprise when it opens. They’d be popped up falling over. The black series has some extra upgrades. You have a lower front splitter. This one’s carbon fiber. The black series has a fully carbon bonding to help let hot air out. There are clear, wide wheels. The features on the exterior makes it look more aggressive.

There is the carbon fiber jaw caps. In the back, there's technical part of the aerodynamic package. This helps the downforce on the nose. There are vents that help that hot air out from the exhaust. There is also got some smoked tail lights. This is a beautiful looking car. Mercedes SLS black series looks like it’s got quad exhaust pipes. The exhaust pipe is just a single one behind. There’s another one on the other side. Only 150 were made and that makes them very very flexible. This is a very expensive this car is valued at 750,000 pounds

Truthfully, I never thought of it that way. This car is super-aggressive. It's more cool knowing its super aggressive. It's a massive log barn in small little cabin. This vehicle is a front, mid engine car. It is a two seater and it's very limited

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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG


This car has a new, V12 R engine. It puts out 850 horsepower and 750 Newton meters. The car is not confined to the rules of the road. There’s freedom both in terms of the design but also in terms of the technology. In the film it was inspired by bumblee, the autobot. I desire to go deeper with what is on the inside of this vehicle. There is no rear window on this vehicle. The interior carries Pagani's theme of jet fighter for the road. Every part of it is handcrafted.

Like most vehicles, it has the normal things. There is an old school gated shifter on the inside. There is also a cool center control cluster and ceiling control cluster. This executes the launch. The seat bottoms hold a giant between the leg dial. Folding rearview mirror. There are actually only two components that this car shares with the wire a road car those are the door mirrors and some of the bolts on the chassis that is it as the 10,000 or so components. The pagani no longer has those active flaps right on the nose. It does at the rear but not at the nose.

This is all to do obviously with balancing throughout different speeds. When it's up to 320 kilometers an hour, this will be producing 1000 kilograms of downforce. Those are serious numbers. Serious enough to make me think that this car is a warrior. It also has an over-the-top gauge cluster.


Do you notice it’s extended rear? The wheelbase is not hugely significantly changed from the road car. Its 6 millimeters longer with the car overall setting 264 millimeters. Its very much longer than the standard wirer. The majority is clearly in this long tail this elongated aerodynamically streamlined tail housing this incredible rear wing as well itself taking numerous inspirations.

This project began a couple of years ago for a number of reasons. Both is the ultimate emotional experience for what will be the 30 customers of the wire ours. No matter if they are professional racing drivers or amateurs. They are both keen to have that connection. There’s a double wing at front too. One of the most interesting things here is that for the first time the car has butterfly doors. They open upwards and outwards like a lamborghini.

Around the window line is a big snorkel. This helps the airflow. The design is clever and so is the inside. There is a design for the cooling that goes directly towards the engine and the additional cooling here for the engine. This car looks angry. It sounds Angry too. I think it's exterior played a major role to make that happen. I also think that it's design played a role too. The design is quite edgy. It is vital to the overall appearance of the vehicle. I didn't think this would be appropriate as an autobot because of its edgy, mean looking design.

Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra


These cars are beautiful. Well designed and everything a supercar stands for. Truth is, These may not stick around long as bad guys. Especially in this because they are Decepticons. Luxury auto companies don't stand for what the decepticons do. Cons in both cars are in the interior.

Engineers do not seem to focus on the interior. I mean they do but, it is not the way they do for the exterior. The USB ports, sunglasses holders, the little storage units and more interior features. They don't seem to put much money into them. Enough is done to pull them off and it works.

For instance, this mercedes is fitted with a trading 1000 Watt Bangalore exterior. That has 11 speakers including a huge subwoofer behind the driver passenger seat. The driver will notice a file extinguisher too. The extinguisher shows that this is designed to go on track. This car may not be as electronically like another Mercedes but, that’s fine. The pagani is.

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