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Top 10 Awesome Concept Cars

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Concept cars are prototypes with new and fresh designs equipped with some unusual technical features that are very different from any conventional autos. Such prototypes are usually displayed at motor shows.

In 1938, the World's first concept or prototype car was produced by a division of General Motors. The car was officially named " Buick Y-Job" , which was designed by Harley J. Earl and featured some hi-tech features of that era.

Nowaday designers are coming up with their innovative concepts and ideas of efficient, family-friendly and eco-conscious sedans.

The Jaguar 2040

This concept is specially designed for the year 2040 when major cities will be overpopulated and contaminated. In order to cope this major problem, The Jaguar 2040 will offer a luxury and eco-friendly ride to the city commuters. The car is equipped with nano materials, nano computers and even nano solar cells. Some other magnificent features include: automatic alteration of vehicles appearance, ability to turn powers into electro magnetic thrust and becomes a piece of sculpture when not in use.

This smart and intelligent L-shaped car bears a very sleek design which gives it a futuristic look.


Aerodynamic Futuristic Car

This aerodynamic fituristic car is designed by Muhammad Imran, and incorportaes great features to make it an efficient vehicle. Based on eco-friendly concept, Imaran's futuristic sedan is compressed natural gas (CNG) powered and also contains a very spacious interior for  a smooth and comfortable journey.


Peugeot Velocite

Juan Carlos Noguera's "Puegot Velocite" is an awesome looking three-wheeler that was originally designed for the 2008 Puegot design competition. Velocite is an electric vehicle powered by a low-resistance electric motor situated inside the rear orbital wheel. This emission free stylish car will surely rule the road.



Italian car designer Liviu Tudoran's "iMove" concept car is a smart and intelligent auto designed for the year 2020. iMove is inspired by Apple products and includes some breakthrough technology which make it an efficient hybrid car.

 The smart intelligent car features a touch screen interface, Apple's mouse shaped roof which makes it more loyal to Apple, and photochromic material covered exterior allowing the users to change iMove's appearance. 


The Element concept car

Designer Liviu Tudoran's "Element" is an eco-friendly transparent car featuring some ultra-modern concepts which make it very unique and special. The emission-free Element is electric motor powered and it can be controlled via a LED touchscreen. Apart from these futuristic features the car also offers a comfortable and pleasant ride.


The Eos

Marco Aurelio Galan's Eos concept car is inspired from Greek mythology and designed to deliver a high-performance emission free ride. The speciality of the Eos is that it is powered by a zic-air-battery.  With a maximum speed of 100kmph, the Eos employs the most efficient and hi-tech technology to offer a pleasant and safe ride.

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The Honda Air

The design of "The Honda Air " concept car is inspired from roller coaster and sky diving wing suits. This concept car from Honda was an entry for the LA Auto Show's Design Challenge competition, 2010.

 The car is designed to be a fuel efficient and evrionment-friendly. This lightweight hub-less four wheeler consists of fairings in its body made from vegetables, which makes it greener for a high performance drive.


The Lamborghini Minotauro

Andrei Avarvarii's "The Lamborghini Minotauro" is a super efficient luxurious concept sedan, which is designed for the year 2020. The auto has four asynchronous motors to divide the power between the front and rear wheels. This futuristic electric sedan derives power from Li-Tac flatcell battery in the rear. The Lamborghini Minotauro is an extremely superfast car.

The Nissan Yuki-onna

Spanish designer Alfredo Marin Garcia's "The Nissan Yuki-onna" concept car's design is inspired by the figure of woman in the snow. The aesthetically designed car features carbon fibre chasis which makes it greener. Its four-wheel electric system delivers a smooth and efficient emission-free ride.

The BMW Chariot Roadster

Designer Mathe Barta's BMW Chariot Roadster is another concept vehicle that is inspired from the ancient Greek's chariot. The auto is virtually divided into different parts. Its front represents the horses, while the rear represents the chariot itself. Although the designer has not provided any technical specification, but BMW Chariot Roadster is definitely the right car for the car enthusiasts.

That's all my dear friends. Hope you will like the compilation of some interesting cars, for which I am waiting for the day when these cars become reality.


car-leasing on March 22, 2012:

Is it me or do a lot of futuristic concept cars look like tadpoles? like the Peugeot Velocite.

I really like the look of that BMW Chariot though.

wicker on June 03, 2011:

Good one, nice work. Hope to se more soon :)

dwicklund from Chicago on February 16, 2011:

That Eos is one strange vehicle

manhan (author) from Hungary (Budapest) on January 27, 2011:

Thanks Hugh for the comment. Hope one of them will go under production in the near future.

Hugh Williamson from Northeast USA on January 27, 2011:

Good Hub - most of these are new to me. It will be fun to see which of these innovations will make it to production.

manhan (author) from Hungary (Budapest) on January 23, 2011:

Thanks stephhicks68 for your comment. Hope you liked my hub.

Stephanie Marshall from Bend, Oregon on January 23, 2011:

Cool looking cars! Great photos and explanations

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