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Transformers: Autobots

I am very experienced in creative writing. Being creative when I write is soothing. It is therapy. I write about anything I put my mind to.

Cross Hairs

Before I get into this character, allow me to give you a little background. Corvette has been America true sports car since 1953. There’s been a lot of other competition from other brands here in the United states. None have stuck around long enough to really make that iconic legendary of the Corvette. He was also in the last night. Cross hairs was a weapons specialist there. He is best called a mechanic and a weapon tactician. He was first seen in season four, Rebirth, of the transformers cartoon. He was amongst the autobots on the planet Nebulos. While on the planet, he was kidnapped with the other future Target masters. He later became a supervisor of weapontry in his hometown Cybertron. He had a long career of acquiring and maintaining arsenal.

Enough about Cross hairs history. Lets get to the good stuff. In the film Transformers: Age of Extinction was this car. The way that he was added to the franchise was in similar fashion, Crosshairs is this cool metallic green Chevy Stingray (2016). When he was added, he became a fan favorite. So much until he returned for the next movie in the franchise. In Transformers: The Last Knight, his role was pretty similar.

Despite being a cool addition to the franchise, he is not suspected to be in the next film. In fact none of them may not be. Rumor has it, there would be a animal transformers. When something changes, I and my views would know. Outside of the film franchise, this car too was discontinued. Cross hairs made sure it went out in style. The Chevy Stingray C8 replaced it totally.


Each generation of the Chevrolet Corvette really has upped the game. That goes for the performance and interior. The Chevrolet Corvette maybe around $98,000. That's a lot of money but compared to other supercars, that's a bargain. For the money you get the dark material. You get contrast stitching and then the tan leather with the carbon fiber package.There is carbon fiber around the switch gear. This really just adds that little extra that makes you feel good about your car.

You have a large pocket, door panel, and an 8 inch TV for the entertainment system. Like most electric cars, you haven apple CarPlay. You have carbon buttons that help all control your transmission. There heated seats & a beautiful Corvette Stingray badge in there with your center speaker. The good stuff includes Alcantara carbon fiber. This makes sure the upgraded seats are comfortable for the driver.

It has matching tan seatbelts and beautiful sill plates behind the drivers wheel. Below the wheel near the pedals are nice, large dead pedal with aluminum finish. You control your seats, so you can easily adjust how the seat is perfect for your body. If you are very tall, this maybe the sports car that you want. This is perfect for you. Stitching is great. There is a selector knob underneath the leather. There is a lot of carbon fiber in this car. The D steering is amazing. All the way around this vehicle inside and out is beautiful.


The shape definitely has that supercar shape to it. The headlights have full LED lighting. You have turn signals with those Eli D projector beam style headlights. The style of it definitely has that aerodynamic efficiency. From the front of the car, it’s really looking like a Corvette.

There are heat exchangers up front. The great news is you have that carbon flash Metallica. It's more than just gloss black Making a nice sparkle to it. You have a flat black splitter on the back. This car has a stealth fighter design. All of these Nice hard body lines and of course the cross flags so iconic going back to 1953. The checkered flag and the Chevy bow tie has so much history.

At the bottom you have massive openings. These openings brings all that cool air to cool the brakes. The front splitter goes all the way across. The Stingray has an optional axle lift system. When you push a button from behind the wheel it actually raises the front end of the Corvette. This helps that you to not scrape on a speed bump or a parking block.

Chevy Corvette C6

Chevy Corvette C6

Hot Rod

Optimus Prime died in the movie of Transformers in 1986. Before he passed, he gave up the matrix of leadership. The new leader was Ultra Magnus. By the end of the film a young and flashy car took over. The car was Hot Rod. That car became the new leader of the Autobots. He and his new team defeated a few of it's nemesis. At this time, Hot Rod was called Rodimus Prime. He was also called hot Rodimus.

Some years later, they decided to make it a live action film. I was no fan of the transformers animated franchise. After the first, I was a fan. I look forward to everyone. Hot rod was first a 1963 Centroen DS. If you notice, Micheal Bay always has a way to spice things up. The movie director knew just the vehicle to do it. He and his team made sure that the car fits the personality. In addition, it should stand everything the brand wanted. He transformed into the centenario Lp 770-4.

