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Top Reasons Why You Should Buy an Electric Car

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Electric cars are more common these days, though they are still difficult to find in your local dealership. Every year we see electric cars breaking records on speed, endurance, battery life, acceleration and pulling power. Oil companies cannot suppress electric cars forever because their oil resource is drying up. Electric cars are an inevitable part of our future, so here are a few of the top reasons you should buy one.

They are getting cheaper these days

As technology is slowly introduced to the market, it slowly goes down in price if it is popular. Mobile phones used to cost a lot of money so that only a few people could have them, and now they are everywhere; the same will happen with electric cars. If you are looking to buy one these days, then it is just as affordable as buying a new petrol/diesel car.

Electric cars are becoming faster and more efficient

They are becoming faster and more efficient because that is what the market demands. People want electric cars that rival fossil-fuel cars, which means they want them to be as fast and efficient. If car manufacturers want to add electric cars to their car dealerships, they need to keep researching and building on what they know which means better and better quality electric cars are being built all the time.

If You Can Charge Up Your Phone You Can Charge Up Your Car

A big worry for some people, is that they will not be able to charge up their car, but people used to say that about mobile phones. Visiting your family? You can charge up your phone and your car whilst you are there. Visiting a hotel? You can ask to charge up your car whilst you are there--it will probably become a paid service at every café and hotel very soon. Plus, batteries are lasting longer and longer these days, meaning you will not have to charge up your car as often as you think.

Fuel Prices Will Continue To Rise No Matter What

Oil is a dwindling resource, and the Americans and Chinese are dividing up the last of it. Price is set based on demand and availability. Demand is still rising whilst availability is going down, meaning fuel prices can only go up interminably until all the oil is gone. You are going to have to start using electric cars eventually, so why not skip the transition and start using electric cars now? It will save you more money in the long-run.

It Is “Better” For The Environment Than Fossil Fuel Cars

Arguments that electric cars are perfect for the environment are flawed because we use a lot of fossil fuels and nuclear fuels in order to generate electricity. Still, on the whole, having electric cars is better for the environment because they do not produce emissions individually in the way that fossil fuel cars do. Plus, as more and more electricity is generated by renewable means, then the better electric cars become for the environment.

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Aesthetically, They Look Very Good These Days

Early electric cars were inefficient and ugly looking, but these days they are beginning to look very sophisticated. Many of them look like something out of the not-too-distant future, with some looking more like aircrafts than actual cars. They are very good looking these days and many people are very happy to show off their sexy looking new electric car.

Batteries Last Longer Than Ever and Will Continue To Get Better

This is one of the great things about electric cars that spell a very bright future for all of us. The development of electric cars and mobile phones has started a technology race in the world of battery manufacture. Phone and car companies are investing millions into researching better and longer lasting batteries, and battery technology is getting better and better as a result. Mobile phones are now able to handle eight processors and mountains of RAM and still offer up to ten hours of talk time. Cars are able to run on batteries for 12 hours, when ten years ago they would have struggled to make 4 hours.

The greatest thing is that the technology race in the battery world is not slowing down, which means we may see a near-future, where you only need to charge up your car once per week.


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