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Top Five Ways To Convince Your Wife to let You Buy A Motorcycle

There are better ways to get a motorcycle than begging

Riding a sportbike is a ton of fun

Riding a sportbike is a ton of fun

I got lucky. My wife was very gracious and actually let me get a motorcycle. In fact, she was even genuinely supportive of the idea.

However, the more I talk with my married friends, the more I realize their wives just don't want them to get motorcycles. And the women always seem to have good reasons. They often say, "it's too dangerous" or "we can't afford it."

I'm here to tell you that there are ways you can convince your wife to let you get a motorcycle. In fact, I'll list out the top five ways to convince your wife to let you get a bike. Keep in mind that these methods can also be used to convince your friends, girlfriend, parents or other family to let you get a bike.

If you want to buy a motorcycle but someone is preventing you, try these five methods and you will drastically increase your chances. Read all the way through and you'll even find a sixth, bonus method to help convince your wife to let you get that bike of your dreams.

This is not a sweet ride, so don't sell yourself short. No seriously don't ever ride this.

This is not a sweet ride, so don't sell yourself short. No seriously don't ever ride this.

Five Tips to Convince Your Spouse to let You Get a Bike

  • Determine what you really want

Don't sell yourself short. If you want a flashy bike, then make that your goal. If you want a shiny new cruiser, make that your goal. There are two reasons why setting this goal is important:

  1. It will help you have a united front in your argument
  2. It will let your wife know you're serious about your goal and you've put a lot of thought into it

Motorcycle poll

  • Secretly save up for your motorcycle

Don't take out a second loan or steal from the kid's college fund to buy your bike. Secretly save up money on the side. Now when you approach your wife about the idea, place yourself in her shoes and think of which is better- telling her you want a bike or telling her you want a bike and you've got $____ already saved up for it.

If you're a spend thrift and are able to save for the entire purchase price of the bike, even better!

  • Promise her you'll be safe on your motorcycle

And don't lie to her here. Genuinely share with her that your desire is to be safe. Tell her that when you get your bike you're not going to do crazy stunts like wheelies and peel outs.

To prove to her that you're serious about motorcycle safety, buy a book to show her. The books below from Amazon are fantastic resources not only in your argument to get a bike but also for your personal safety on your motorcycle.

Trading can be a great method to get you that motorbike

Trading can be a great method to get you that motorbike

  • Offer her a trade of some sort
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A friend of mine got a bike this way. He agreed to buy her the Ford Explorer that she wanted and he was able to buy the sportbike he wanted.

Find something your wife wants and offer her a trade. Don't exploit her and don't let her exploit you, but come up with a proposal and approach her about it.

  • Show her the safety equipment you purchased

Note: This is a risky method to try to negotiate to get a bike. At the same time, it's an effective method. Purchase a bright helmet (I'd recommend Arai as they have a very strong reputation for safety) and a nice jacket (best bet is to get a reflective jacket).

When you show your wife the ins and outs of your helmet and jacket, assure her that you'll be safe and secure in your new equipment. Touching and seeing the safety equipment will go a long way to win her over.


Bonus Tip to Convince Your Wife

  • Let her know it's not just for you

There are a lot of female motorcyclists out there. Depending on your situation you could propose that she get a bike so that you could both could ride together.

If two motorcycles isn't an option, let her know that you'd love it if she rode on the motorcycle with you. (Trust me, there's nothing sexier than riding on a bike with your woman.)

A big selling point with this tip is that it's quality time. Find me a woman who doesn't care about quality time and I'll find you Sasquatch.

