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Top 10 Car Accessories of 2022 That One Can Use for Years to Come

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Hi, I am Jhon and I love to write articles. This article is all about Car Accessories.

The year 2022 has given the auto industry some of the finest and technology-driven car accessories that have amplified the comfort, style quotient, and overall aesthetics of a car tenfold. In fact, the corona virus-affected year gave birth to many new car accessories to help car riders maintain their cars in the parking, and take them out for a weekend vacation like never before. In such unprecedented times, AutoFurnish, have brought practical and most useful car accessories that can be a very effective addition to car lovers in years to come.

So, let’s take a look at the top 10 car accessories of 2022 that are practical, comforting, and can enhance your car driving experience tenfold.

During the tough times, AutoFurnish brought an incredibly powerful yet portable car tire inflator to inflate car tires without taking them to the nearest auto service station or gas pump station. During the lockdown period, the accessory became a boon for many to inflate cars, bikes, cycles, and balls effectively and efficiently.

The year has given us some of the best and brightest car lights. Be it car floodlights, trunk lights, reflector lights, headlights, car tail lights, or DRL lights, there has been a lot of innovation in every segment this year. AutoFurnish unveiled a whole new lineup of car lights, including premium Xenon, HID headlights, imported tail lights, and many more that have amplified the car styling quotient. Also, these car lights are highly durable and efficient during low visibility on roads.

The situation in the last couple of years has changed a lot. Taking care of pets and taking them along has become a mandate for every pet lover. However, every pet lover was in dilemma how to take their pets with them comfortably without making car seats dirty. After all, one can’t afford to neglect pet’s health as well. It deserves to have the safest sleeping while going in a car. Dog seat cover with a hammock that is waterproof and lets your dog sit and sleep inside. It’s a sturdy, durable, and super comfortable pet accessory of 2022.

It has become an essential car gadget that everyone wants to use, be it a vlogger, daily commuter, or taxi driver. It gives legal evidence of any mishap or accident that may occur on the road while driving. Along with that, one can easily make a video of a long drive with friends and family without getting distracted. Hence, dashcams have become very popular this year and are going to rule in coming years.

Since pollution has become a big concern in India, especially metropolitan cities like Delhi, a car air purifier is the most sought-after car interior accessory that everyone wants nowadays. It easily purifies the air in the cabin and vanishes pollutants and bacteria. On top of that, it offers a soothing freshness inside to calm the senses. So, it is one of the most sought-after car accessories that everyone wants in their car.

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Although modern cars are now equipped with technology-driven and trendy accessories but not all of them. If your car is loaded with infotainment features then it’s important to have a car mobile holder as an essential gadget for you. This car interior accessory has become a big rage among car lovers. In fact, it’s one of the leading car accessories in 2022. It has amplified the comfort and aesthetics of driving your beloved car like never before.

Cleaning a car is a big hustle. In case your car cleaning guy doesn’t turn up any day it’s difficult to clean your car without having a technology-driven cleaning accessory. A car vacuum cleaner is one such technology-driven and trendy car accessory that offers instant cleaning of your car’s cabin without making much effort. One can easily clean every nook and corner of a car effectively.

The year 2022 has brought a fresh line-up of electric cars that are quite effective and comfortable. One doesn’t need to hit gas stations to charge them. They come up with a portable charging supply right inside the car. If you are riding an electric vehicle then get a Level 2 AC charger that is compatible with almost every electric car and offers faster charging than Level 1 chargers.

Driving a car is always enjoyable. However, with so many technology-driven and automatic features, there’s always a danger to get stuck inside a car. In such a scenario, one must have life-saving tools that are launched in 2022 for car owners. These tools will help you to escape from your car easily without putting your life at risk. There are many life-saving tools, including seal-belt cutter, window-breaking tool, etc.

Due to the rising number of accidents on Indian roads, it’s really important to have a first-aid box for instant treatment before the ambulance arrives. In fact, you can buy a first-aid box separately and stuff it with some advanced medical equipment and medicines to make your car journey safe and sound.

Along with that, there has been a rise in car cleaning accessories especially during the lockdown period. Many cars were parked in the parking area and people had to clean them on a daily basis in the absence of domestic help.


So, these are the best and most sought-after car accessories in 2022 that will still be relevant for years to come.

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