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The Largest Dump Truck in the World: CAT 797F

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Used in large mining operations, the Caterpillar 797F, is the mother of all monster trucks. In production since 2008, the truck requires a ladder for the driver to climb to reach the cab. It can carry 400 tons.

The engine, itself is a wonder of the world, a 20 cylinder diesel capable of creating 4000 hp using four turbochargers. It has a seven speed tranny. Each 797 wheel is attached to the axle using 47 nuts, the tire is a mere 13 ft. tall weighing 11000 lbs! There are six tires and each one costs $43,000. Well, at least they are Michelin! One 797 requires 12 to 13 semi-trailer truck loads that originate at various manufacturing facilities and deliver to the customer site for final assembly. If the truck needs to be used at a different location, it must be taken apart and transported.

When all the parts are at the site, the dump section requires 7-10 days for welders to attach the dump bed to the chassis. It also takes seven mechanics working three shifts for 20 days to fully assemble the beast.

The truck has a top speed of 42 mph and a fill up requires 2000 gallons. The dimensions for the truck are: 49 ft long x 24 ft. high. Each tire width is 31 ft. Each truck sells for $5 million dollars.

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