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Tips for Riding Motorbikes for Girls and Women

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Most men and I will say girls as well do not usually associate females riding motorcycles. except as a sexual showpiece to help in marketing the bike and its brand or as a companion to macho men thundering away on powerful bikes. The image of the woman as an appendage to man fascinates the public fed on a diet of movies like ‘Mad Max' and its series. These movies have been hits at the box office yet there is the other side of the coin. There are movies of girls and motorcycles though they have an erotic tint. One of the most erotic cult movies with Marianne Faithfull as the heroine in the movie girl on a motorcycle that hit the screens nearly 5 decades back. This can be classified as a cult movie and in the movie, the heroine is gifted a powerful bike by her husband and she ends up using the bike to go from Germany to France to meet and have sex with her lover, played by Alain Delon.

This movie had one good effect as it took away the taboo of women riding bikes.

popular perception

popular perception

Important steps

Having accepted the first axiom that women can match men and ride motorcycles, it is a good point to try and help out a lady who wishes to enjoy the thrill of riding a motorbike. The primary or shall I say the first step is choosing a motorbike. There are so many factors that come into play here and the biggest of them is the price of the bike. A good powerful bike can cost you as much as a small car or even more. I must however state that I will recommend a larger and more powerful bike than the small ones which are moving around on the road. The reason is very simple as the larger a bike the more stable it will be on the highway. My suggestion is to select a bike of at least 500 cc capacity or more starting with the Royal Enfield. I will also recommend buying a four-stroke engine because when a bike distributes power in the fourth stroke it invariably has a smoother drive.

Another very important consideration is the type of bike to select with a Kickstarter option or a self-starter option. I will recommend to a girl to buy a bike that has a self-starter option as it will obviate the necessity of having to kick it to start the bike. Most modern large bikes come with the option of yourself start but you will have to ensure that the battery of these bikes remains at a high level of functioning because without it will not start.

Another point is to make sure that a girl or a woman knows how to ride a bicycle for the simple reason that if you have been riding a two-wheeled bicycle it will give you the necessary confidence to ride a motorcycle. The centripetal and centrifugal forces that come into play while riding a bicycle are also applicable to motorcycles.

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The third step in this tutorial is that the girl must now study the bike and examine all the accouterments of the bike like gear shifts, the brakes, clutch cable, headlights, and indicator lights.

Now I come to a very important aspect of riding a bike and one cannot get away from it. A girl will have to practice how to lift a bike while it is falling on the site most of the bikes weigh almost 500 KGS and it requires a special technique to lift it up. There is a possibility that no one will be around to help you. In that case, you’ll have to learn how to lift the bike up. The clue is to lift it slowly from the side, resting it against your thigh and using the side stand. A bigger bike can only be lifted by using both arms and you back.

Now I come to a very important part and that is the dress and gear you must wear while riding a very heavy bike like say the Harley Davidson or the Yamaha. You will need riding boots, skin gloves, and additionally a full riding suit that zips up to the chin. It is better to wear a leather suit because it will be long-lasting and give you sufficient protection against wind and weather. Just for information Marian Faithful in the ‘girl on a motorcycle’ wears a riding suit with nothing underneath, but that is not a requirement.

A woman rider like any other rider must be protected by wearing a helmet. This must be of the highest quality as per International standards as well as a visor. It must fit snugly on the head. One must bear in mind that the most sensitive part of your body the brain must be protected. A woman will also have to ensure data here are so adjusted that they do not hinder the wearing of the helmet.



Last word

Once you have kitted yourself and are in the proper frame of mind you can begin riding the motorbike. The riding procedure is pretty simple. Sit on the bike and make it vertical if it is on the side stand and with your leg push the side stand back to its position. Press the self-start button on the bike and the machine will roar to life. Engage the gear lever in conjunction with the clutch which will be on the handlebar and release the clutch slowly and you will find that the machine will begin to move forward.

As the bike moves forward, do not accelerate immediately till you get the feel of the bike Don't get anxious, and keep inside the permissible speed limits. Follow all road signs and signals and ne'er tax the machine.

There is no doubt that motorbike riding is a macho sport but there are many girls now riding motorbikes and one of the topmost riders in India was Veenu Paliwal who was the brand ambassador of Harley Davidson. She, unfortunately, expired in a motorbike accident while she was driving the bike from Kashmir to Cape Comorin, a distance of 5000 km. This news should not act as a damper, as accidents can happen anywhere but the best thing is never to tax your machine and never overdo anything.

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