I always wondered if the furball liked beef jerky

I always wondered if the furball liked beef jerky


weally on November 21, 2017:

I had a major pissed off rum induced for bravery argument with the missus over this some women arent going to to give two farks if you have your bike or not I agree with a previous post thereis alot of pissed off unhappy married guys for sure the ironic thing is we both rode bikes years ago ! Thats kids for you .. good luck men ! Never give up

Widow on September 26, 2015:

This totally worked for my husband in 2012, so for his 45th birthday he got an awesome triumph bonniville. 9 months later I was a widow raising two pre-teens. He had all the safety gear and was a really safe driver. That didn't stop the 84 year old woman from running him down at 1:00 in the afternoon. Ask yourself again if it is worth it.

JLo on August 05, 2015:

Indeed-all these comments are convincing & appreciated! Looking forward to the article about husbands being convinced & hoping you'll include or others will give their opinions, wanting him to come along & have fun too hasn't worked so far & although I decided to sell my bike(one of 9-I've had), I felt it wouldn't be too long b4 I missed my two-therapy & the breeze on my knees. I do believe in living our lives but being considerate to our significant others shouldn't mean we should be denied our passions or made to feel guilty because we desire to enjoy the ride! Be safe & enjoy the breeze & thank you for all comments!

Dreamcancel on April 08, 2015:

I told her "sry, but it's gonna happen with or without you.. i'm offering you a chance to be a part of this" she still rejected the idea, yelled, threatened divorce, so i said ".. you really wanna grant freedom to a guy with a brand new motorcycle?" see, every biker i've ever met has told me the same thing. In a woman's eyes, it's never the right time.. there's always a roof, a leak, a bill, you just have to do it and make it work.. that's how we got our kids

Trudy Cooper from Hampshire, UK on November 24, 2014:

Here, here Carl, life is too short not to just go out and get what you want! Your wife will soon realise that you are not buying a bike to kill yourself on, but to have loads and loads of fun on! Go for it!

Carl on October 21, 2014:

So the bottom line I'm hearing is that a man has to SACRIFICE his loves/desires for his wife because she WILL WORRY ABOUT SOMETHING THAT MIGHT HAPPEN!!!???? SERIOUSLY!?!?

How about this "compromise"? Wife ~ get your feelings UNDER CONTROL!! If you can't (which is actually YOUR responsibility) then go to the doctor and get some anxiety medications. STOP TRYING TO TELL YOUR HUSBAND WHAT TO DO BECAUSE YOU ARE SCARED SOMETHING MIGHT HAPPEN.

Honestly - reading through these posts - some guys should dump their wives. Some people are making comments about almost dying that sound very fake. Listen - if you don't want to ride - that's fine. No big deal. However it's VERY WRONG to tell someone else how to live their life................AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD..........STOP USING YOUR KIDS AS AN EXCUSE/ LEVERAGE against your husband. That is just plain rotten. Using your kids to manipulate your husband is awful. STOP IT!!!!! Get control of your emotions and live your life............AND STOP TELLING OTHER PEOPLE HOW TO LIVE THEIRS.

somaliz on June 28, 2014:

Great article! I was afraid for my husband to get a motorcycle, but seeing him so sad about not getting one, I decided to do research on the subject. I came to the same conclusions in your article on my own. I now want to ride with him. I want to compromise too, he gets a bike, I get a bigger car. I now know that he can be as safe as possible on a bike . We are all here on earth to be happy and free period.

mattsurfski on June 11, 2014:

Just went out and bought a 916cc 2002 ducati monster s4 on craigslist for $3400 and brought it home, fantastic deal...that was the first my wife knew of it...she was super pissed. She won't talk to me without going off about going and spending 4k on herself or giving it away...which I am fine if she does..find a passion...I have told her for ten years I wanted a bike because I grew up dirt biking...I just went for it...she said I should have spoke to her. I keep saying I have mentioned for years...not working...she will get over it...hopefully...the ducati is super nice though!

prbradshaw on May 13, 2014:

Just came across your hub, I realise it's pretty old now but still a good read. The comments were the best though.

