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What Are the New Vehicles Coming to Pakistan in 2022?

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The year 2022 has begun. The arrival of new vehicles in Pakistan has started slowly. As everyone knows, the automotive industry in Pakistan is developing with each passing year. Vehicles equipped with new and modern features are coming all over Pakistan, and many cars are coming. For car enthusiasts, this year will be good. The vehicles they have been waiting for will no longer have to wait long.

Let us know which vehicles are expected to be launched in Pakistan this year.


1. MG GT

MG had ordered the GT test unit a month ago. This test unit does park in Lahore's Package Mall. These days after touring different parts of the country. However, its official launch is expected by the end of 2022.

2. Suzuki Swift 4th Generation (Suzuki Swift 2022)

The third generation of Swift in Pakistan has been running successfully for 11 years. Now - the new fourth-generation Swift of this car has bright prospects coming in the middle of this year.

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3. Toyota Corolla Hybrid 12 Generation (Toyota Corolla 2022)

It is time for Toyota's new twelfth generation to arrive in Pakistan. However, under the government's policy of encouraging environmentally-friendly vehicles. The twelfth generation hybrid version of the Corolla may arrive in Pakistan this year.

4. Honda Civic Eleventh Generation (Honda Civic 2022)

The 11th generation Honda Civic IS the biggest car of 2022. It is also coming to Pakistan this year with new arrivals. Pakistanis are still obsessed with the current Honda Civic. The tenth-generation Civic is currently underway in Pakistan. It is expected that a new generation will launch in the next four to six months.

5. Chery Tiggo 4 Pro

Cherry Pakistan has unveiled the two vehicles in December. The five-seater Tiggo 4 will compete under the subcompact category Kia Stone and MGZS. The company starts booking these two vehicles from January 2022.

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