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The Need for Electric Vehicles Should Be Abundant in the Future

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This article is based on the rising prices of petrol and diesel. But what is the solution? Read this article.


Alternate Solution For Petrol Price

Rising petrol and diesel prices in India have made life very difficult for the common man. For the last few years, citizens have been getting the option of CNG, LPG and now electric vehicles, but it is equally true that the market for electric vehicles will not develop unless charging stations for these vehicles are set up in large numbers and everywhere.

Citizens are worried about the hike in petrol and diesel prices and do not think their rates will be curtailed. That is why Union Minister of India Nitin Gadkari appealed to consider alternative fuel vehicles. The government is focusing on CNG and now the electric vehicle sector. Citizens are also beginning to realize its importance and people are increasingly turning to these vehicles. Citizens are considering other options in view of the huge increase in fuel prices and the growing queue of CNG vehicles.

In the budget for the second term of the Narendra Modi government, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had announced that she would promote electric vehicles. The government is trying to provide reasonable e-vehicles to make more electric vehicles run in India. At the same time, attention is being paid to the development of the transport sector. In fact, due to rising pollution, the policy commission had called on motor companies to pay more attention to electric vehicles.

The presentation of future plans was also indicated in the context of the cause. While the current government's incentives are commendable, the challenges along the way are just as great. The Modi government in its first term focused on electric vehicles, but it did not succeed as expected. Therefore, there is a need to expand the market for electric vehicles by improving it. Sales of electric vehicles can be accelerated if electric vehicles are charged. If the government pays more attention, the rush of electric vehicles may increase and the market may accelerate further.

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To Increase Charging Station

At present petrol-diesel and CNG pumps can be seen at short intervals along the road. Accordingly, the charging station must also be in the vehicle owner phase. The pair also need to increase the mileage of a charging. Because, if the motor runs up to a maximum of 170 kms, then the scooter can go up to 50 kms and cannot run on alternative fuels. Just as there is a facility to run on petrol after running out of LPG or CNG, the facility does not appear in an electric vehicle.

The most important question is that not every place has a fast charger. So it takes two to thirty hours for a motor to be fully charged. If there are five motors at a charging station, the last motor number may apply the next day. The capacity of electric vehicles also appears to be low. At the same time, the top speed of these vehicles is also low and the company needs to pay attention to this.

Another problem is that the resale value of these vehicles is very low. However, according to experts, sales of electric vehicles are expected to increase in the near future. The life of a car is also about 6 to 7 years, but even after overcharging it, the battery life is reduced. At present the speed of e-bike is 25 km per hour. At the same time, the number of trains traveling at 40 kmph is very low. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. It does not cause pollution due to these vehicles. Squeaky noise also has an adverse effect on health. Electric vehicles keep you away from noise.


The Prices Of Electric Vehicles Should Be Reduced

The electric vehicle has a battery so there is no noise disturbance while driving. Electric vehicles are useful for traveling in local areas. It is also a great option for women and youth. A few days ago, a fast charging station was set up in Mumbai. There stations are charged 24 hours a day. The station has a total of 21 charging points with four DC fasts. Its capacity is 15 to 50 KV. Other units are 4 to 8 KV. Thus a four wheeler is fully charged in 45 minutes. The station is powered by solar energy and generates 40 KV electricity.

The number of such stations needs to be increased. Recently, it was decided to reduce the price of electric scooters in Gujarat. Vehicle manufacturers said that the decision to reduce the price of vehicles was taken due to the contribution received by consumers and the new policy of the Gujarat government. The company has reduced the price of electric scooters in Gujarat from Rs 5,000 to Rs 40,000. Gujarat-based Okinawa currently has 7,000 customers. The company aims to triple the number of customers by 2022. Recently, electric vehicles are being provided to government officials, as well as charging points are being set up in the office, but more preparations are needed.

Kolkata-based KSL's Clintech Ltd has spent Rs 300 crore on electric vehicles in the Indian market and has introduced ten types of vehicles in the last two years. People were fascinated by these vehicles. In addition, some companies are entering the market for new electric vehicles. Currently, human life in the metropolis is 55 to 60 years. Therefore, emphasis will have to be placed on less polluted devices to reduce pollution and reduce respiratory disorders.

Investment, on the other hand, will not increase unless the number of customers increases and until then companies will not be attracted either. The customer will not buy a product unless he is completely satisfied with it. Given the growing population and pollution, giving priority to it can be a good step for the government. As the number of charging stations increases, so will the popularity of electric vehicles. We are moving towards the digital age and expect new changes and progress.

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