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What Motorcycle Cover

There is a vast selection of motorcycle covers for sale. You can get specific model covers which are tailored to your motorcycles curves accommodating the exact size, mirrors and windshield, or you can get more generic covers that are more like a giant bag wrapping the entire bike to protect against the elements.

The reasons to have a motorcycle cover are to protect against weather, keep your motorcycle clean from dust and general debris and increase security.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Cover

If you are not fortunate to have a garage then a motorcycle cover has extra benefits. We're all aware of standing water droplets causing a poor finish and needing to be cleaned off. In addition to wind blowing dust which a motorcycle cover will prevent against it settling on your motorcycle. Likewise in high heat/UV areas the cover can protect the paintwork from fading.

A motorcycle cover also increases security. Thefts are much more attracted to big shiny things than they are a bit of metal underneath a sheet. Covers need to be tied down so in some cases can be locked (although this doesn't prevent a knife going through the cover).

If you do have a garage then a motorcycle cover is still good for keeping dirt off. Garages are not usually insulated correctly either, so if you are storing your motorcycle long term (e.g. for winter) then a cover will help prevent mould growing on the bike by keeping it dry.


How to Choose the Right Cover

The first thing you should do is measure the length of your motorcycle. You want your cover to fit well. If you buy one too large it can flap around in the wind and allow dust to be blown in underneath it (this is not a problem for a dust cover in a garaged motorcycle though). If you buy one too small... It won't fit!

If you have a high upright wind shield then you may need to buy a larger cover as this adds quite a lot to the maximum  extremities. Many generic designs have an area for the mirrors to fit into.

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You will need a heavy duty duty motorcycle (plastic in material) for outdoor use, however a thinner lighter and more breathable material is better for inside garage storage (normally advertised as 'dust cover').

Where to Buy Motorcycle Covers

A few motorcycle manufacturers sell their own covers. A well fitting Suzuki motorcycle cover or Kawasaki motorcycle cover are very popular as you can get them in the popular racing colors for the respective manufacturer (White and Blue for Suzuki and lime green for Kawasaki). You can find these on their own websites however they come at a premium.

Alternatively motorcycle retailers in your state should stock a few of various designs. You can also order one straight from who are very reliable and quick when the stock is in. Feedback from previous people who purchased the item give a good idea on the quality and fit too, so you can gauge if it will fit your own motorcycle.

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