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The Classic VW Camper-The Best Loved Campervan

Classic VW Samba Bus

Classic VW Samba Bus

VW Camper

The VW (Volkswagon) Campervan was a must have vehicle for travellers, campers and hippies in the 1960's and 70's.The VW Camper has recently celebrated it's 60th anniversary of production, and even if you have only owned this cool transporter for a short while you will appreciate the love affair the VW fanatics have with this wonderful iconic van.

This great van has passionately been known by many names, from Kombi to Hippy van to The Love Machine and has always caught the eye of life's rebels. The original campers can still be bought today and can attract some huge prices.

Classic Beginings

The vw's presences is still graced today around the shores with a surfboard on it's roof rack or heading to the music festival, and many people still regard the VW as the coolest way to travel and stay.

It was Ben Pon , the Dutch Volkswagon importer who brought the first design in 1947, after he saw the usefulness of the flat bed truck as it ferried parts around the VW Wolfsburg car plant in Germany.

 The very first panel vans were constructed in 1950  withe the engines and axles taken directly from another famous and iconic vehicle , the VW Beetle. In its early life the van  found its uses as fire engines, ambulances and even milk floats.But it was not long before someone thought up the grand idea of adding living accommodation.

Samba Bus

In 1951, the legendary VW Samba Bus was introduced to the market and was originally designed as a people carrier for touring The Alps.

 The camper conversion design was built by a German sub-contractor Westafalia who fitted it out with all the present day mod-cons.

The compact design soon caught on and it wasn't long before they were exported throughout Europe.

The first VW campers were fondly known as Splitties,this was because of the split-screen front window design. This was replaced in 1967 with the T2 model which was constructed with a bay window style windscreen.The WV camper has never really been through much change and its fans have never really wanted any change, they love it just the way it is.

VW Today

The T4 and T5 Models are still very popular today with all campervan enthusiasts  and all the VW  vans can command high prices, but once you are up and running it can be a great way to enjoy your staycation. 

Perhaps the way forward could be the way back for VW.Could they be planning to making a new version of the classic VW campervan?

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mpcrabtree on September 30, 2020:

I grew up with this in the family. It was our daily vehicle and holiday fun. Travelled thousands of miles on holidays around Scotland, Wales and England. It was the Devon conversion. Dad spent many hours fixing the thing, but regret that it was let go.

thedutchman on March 21, 2011:

This is cool. I wanted to have one also.

youngdubliner from Dublin, Ireland on March 20, 2011:

really wanted to have a van like this. timeless

ronaldoh (author) from England on March 20, 2011:

Thanks for looking in!

UltimateMovieRankings from Virginia on March 20, 2011:

Very interesting hub....the new version should be interesting to see...voted up

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