Bryson I. on February 09, 2014:

I recently had this dilemma, and after reading various sources, this article included, I gave it a shot. I told her that I would take my course, get my license, and renew it every two years. Told her I would wear a helmet and not be reckless. Also, she has been wanting her own place for a while, so I told her we would start working on that. But the key here is to be sincere, and mean what you say

Chris on April 24, 2013:

a lot of unhappy marriages here.

andre on January 31, 2013:

These things decrease risk of motorcycle being hit by a car: large diameter headlamp, windshield, helmet color white. A signal horn can either send out short blips, or long toots depending how long button is pressed - very useful. Some 100% electrical cars like Nissa LEAF has an internal speaker that produces a whining noise when running at low speeds, to let pedestrians know a car is catching up with them from behind. Better than "you sneak up to me" discovery. I believe many collisions can be converted into close calls with some very simple everyday practices. * Word of warning: American cars have large blind spots on driver side due to FMVSS 111 "safety" mandate that orders the driver side mirror to be an optical unity / 1:1 / flat instead of convex. The paradoxical biker safety is to move closer to the car on the right side just before passing, so the bike becomes visible in the driver side mirror for a brief moment, then move to the left for the actual passing. Everywhere else in the world convex left mirror that has smaller blind spot. Kinda backwards, but people have try to have the FMVSS 111 changed for decades already. So there you have it: safer biking is possible.

andre on January 31, 2013:

I often hear quotes like "30x more fatalities than car". Worth noting: 30 times something very unlikely is still darn unlikely. * Why do I emphasize this mathematical "insight" ? The good news is that risk of actually dying in a car accident is a downward trend because of 1 seat belts, 2 front airbags, 3 side airbags, 4 ABS, 5 computer calculated crumple zones, 6 high strength steel frame, 7 crash testing, 8 drivers education, 9 road designs, 10 police enforcement against DUI. * So when death becomes less likely in the benchmark figure (=car), so does motorcycle deaths too, provided the relative number "30" stays the same. This is easily forgotten when emotionally heated discussions. * All these things shifts the injury mode from 100% definitive fatality towards the ABC, such as A) severe injury, B) injury or C) no injury at all. * Obviously you don't need more than a few miles per hour to hurt your head really badly * Any tall person that accidentally walked into a low clearance door frame can tell about it. * The simple rule: use a helmet and then stop worrying about relatively small odds of fatality. * What should worry a motorcyclist are non-fatalities: road rash, ankle injuries and a handful of other motorcycle specific injuries. Non-fatal injuries could still cause debilitating pain for weeks or months and slow healing wounds could easily become infected. Jacket and pants reduces risk of open bone fractures and wound infection by contaminants such as dirt and road debris. The importance of motorcycle shoes / boots. * I have searched the internet high and low for material about motorcycle injuries, especially knees and ankles that bears the weight of the person while standing or walking. Many products offered for reducing lower extremities injuries but finding proper fitment is tricky. So far the most comprehensive and easily digested material I have seen is: 3/2006 publication in the medical journal (Suomen Ortopedia ja Traumatologia Vol. 29). A study with title "Injuries caused by motorcycle accidents – a 5-year survey of patients treated in Kuopio University Hospital" (Finland). The abbreviated presentation PDF is only 4 pages long, yet it has very straight forward visualization of what body parts get injured (percent) most likely during a motorcycle accident. * * LINK =

Kayleigh on June 18, 2012:

Im a girl and im 14 and i want to get a mini motorbike but my mam just keeps sayin i cant afford it and all so help please?!!

Marriagecounciller on June 12, 2012:

No spouse should ever stand in the way of something loved by the other. This IS an indication of a way more serious beast that is simply waiting to rear its ugly head in a relationship. Rememer It will get worse, if given time. Relationships are a partnership not a dictatorship. Anyone facing this problem should seek council and if there are no children yet. Consider finding a more suitable mate. Remember a motorcycle is simply a 'thing'. It starts with this and you accept it only to realize in later years that you are a slave in life.. Sorry but the truth hurts...

