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The 10 Most Beautiful Cars of the Century : Interesting Automotive Engineering


Audi R8

Trust Audi to make a supercar that looks so understandably gorgeous that even Iron Man would find it irresistible. It doesn't have the flash of say,a Lambo, and it will never look so good in lime green but behind the wheel of this 414 bhp sex machine, you wont care.


Alfa 8C Competizione

This isn't a car, its the best compilation of all things Alfa Romeo. That bulged bonnet,tapering down to the sexy classic Alfa logo, that carbon-fibre body stronger than steel. Pity they only made and sold 500 of them


Jaguar D-Type

The D- looked like it was born to race and the truth is that it was. A factory produced race car this jag burned brief and bright, produced only between 1954-57. The D is an aerodynamic beauty, looking like a shark ready to eat the competition. And at Le Mans, it did.


Mazda Furai

Now this is the sort of car that could send the Batmobile crying from the room. The Furai doesn't have lines so much as it does a mesh of serpentine, sexy, curves. If somebody took a photograph of speed, this, we reckon, is what it would look like.


Fiat 500

Damn those Italians, you can't leave them alone for a single second. Tell them to design a simple hatchback, and they manage to turn that into a work of art too. Which explains the so-cute-almost-cuddly Cinqueento. Even the name is gorgeous.Damn


Ariel Atom

Hello, retro chic. The Atom's just a different kind of beauty. So secure and focused on its 600 bhp/tonne performance that there isn't an ounce of fat or body-work on it.


Ford GT40

Simply astonishing. The 550 bhp 5.4 litre V8 engiine adds to this American Beauty. Designed to race.


Aston Martin DB9

How sexy is this car? The Aston Martin DB9 is probably Ian Callum's best take on the Aston's whole range, perfectly masculine and looking fast without fast aggressive. If the DB9-based DBS is James Bond on full attack, this is goin to Buckingham Palace to meet the queen.


Lamborghini Murcielago

There's nothing subtle about this steel-toed boot in the knee posing as a car; nothing subtle about this fantastic silhouette, about bat-wing air intakes that pop out of the sides, are about its scissor doors. This is the eye grabber, in full lurid color.


Ferrari F430

If the Lambo is supercar heaven, then Ferrari, we would think, is God. And when it's a rossa corsa F430, with a 4.3 litre v8 engine that gives you 483 bhp. Its Gods idea of a day at the racetrack. While Enzo's grandchild isn't classifically beautiful, its distinctive in a way that screams supercar and it does in the way only Ferrari can.


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