I could really get carried away when I am talking the transformers movie franchise. I love all of the films. Currently, I am looking forward to the next. Enough about the film. Let's talk about the car. Hot Rod is an older version but nothing seemed to have changed about it's features. The models after it are very similar. It has 760 horsepower and goes from zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds.


When you climb inside the car, you'd notice a unique feature. There is no big door. The door is pull integrated into the door panel. Instead, you just pull this loop installed on the side. The loop is the same color as the interior. Just touch it slightly, pull it and shut the door. That should not be a problem. On the door panel you can see another item. A storage pocket which isn’t your typical door storage pocket. It has holes in it that are stitched together. The stitching is towards a lightweight special storage pocket. This is precisely what you’d expect from a vehicle of this magnitude.

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Once settled in, first thing is the pretty nice seats. They are well bolstered sport seats designed to keep you in place in corners. They have this really cool stitching pattern on them. The stitching seems to point forward. Each little item in the pattern goes a little bit further forward in the car. The floor continues this pattern you can see. There are these kinds of aero looking things pointing forward on it. Right towards the floor and there are no floor mats inside. It’s just a flat floor with that little design on it. Seemingly, it is to save weight. Once you get a car like this, you don’t need luxury.

The luxuries include the floor mats. Another noticeable item inside this car is a giant center screen. The technology in this car is amazing. The screen is much larger than what you get in previous models. It is also a touch screen which is a big upgrade. It has buttons and dials that control the screen. In this car, it is much improved. There is a lot of new technology that this car features. There’s some cool aerodynamic things in this car.


This car has a price tag of just under $3 million. Lamborghini built just twenty of these for the entire world. The most obvious feature is it’s styling. This car previews the next generation Lamborghini. That fact alone makes you wonder what is next. If this really does preview the next generation lambo V12 excellent. This is a really cool looking car.

It’s very special and very bold. The car is what you would want from a Lamborghini. The design of it is crazy but, it fits perfectly with the image of the brand. Beyond the overall styling in this car, there are some interesting quirks you should know about. Features on the outside include it’s carbon fiber stairstep. It is directly in front of the car. Air passes through and goes into the engine. You need a lot of air to get into this engine.

On the rear of the car is a gigantic diffuser. for that air There are a few large things in the back of this car. The diffuser is just the largest ever installed on a production car. It’s massive size takes up the entire rear of the car. There are no bumpers in the back. In addition, there is no license plate or grill. It is just a huge diffuser back there.

Lamborghini Centenario Lp 770-4

Lamborghini Centenario Lp 770-4


The Mercedes AMG GTR is the highest performance version of the Mercedes AMG GT. It's very popular amongst sports cars. This vehicle is apart of a very confusing series by Mercedes.

The AMG GT is a bland name for a very cool car. The is the base and it has 469 horsepower. It's elder siblings are faster but not as fast as this beast. The AMG GTR has 577 horsepower. This is the really cool car of them all.

It’s horsepower comes with 516 pound feet of torque from the twin turbo V8 engine. It will do 198 miles an hour. It goes from zero to 60 in half a second. Those are supercar numbers but, the pricing says different. It's around $160,000. Mercedes wanted to use this car to transform the industry.


On the inside of the AMG GTR are some very interesting quirks and features. When you climb inside everything is off. All of the screens are dark. Most of the buttons too. There is one labeled that is often on. This is the course the engine Start Stop button. It glows red to get your attention. Press it and the vehicle performance is illuminated. After it, you’d see a yellow dial in the middle of the dashboard.

This is called the Transaction Control (TC). It allows you to control the transactions. This button limits the fun. In order to access the TC button, you first have to turn off the stability control. You can dial the traction control to one of nine different levels 9 levels seems. It’s also interesting that the traction control off button sits right there in the middle too.

• Entertainment Screen
• Tiny Gear Level
• Gauge Cluster
• Trip Computer
• Full Floor Carpet
• Smartphone Integration

This car is subject to all the latest fuel economy rules and regulations. The AMG GTR the highest performance Mercedes-Benz that exist. There are sport bucket seats throughout the vehicle. Additionally, the middle console holds something else interesting. There is a little dial that lets you switch between the Dr modes you have. I for individuals C for comfort S for sport S plus for sport plus and then there’s race.

Mercedes AMG GT R

Mercedes AMG GT R

Transform and rollout

— Optimus Prime

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