Peter Brown (author) on June 04, 2012:

Sounds pretty crazy Silver. If you're in the US I believe there is a law that gives someone a certain amount of time to claim their property. If he's outside that time frame the property is yours to keep.

Silver spoon on May 30, 2012:

Can anyone advice me what to do.long time ago I sold my bike to a guy,he went out of country for 1year and I have been taking care of the while I was riding,bike broke down several times,and I paid huge amount for repairing the now I want to keep the bike for myself and don't know how to convince that guy to sell back the bike to me.i am willing to return his money.that man is still not back

Peter Brown (author) on May 29, 2012:

wanta ride, I really don't know but you bring up a good point. What are the wives/girlfriends supposed to do in order to convince their husbands/boyfriends to let them buy a bike? Good question for the readers of this article...

Anyone got any ideas?

wanta ride on May 01, 2012:

mine issue is the other way around - my husband won't let me get a motorcycle. I went and took classes, got my license and then he told me if I bought a bike he would leave. I have money in the bank already for when I find the perfect bike. So no issues there.

Any ideas on how to convice him...obviously the suggestions on how to smooth over the girls won't work in my situation.

Thegoodwife on April 15, 2012:

I hear ya' sister.

TLC on April 07, 2012:

My husband horded money for a bike, we could not afford it and he has a bad back, had surgery. He should never ride, motocross of all things. In addition got a loan, putting us in more debt... Still he came home with a bike. Hurt me deeply!

Thegoodwife on April 02, 2012:

However you get your bike, don't do what my husband did. I've been pinching and saving for the last three years to get our homes foundation fixed and replace our bathroom and plumbing. First he buys a scooter, within the first 6 months trades in for another scooter, then lies to me and tells me he's going to work and comes homes with an $8000 motorcycle and I still owe on the two scooters. There went the money I saved, too bad for me.

mar951 on April 02, 2012:

We always agreed that my husband with a shitty car driving record would not get one in the past 12 yrs, after less than a yr of marriage he said he's getting one, no compromise, I'm getting life insurance for him, grow up dude its irresponsible and an I told you so is imminent, my anxiety and health isn't worth the worry, at 30 I'm getting too old for this shit.

Peter Brown (author) on February 22, 2012:

My wife does the same thing - she worries every time I take it out.

To help calm her nerves I've been a safe driver for years in the car and on the motorcycle (no tickets, accidents, etc) and I took an optional safety course.

There might not be a silver bullet but doing everything to calm her nerves helps.

justin roycroft on February 09, 2012:

you csnt find that argument. i am getting rid of my katana 600 do to other drivers. the day i bought my bike last week i had a suv pull out in front of me and i spent 4 days in the hospital. my dad was also was in an accident that a lady pulled out in front of him. i love my bike but its not worth dieing over. just for a heads up your wife will always worry when you take it out. mine almost went into a mental breakdown because i almost died. just look into everything before you get one its not worth putting family through you getting hurt on the bike. i know from experience.

Alex on January 13, 2012:

How the hell do you argue against the "it's not you it's the other drivers" argument... i know they are more dangerous but life is for living why shy away from everything and anything that could possibly end badly....

Rick on November 30, 2011:

OR....You could grab check your junk to make sure you're still a man and then TELL her flat out your getting a Bike!! Just saying I don't need to convince anyone when i want something.

Peter Brown (author) on November 22, 2011:

Great thoughts Cassie, thank you for sharing them. I'll consider writing a "top five ways to convince your husband or boyfriend to let you buy a motorcycle". That sounds like a great idea!

Jahn on November 01, 2011:

I knew I wasn't the only one with this issue. Like a few others, I'm a married 24 year-old just wanting to ride. My dad had one so naturally I want one for myself. I'm not asking for a 600cc, just a simple Harley-Davidson (any suggestions as to what model would be appreciated). But everytime I bring it up to my wife I just get a plain ol' 'No'. I understand since her brother had a bad bike accident, but I hate that she believes the same will happen to me. I'll try these suggestions. I would just go and get it and not care what she says but she wouldn't do that to me, call me a pansy but I hate arguing with my better half.

