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USA Electric Vehicle Shocking Secrets

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Emissionguy is a professsional car mechanic who enjoys the outdoors, dogs, guns, riding, relaxing in the sun, and pool.

Show me the money

Ford now sells only trucks, not cars. Gasoline should be extinct by now but clearly it is not. What is the reason the auto industry and the government show only lip service to retiring gasoline forever? Sadly, it's the same answer as all the other hard questions; money.

Liquid motor fuels have a very well controlled and monitored distribution network and are easily taxed by both federal and state governments. Every car and truck pays road tax with every gallon of fuel.

Alternative fuels such as electricity have more than one potential use and therefore are difficult to tax for a particular use so close to the end user (driver). Imagine if the feds and the state sent a bill at the end of the year for every mile of road tax you didn't pay by using an alternative fuel.

Getting people to accept road tax on alternative fuels is a huge hurdle to overcome and the primary reason why the powers are not in any rush to see gasoline hit the bricks.

Please get real

If we ever hope to gain traction on pollution then we the people need to work from air quality attainment goals that are legislated, not tax revenue stream forecasts. We also need to shed the idea that CO2 is not a pollutant. God provided us all the free energy we ever need, it's the sun.

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