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The Part Where You Can Win Yourself

Hello . Here i will write my opinion about sitoation that are happend to me.You can send me yours with text or comment on my article.Enjoy

There are different kinds of family, it doesn't always have to be those who brought you to this world or your brother or your sister.

There are families who are so obsessed with perfection that each of your checks sends it, and if it is not according to their criticisms, they are judging you right away.
There are families in which however perfect you are sometimes not enough for them.
There are families in which you will not be welcome from birth and will never wish you.
You'll always feel rejected.
All of this leads to trauma and domicile.
Now we're going to talk about your mind
Whenever you are in situations that you are aware that your family will not like, you try so hard to satisfy them that you sinking more.
The most important thing is to have a clear mind, a firm attitude to distinguish between what is good and what is bad for you.
You don't always have to satisfy their expectations.but you always have to satisfy yours.
Be prepared for disappointment but never give up
Only your mind is the limit. Be aware of your actions whether they are good first-time to you not to your family.
Always think about the consequences that will affect you primarily after the family
Hang out with people who spread positives, want to see your progress, want to see you happy and fulfilled primarily.
Your mind in different situations may lead you to wonder if you are strong enough and brave enough to rinse on the finished
Never doubt you, only you may be enemies yourself, everyone else cannot reach you enough as your own thoughts.

Mind is the hardest thing, if you overcome it you are the winner.

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