Momma2B on October 19, 2011:

These are good points but I don't think it takes into consideration as to why a wife or girlfriend has good reasons to say no. And I think that needs to be understood.Recently I wouldn't let me boyfriend get a bike, and I am slowly regreting not letting him although I have good reasons not to.

We have been together for 6 years, leaving together for the past two and are expecting our first child. First of all I want to say I don't have a problem at all with him getting a motorcycle. I know he'll be safe and especially with a baby on the way he isn't that stupid to not be careful. But he doesn't understand financially we just don't have the money this very second and I told him to wait a month. A MONTH. But nooo he finds some amazing bike on craiglist for a great price.He knew it would go quick (and so did I) and he said he was going to buy it right there and then. I had a good paycheck with overtime coming in the next day and so he wanted to use that along with his paycheck, fine by me helping pay for it we share everythign financially but he doesn't realize I am 28 days late on my car payment and I don't pay it now I get credit reported (even worst on my Grandfather as he is my co-signer), secondly his license is suspended due to a non paid speeding ticket that is now $1700 (wouldn't you want to pay this and get your license back first), third he doesn't even have a motorcycle license and the class is $300 (why not take the class first and get the motorcycle license). I just don't understand why he can't wait for something else to come along which I am sure something will. With that being said the weekend has passed the bike sold to someone else and is now back up on craigslist for $1500 more. He is upset, blames me that he missed out on such a good deal (I agree it was a great deal)and is just being the biggest jerk ever. Okay I feel bad enough I had to put my foot down and say no, but he needs to put his priority in place and realize we would have not even a penny right now if he got it. It's not like I said no don't EVER get a bike. You would think me being pregnant and already going through enough he would just drop it and not want to fight. Am I wrong for what I did? Should I have let him get the bike when he wanted to?

tradersmerlin from Malaysia on October 01, 2011:

Very interesting article. I used to own a Yamaha DT 1984, and now there are some Taiwanese made bike 150cc similar to this scrambler. I guess I have to build my courage to have my wife approval on this purchase as the feeling of my first love in this bike is there, every time it zoom pass me. I will have to test ride this Taiwanese bike before venturing into this unchartered territories (approval from spouse).

Cassie on September 14, 2011:

No one seems to have mentioned here that it might be we women who want a motorcycle, and yet have a boyfriend / husband who is very against the idea! It took me a year to get my boyfriend to come round to the idea, and finally I bought a nice, old classic cruiser, and then got an instructor to help me build my confidence, (I got my licence years ago, and then didn't ride for several years). I've now developed a passion for riding, and want a modern bike (street) to use for commuting, as well as my cruiser for pleasure. B/friend not impressed! Am I being totally selfish in indulging my new-found passion? I am 44, have no kids, and have a job, plus I am a carer for my ageing dad, (who, by the way, doesn't have a problem with me riding a motorbike, bless him. So I'm extra careful for his sake). My BF just comes up with worst case scenarios all the time. We do not live together, have no plans to marry, (although I'd like to be married), and so I don't know why he says, "You don't know what I go through every time you get on that thing," (the motorbike). I sometimes feel like a caged bird, and the bike gives me freedom.

lisal69 on April 11, 2011:

Totally agree with almost everything. Mine wanted a bike, and I'm all for it, because I want one, too, and with a bad back I can't drive one, but can ride, eventually. But...when the house is about to be taken away because of non payment of property taxes, that we are trying to save for, and he just went out and spent $3,000 on a motorcycle 3 days ago, I think there's a problem. House or motorcycle? Well, he got what he wanted, so it's all good, right? I am currently selling my only vehicle now, so I can try and save my house.

moosestang on November 04, 2010:

My advice is only for those with no kids. If you have kids and can honestly afford a motorcycle, then go for it.

moosestang on November 04, 2010:

Just ask her. When she says no and she will, then you go out and get it anyway. Nothing motivates me better than my wife telling me I can't do something. The old saying "It's easier to ask for forgiveness, than permission" always holds true when motorcycles are concerned.

