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The Best Cars of the World

The Best Car of the World


The first modern car was invented by Karl Benz in Germany, and it was powered by a gasoline Otto engine, and that was in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-five AD, and Karl Benz registered his patent on the twenty-ninth of January in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-six in Germany in Mannheim , and although he is credited with inventing this car, there were attempts to build cars in the same period by many engineers, where Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach patented the first motorcycle, and in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy the German inventor gathered Austrian (Sigfried Markus) a wheelbarrow with a motor, but it did not pass the experimental stage.


The date of the launch of the Volkswagen ID Aero 2024 in the market:

Volkswagen never stops looking to the future and has officially unveiled the new ID Aero 2024, which is still to this day in the category of test cars. Previously, it revealed the ID.4, which later turned into a production version of the SUV, and also revealed the ID Buzz, which is a family minivan.

Volkswagen ID Aero 2024

The car is classified as a family sedan with a large and spacious size, and its size is approximately the same as the new generation of the Passat car. The future outlook of Volkswagen aims to introduce this car with an all-electric engine with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.


Car Market Date:

Reports indicate that Volkswagen will put this car on the market starting in 2024. Which means that Volkswagen will convert the car into a production version at the beginning of next year 2023 and launch it and start the shopping process to start putting the car on the market during the last quarter of this year.


  • The car has a front end similar to vehicles that combine testing and productivity. Which means if Volkswagen decided to convert this car into a car sold in the market soon, it would leave it with the same design.
  • The car does not have a top grille, but there is a large ventilation hole at the bottom of the front bumper that contains black spindle bars.
  • The headlights come in a small rectangular design and are connected together by a small black grille frame.
  • There are fog lights at the bottom of the two ends of the front bumper that contain three LED bulbs in each with curved corners at both ends of the bumper to give you a sporty identity.
  • The hood also came with several lines and curves, and the front of the hood was elegantly curved up to the front grille.
  • On both sides of the car there are extended parts of the headlights and even the rear diffusers and other parts of the front tires and even the rear tires.
  • The side mirrors have a traditional design, but they come in black, and the door handles are integrated into the body of the car, neither white LED lights nor the 22-inch sports tires appear from them.
  • The roof of the car, as well as the side beams, come in black, which is a different color from the rest of the car body, making it look sporty.
  • Moving to the rear success, you will see that the roof is curved and clipped directly with the trunk to resemble a coupe.
  • Thus, this car combines the design of the traditional four-door sedan with the rear body of the coupe, and we can call it a fastback.
  • The rear spoilers are of a wide design, containing a group of LED beams, and the two wheels are connected together at both ends.
  • There is also a rear spoiler integrated in the trunk of a small size.
  • And at the bottom of the rear bumper there are fog lights that are small in size and do not contain any fuel source, and this is normal.

Engine Specifications

This car is supposed to be able to travel 442 km on a single charge.

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Volkswagen Aero 2024 Prices

The car will be put on the market in three categories, most likely, and this is what we saw in the various versions that came under the name ID, and their prices will be as follows:

  • Standard category at a price of 35,000 dollars.
  • Pro category at a price of 42,000 dollars.
  • Pro S category at a price of 47,000 dollars.

New Aero ID competitors

The car's design is somewhat compact, and it is a large luxury sedan and its closest competitor.

Tesla Model 3.

  • This car is considered the cheapest among the Tesla models and its goal is to achieve great sales.
  • This car comes with two electric motors that produce 241 horsepower and 298 pound-feet of torque.
  • This car will be able to travel 509 km on a single charge.

Hyundai Ioniq 6.

  • A new car produced by Hyundai and will be put on the market for the first time also in 2024.
  • Hyundai has revealed a number of versions of the electric IONIQ, and this model comes with a large sedan, the engine is 320 hp.


Polestar 2.

  • This car was revealed for the first time in 2021 and also comes in a fully electric version.
  • The car comes with 21-inch sports tires, the electric motor comes with a power of 231 hp and the battery is 75.0 kW.

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