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The Color of Your Car Reveals a Lot About You

Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She writes articles that are interesting to her readers.

The color of your car says more about you than you think. Do you know what the color of your car reveals about you, your personality or your character?

When you chose the car you are driving now, it was a reason you were drawn to it on the parking lot or in the showroom. Let's explore why you drive the color of the car that you have.

If Your Car Is Black . . .

Black cars make up 19 percent of all cars on the road. People who drive black cars are usually leaders. The driver might be a leader of his own company, or he might be a manager in an executive position. He also could be a leader of a church or school.

If your car is black, you are an empowered and a take-charge person. You drive to the beat of your own drum. You might even be a trailblazer. Black is the number one car for luxury, class, and power. The black car is an indication that the driver is in control.

If Your Car Is Blue . . .

Blue cars make up 11 percent of cars on the road. Drivers of blue cars are deep thinkers. It doesn't matter which shade of blue it is. Blue is a calming color which means that the owner is relaxed most of the time and easy going in most situations.

The owner is optimistic and enjoys driving his car along the journey instead of waiting for the destination for his enjoyment to kick in. Blue cars indicate that the driver is cool, calm and collected.

If Your Car Is Brown or Beige

Brown cars make up 7 percent of those on the road. People who drive brown cars are peaceful people who don't care about style, trends, fashions, fads, or anything flashy. They are described as being down to earth. Owners probably saved a long time to buy their automobile. People who drive brown cars usually keep them until they fall apart.

Beige cars make up 4 percent of cars on the road.

If You Car is Gray . . .

Gray cars make up 16 percent of all cars on the road. The person who owns a gray car is a practical person. He is dedicated in all his endeavors. Studies show that drivers of gray cars tend to be steadfast and ambitious and usually succeed in whatever they do.

Their work speaks for them instead of them tooting their own horn because they are modest and very focused. Drivers of gray cars don't want to stand out. Those drivers are cautious.

Make sure you read about drivers of silver cars below. Their characteristics are quite different.

If Your Car Is Green . . .

Green is the color of money, but it is also the color of growth. This is evident by the many trees and plants we see. The driver of a green car is smart and a nurturer. He takes good care of his family and things entrusted to his care whether at work, school, church or in the community.

The driver of a green car is one who volunteers for assignments, and people call on that person because they know he will take care of what needs to be done in a timely manner. Green cars make up only 3 percent of cars on the roads in the United States.

If Your Car Is Orange . . .

Orange might be the new black. When it comes to cars, orange is one of the least favorite colors for cars on the roads in the United States. A person who drives an orange car is comfortable with value and saving money, but it doesn't say much for his taste. The owner of an orange car is not afraid of standing out in a crowd even in an orange car.

If Your Car Is Pink . . .

The owner of a pink car is delicate and gentle. She loves being dainty looking even though she is a strong woman. The driver of a pink car can be a man or a woman, but most people think pink cars are for women drivers for a couple of reasons.

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First of all the color, pink is associated with females. Secondly, women who succeed in selling Mary Kay beauty products sometimes win a pink Cadillac. Those women are go-getters and achievers. Watch for them when you see them on the highway.

If Your Car is Purple . . .

If you own and drive a purple car, you have a royal taste. Purple is the color of royalty and anything that is majesty. You probably weren't born a royal, but you can live like one.

Driving a purple car sends the signal to others that you are royal in your mind even though you are not royal by blood.

If Your Car Is Red . . .

Red is the color of passion and energy. Anyone who drives a red car doesn't mind being seen because he is a people person. The driver of a red car has many friends and also some enemies who might be jealous of what they think the person has even though the driver is not rich, just confident.

The person who drives a red car is a go-getter and doesn't mind the attention he gets because he has a zest for life. Red cars make up 11 percent of the cars on the highway.

If Your Car Is Silver . . .

Silver is the color of style and security. It usually belongs to a driver who has a lot of wisdom. Often the silver car belongs to someone who values the finer things of life.

The owner of a silver car looks forward to brighter things in the future instead of focusing on the past. The driver is associated with someone who is high-classed and upscaled.

People should know that there is a difference between a silver car and a gray one. While a silver car stands out, a gray car doesn't. In fact, drivers of gray cars don't want to stand out. They don't want to be flashy like drivers of silver cars. Silver cars make up 16 percent of cars on the road today and in the past.

If Your Car Is Yellow Or Gold . . .

The driver of a yellow or gold car is usually a happy person. As he drives, he is singing, "Don't worry, be happy." Yellow cars on the highway remind other drivers of the smiley face.

Yellow is associated with happiness and joy. Therefore, drivers of yellow cars have a positive attitude. Even though yellow or gold cars remind us of good things like the sun and sunflowers, these colors make up only 3 percent of cars.

If Your Car Is White . . .

The person who drives a white car is thought to be elegant with great taste. Also, the driver is described as a perfectionist who likes order in his or her life. The person who drives a white car strives to dot every "i" and cross every "t."

The white car driver aspires to greatness and wants the best not only for himself but for everyone he is associated with. Most people know that white is associated with honesty and purity even when it comes to those who drive white cars that make up 19 percent of all cars on the road.

Some reports differ when quoting the percentage of white cars, but most of them say white cars are the most popular with 21 percent, followed by black with 19 percent and silver with 16 percent.

The Color of Your Car Now

Many drivers have had cars in most of these colors over the years. When thinking about what the color reveals, you should think about the car that you are driving right now rather than those you have driven in the past.


Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on April 06, 2018:

I agree, bradmasterOCcal, that yellow wouldn't look so great on a large car.

Brad on April 06, 2018:


BTW, I think the size of the car has something to do with your color choice. I had a Yellow Corvette Fastback that was great for that car, but could you imagine it on a large car, other than a cab:)

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on April 06, 2018:

bradmasterOCcal, I also drive a black car. I used to have a red car that was destroyed in a flood some years ago, but I still miss it. I had to get a car in a hurry and only a black one was available. I guess I was meant to have a black car after all. Thanks for reading my article even those studies are not really conclusive.

Brad on April 06, 2018:

Interesting article, it had some hit and misses with my car colors.

Out of all the cars that I have owned, most of them were black. I am not sure of any intent to buy a black car, but the car itself was of interest, and I liked it in black.

My wife just bought a new car that is Black, and it is beautiful, and it replaced a beautiful Red car.

If went from a Blue Car to the Black.

I liked the Blue, but I like the current car in Black.

Sometimes, we don't have a choice on the color, as the car company many not have offered the color we want in the year we are looking to get a car.


WheelScene from U.S.A. on March 02, 2018:

Great article, thanks for sharing! Seems like most cars are black, silver or white these days...

Where did all the cool colors go??

Check out our article on how color affects resale value!

Thanks for sharing

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