Mr D on October 17, 2010:

I asked my wife to help me pick out the bike and let her pick the color. Involve her.

Peter Brown (author) on August 19, 2010:

annasg I'm sorry to hear of the troubles you've been having with your motorcycle situation at home. Honestly the best advice I can give you is to not take the advice of people on the internet. Many will have opinions, thoughts and "expertise" but what would be best is to get in touch with someone in-person who can help you through that situation. A counselor of psychologist would be great...not because "something about you is wrong" but because life could be much richer if you worked through this problem with a trusted helper.

So, for me to give marital advice would be wrong simply because it's not my area of expertise. Try to find someone who is experienced in that area and get help.

annasg on August 10, 2010:

Please help me about this issue. I lost friends in a mc accident and although I love dirt bikes, I am scared to death of street bikes. Plus, I suffer from vertigo sometimes.

My husband got himself a street bike. Claims he had one "all his life" even though for our 30+ years of marriage, he only got a couple to buy and sell - he did not ride more than a few miles. Now, he's in with the bike crowd and I'm at home alone.

In the past, I rode with him twice on bikes. The first time, we had everything from bugs to deer and a car come out in front of us and we were only 15 minutes from home. He insists that was unusual.

The 2nd time, he said I leaned the wrong way, then when I tried to please him, he insisted I leaned too far and was going to make him wreck. He yelled at me until I was in tears because I was doing eveything he said and he still was mad.

Our marriage has not been very good because he is more into his hobbies (mc and cars) than in doing things together so I was hoping that someone would give me a really good tip on how to not be scared. I am literally terried after the experiences I had. He doesn't seem to understand how much of an impact he's made on this to me and still yells at me and tells me how I did something wrong by leaning wrong. I have no idea what he means and he said it's natural but obviously, it isn't for me since what I thought was normal - he says is not. So, now I'm thinking if I go, I will cause him to wreck.

Any help?

Don M on June 07, 2010:


jfagan514 on June 06, 2010:

Brother you need to get her involved in bike oriented events. Take her and the kids to a bike rally,you don't have to ride to attend. but be picky and ask questions about the type of rally. some are great for the free willed but not good when trying to win over the wife. Also buy a good life insurance policy she has to know she and the children will be covered if you die. That's the way they think ( i guess) not sure about that bro. I ride almost everyday and enjoy every minute of it. I ride with the a group called

Western Plains Downed Biker Association,We are Aa group of men/women who love to ride and help people who have lost a loved one to a motorcycle accident or some kind of Bike accident. We get sponsors and put together poker run, an Auction or some type of event so other bikers and friends can particpate and donate money to the family ( we are a 501c not for prfit club.) So yes the money goes to the family. So I like to ride and I get to ride with a reason too.

NoMax on May 31, 2010:

I had a bike 4 years ago. When my son was 6 months old I agreed to sell it. BIG MISTAKE. Now my son is 5, I have a daughter who is 3 and there is nothing that I would like more than to be able to take off and buzz around town for an hour or so when the times get stressful. But I know almost for certain that my wife will never let me get another motorcycle. Why:

-> She thinks they aren't safe, and she wants me to be around (meaning not dead) for the kids. She knows I'm a safe rider, and have taken her on many rides in the past.

-> She has an issue with me spending money, especially if it's something "just for me".

-> The exchange idea won't work because she doesn't want to buy anything for herself.

-> She will never ride on the motorcycle if I get it, out of the fear that something could happen to her / us and we wouldn't be there for the kids.

