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Top 7 Expensive Cars in the World


The global car market is known to be quite high, but with all those cars being produced every year, it can be difficult to judge which ones are worth a lot of money. There are so many expensive cars out there that it's hard to pick one. So let's find out how much some of these cars cost.

7. The Rolls Royce Enclave D2 – $1,874,000


With amazing acceleration and great driving pleasure, it is likely the best car in its class to offer a high level of driving experience. As for materials, this car comes with a carbon fiber roof and extremely sophisticated wheels that provide maximum traction. While it does not seem like it costs much, the original enclave model came equipped with only two seats. However, since 1996, several revisions and upgrades allowed the users to add up to eight seats and up to 16 inches of additional space to customize the car a bit more. To finish off, there is a cargo capacity of 2,930 cubic feet of cargo space.

6. The Ferrari 330 Spider – $1,924,000


One of the most sought-after cars of the past, its history goes back to 1971. Since then, the famous Italian carmaker built a lot of other models to enhance the taste of modern Ferraris. That said, this is definitely among the most valuable cars to be seen in the world. The model has six cylinders with a powerful engine capable of producing around 500 hp. Just like the previous version, there is also a convertible variant, which offers a huge 1.9-liter turbocharged petrol engine that produces nearly 700 bhp of power and 550 lb-ft g-m. That said, this bike is incredibly light in weight and produces a pleasant drive quality. Overall, the 350 PS version of the same car holds a relatively low production rate, meaning that we can expect several years before the current model will be released again. It has remained in service for over 90 years now, and the company hopes to return with various modifications.

5. The Mercedes-Benz AMG GLS 450 - $1,995,000


It is considered by many as ones of the most luxurious and top-of-the-line vehicles. It had its first outing in 1999 after becoming the second generation of the legendary McLaren F1 race car. From then on until 2014, this car was also used for racing and competition. Despite having been around for such a long time, its design has retained a certain appeal that makes it more appealing than ever. It has an ultra-high roof and very large windows for extra comfort. Its interior also features 12 seats in total. Mercedes offers 4 different variants of the van, starting from $1,995,000. One of the models includes an engine capable of producing 3.5 liters of power.

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4. The Porsche 911 Turbo S Coupé – $3,967,000


The prestigious sports car maker has created several exclusive versions of their classic sports car, including the 993 993 Turbo. This particular model has received several changes for better performance and convenience. Another standout feature of this car is its impressive aerodynamic technology. For this reason, Porsche engineers have created another model, the “Corsa Turbo” at a staggering price of $3,967,000. This vehicle has an aluminum body and even boasts a full cockpit that allows the driver to enjoy a comfortable driving. It comes fitted with seven airbags and many safety features to make your journey even safer.

3. The Range Rover Sport 8.4 L V8 Sedan – $4,868,000


Another super luxury vehicle, this car has received a few design changes. A large number of seats is incorporated into the cabin, while one of the models has a 6.2-liter twin-turbocharged diesel engine. Both the new and old models share excellent equipment. Other standard features include numerous safety features and a very stable ride. At the heart of this car is its 6-liter V-8 engine that produces 5.4 liters of power and 707 horsepower. As for fuel consumption and emissions, it stands at approximately 25 miles per gallon (mpg) and 34 mpg.

2. The Bentley Continental GT – $5,700,000


Another expensive car that was once solely available to royalty and rich people, Bentley has created another top-of-the-line version of their iconic car so that they can enjoy their day in and day out without any worry or discomfort. They provide a comfortable driving experience with excellent equipment and advanced features. Compared to other cars, it seems like Bentley’s Continental GT is a little bit safer and more fun to drive. With its enormous tires, it feels like a dream to drive and has plenty of room and potential to get away whenever you want. When it comes to the interior of the car, one could say that this car will never go out of style. Bentley has designed the dashboard with a premium approach, and the chairs are a part of an incredible, almost futuristic atmosphere. Moreover, despite being one of the highest-priced Bentley cars, it still makes a decent amount of horsepower.

1. The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – $6,000,000


With an astonishing combination of speed and power, the electric sports car brings in a fair amount of excitement and a unique driving experience. At the moment, the flagship model of the brand, the Veyron can produce over 600 hp, which is enough for the car to last quite a long distance. An incredible car that can easily reach 60 mph, its 6.3-liter quad-turbo V12 engine delivers outstanding performance, along with lots of powerful brakes. If you want to go faster, you need to use less gas. And with the addition of active aerodynamic downpours, the overall look of the car looks pretty good. Aside from that, there is no other component that adds value to this car. Plus, it is expected to remain top of the list in terms of sales and luxury.

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