So - how to deal with such a difficult situation. I will mention it for Fathers day, and every time I see some bikes parked outside where we're at. The "wear her down" method is slow and painful for both of us, but it's the only one that seems to work. Any other advice????

Super D on May 11, 2010:

I like the silence and riding a solid bike is better than sex

AC on May 11, 2010:

I have managed to convince my wife to let me get a scooter, and I commute to work every day on it. Even the police told me how safe I was on it when I stopped at traffic lights. Despite all this, she won't agree to letting me have a restricted cruiser... what am I doing wrong. I even have all the gear.


Matt on April 11, 2010:

Tell her. "hey, its either you like it or you go". I'm a man...I don't ask for things, I demand them. Keep It Real

Loudoun County from Loudoun County, Virginia on March 18, 2010:

Man Jermbo, good luck with that! I vote for the first option- sitting down with her and talking with her about how you'd like to have it for freedom purposes.

Props to you for doing a safety course- I did the same thing and it helped my cause greatly :)

Jermbo on March 18, 2010:

Hey all. I owned a sport bike when my wife and I were dating back in 2006. She never said much about it when I had it (of course I had already owned it before we started dating). In 2007, I needed to sell it and the car I had at the time so I could get something more dependable. I drove a 1992 Jetta and in Michigan, it is a good idea to have a car that will survive the winter time! Anyway, since then, I have saved up for a Yamaha R6 and I now have enough to pay for the bike and all the gear I will need (with cash). I've been kinda nervous to talk to her about wanting one only because I kinda knew the answer was going to be a flat-out no. The other day I mentioned to her that I wanted to get another bike and that I already have the money for it. Her concept of bikes in general is bad, of course. She doesn't like them only because she says they are dangerous and that there are many accidents pertaining bikes all the time. I told her that there are just as many accidents with vehicles (if not more). She then said that if I got a bike, I would have to sell my car (2005 Pontiac G6 GT) and get a beater car. My car is paid for which does not make sense to me at all. I think she was just saying that in hopes that I would say no that I would not take the offer. I am now stuck between either just going and getting it anyway and dealing with a mad wife for a few days, sitting down and talking to her, letting her know what I am wanting to do and basically telling her that I need this for some freedom (in a good way of course), or just simply telling her how it is and that I am getting it because she is always reminding me that I am the man of the house and that she will support any decision I make. In regards to safety, I have taken the 3 day riders training course before I rode my first bike, I am not the type of rider that likes to do stunts and crazy things like that, and since I have ridden before, I know what it takes to be alert and always being aware of my surrounds and looking to see what the other driver is going to do. I have read the previous posts and have gotten a lot of good ways to approach this kind of situation.

Peter Brown (author) on February 27, 2010:

Hey Jerrod, just shot you an email.

Jerrod d. on February 21, 2010:

Yeah my gf is totally against it but I'm buying one anyways. I'm almost 26 and I have ALWAYS wanted a bike. I don't care for the crazy stunts or anything I just want something that looks nice that I can ride around. At this moment in time I'm terrified to be riding at night so that won't happen for a LONG time. What is a good beginner bike? I don't want a harley or anything like that. I like more of the Ducati type looks. Can anyone help? If so please email me at


Jerrod d.

Sports bikes on October 22, 2009:

Nice talk

Peter Brown (author) on October 03, 2009:

Wow, jackpot indeed! Good for you.

ffkevinking on October 03, 2009:

1 Ducati 1 Aprilia 1 636 race 1 4 wheeler and 2 dirtbikes

I'd say I hit the jackpot with my wife. All I ever get is "if we can afford it why not"

Peter Brown (author) on September 18, 2009:

ScubaCat and D-Master it sounds like you've got a couple great wives. Most wives I know of wouldn't care, but there are a handful of wives out there that are much more picky about it (as I'm sure you know).

There's certainly no need for men to be neutered by all this; I hope that point was made through the article. If she says she's cool with it but then gets upset after it's bought, well then that's a problem...

For me, that wasn't the case. In fact, my wife now wants her motorcycle license! Maybe that'll be my next article: How to convince your wife to get her own motorcycle license! D-Master, you got any pointers for that one?

D-Master on September 18, 2009:

I married a woman that loves motorcycles as much as I do. She has her motorcycle.

ScubaCat on September 18, 2009:

Or you can just do what I did, go out and buy one. Men need to grow some balls. I paid cash for mine from money I made from some stock and bought it. I had mentioned months earlier just in random conversation I wanted one and she said if the money was there she didn't care, so I did.

I tell her and I get "I wish you would have told me so we could discuss it". I told we if, 2 months ago when you said you didn't care. Women...

It's a common wife/GF ploy...if they think the husband or BF isn't serious or will just forget about it, they will go along with it to keep them happy and make them think they still wear the pants, if you actually follow through, they get all upset and "hurt".

My dad once told me "It's easier to get forgiveness than permission." Live by those words or be prepared to sit down to pee your whole life.

Peter Brown (author) on September 11, 2009:

Nick, thanks for putting your 2 cents in. I commented on your hub as well.

Good luck with the whole I'm-going-to-just-buy-it-regardless approach. I really do hope it works for you. I suppose it's all the same destination even if you take a different path.

Nick B from Normandy, France on September 10, 2009:

I notice from the text "...Show her the safety equipment you purchased..."

I don't know about your wife, but mine would have spotted things like that way before I approached her about purchasing a bike.

It's a bit difficult to explain the helmet away with no bike isn't it?

I already have the jacket - had it for years, but there are gloves too and although they are easier to hide than the helmet, they would only remain hidden for so long.

I preferred RoadRash - just go and buy it.

I haven't done that, but I have told her that it's imminent. This way she gets used to the idea. Plus the idea of a plastic pig isn't appealing, so telling her I am buying a Honda 1100 Shadow, makes her feel safer because I'm not likely to be haring round at a ton forty.

I can just show her my hub If that doesn't convince her that I've thought about this very carefully, I don't know what will!

Peter Brown (author) on July 31, 2009:

That's the next option, isn't it roadrash? Just get out there and buy it- I like it!

Roadrash on July 30, 2009:

Or be an Obamatard

Roadrash on July 30, 2009:

Be a man. Just f@#$%&g buy it!

Peter Brown (author) on June 03, 2009:

haha good stuff Eaglekiwi. Let us know how it turns out...!

Eaglekiwi from New Zealand on June 01, 2009:

ha like ya sense of humor and yep thats what im thinkin forewarned is shoot forgot the rest ,but yu know what I mean lol.

Peter Brown (author) on June 01, 2009:

Maybe you could buy a house with a Harley in the garage?

Don't show your husband this article! He might get some ideas on how to convince you. Well at least you'll know his arguments in advance :)

Eaglekiwi from New Zealand on June 01, 2009:

Ohhh nooo , this is definitely a hub for my hubby. I haven't said a straight-out No but you must have read my mind lol. Im kinda more 50/50 on the subject though . He wants a Harley and I want a house ,maybe we can compromise along the way lol thanks for sharing

Peter Brown (author) on May 25, 2009:

Ohh now that's a good way MangoGirl. I guess it's a good idea to start saving money early!

MangoGirl on May 24, 2009:

If I may add one more way...

Offer her to buy her one too. :)

Peter Brown (author) on May 20, 2009:

Good insight, got1, you're probably right. There might just be deeper problems there.

So what kinda bike you got? And do you have any tips for how you got yours that might help other readers? I'm all ears.

got 1 on May 20, 2009:

Good advice, but if your wife, or husband won't let you get a bike, then you got problems much bigger than wanting a bike. My wife hates motorcycles, but she'll still ride with me because she likes me being happy.

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