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Texan Wire Wheels: Why They’re Popular And How To Maintain Your Investment


Texan Wire Wheels are wheels on cars or trucks that include wire spokes. These spokes work to connect the wheel to the hub and help the rims maintain their signature circular shape. Texan Wire Wheels are typically made of chrome metal or magnesium but can be made of other materials.

These wheels are largely used as status symbols among residents across the United States. They became popular on automobiles in the 1960s and are perhaps just as popular today as they were then. Drivers who wanted to dress up their vehicles in the 1960s did so by removing the manufacturer’s wheels from their vehicles and installing a set of Texan Wire Wheels. They could then roll through their neighborhoods showing off their wire wheels to anyone who wanted to take a look.

History Of Texan Wire Wheels

Texan Wire Wheels are descendents of the wheels of bicycles or motorcycles. These wheels were created to assist with early-wheeled transportation to haul things from one point to another. The wire wheels could be used to haul bags of rice and other crops from the fields to larger wagons or to the local markets.

An engineer named George Cayley invented the wire wheel in the early 1800s. Cayley wanted a wheel that would support heavy loads and yet keep the rim and tire perfectly round. He learned that placing a series of metal spokes inside the wheel allowed him to keep the tire perfectly round at all times. He also discovered that using these metal spokes inside the wheel would properly connect the inner hub of the wheel to the rim. All the while, the spokes are able to carry heavy loads without fear that the wheel would collapse.

Another inventor named James Starley was the one who first used these wire wheels on bicycles. Starley determined that the wire wheels that had been used to haul things could also be used to support the weight of people on two-wheeled traveling machines. When the wire wheels were first used on a bicycle, Starley had no idea that he was shaping the face of bicycles for generations.

The wire wheel is still used on bicycles and motorcycles today. Many children enjoy the wire spokes on wheels so much that they decorate their spokes with crepe paper, stickers and ribbons. Crepe paper and stickers can be woven in and out of the spokes on a young person’s bicycle to offer quite an illusionary decoration to a bicycle wheel that spins round and round.
Early automobile manufacturers also used variations on the wire wheel concept. They utilized several wire spokes on car wheels to maintain the circular shapes of the rims and tires. In the 1940s and 1950s many sports cars and racing cars were made with wire wheels for effect and decoration. By the 1960s, wire wheels made out of magnesium became popular. Drivers in the 1960s for the first time could purchase wire wheels, take the manufacturer’s wheels off their cars and insert the magnesium wire wheels onto the cars instead.

The popularity of wire wheels really started to take off in the 1960s. Because the sports cars of previous years utilized the wire wheels, by the time the mid 1960s rolled around, many teenagers and young adults wanted the wire wheels on their cars as a symbol of status. Wire wheels today are typically only issued on custom-built cars and as custom rims and wheels for vehicles.


What Makes Texan Wire Wheels Different

Texan Wire Wheels have a rather distinctive style and grace about them. Perhaps the most popular Texan Wire Wheels are the ‘83s and ‘84s 30-spoke Elbow Texan Wire Wheels. These wire wheels have 30 spokes and a steep elbow hub that hold the spokes in place.

Texan Wire Wheels have a steeper hub than other brands and types of wire wheels. The hubs in the centers of the Texan Wire Wheels come out away from the vehicles at a steep angle, drawing each spoke away from the vehicle itself in order to meet in the center of the wheel’s hub.

The style of a Texan Wire Wheel is completely Texan and is rich in tradition. Texan Wire Wheels are popular among two very different cultural groups. One such group is wealthy ranchers who purchase Texan Wire Wheels to show off their prized extravagant automobiles. These ranchers or “rancher wannabes” dress up their Cadillacs with wire wheels. Texan Wire Wheels are also extremely popular in urban communities across the country. Younger men in urban neighborhoods purchase wire wheels for their cars as a status symbol to show others that they have money and can afford such luxuries as Texan Wire Wheels.


Installing And Fitting Texan Wire Wheels

When you’ve finally made the decision to purchase a set of Texan Wire Wheels for your vehicle, installing them is fairly easy. With your vehicle in Park and your engine turned off, place a jack under the points on your car’s frame that allow you to lift it off the ground. It’s best if you lift one tire at a time while you install your wheels. Once your tire is off the ground, use the lug wrench that comes with your car (usually found in your trunk with the spare tire) and insert the lug wrench around each of your wheel’s lugs. Remove each lug from the wheel. Then remove the wheel from your car.

Put your first new Texan Wire Wheel on your car. Use a centering ring on the wheel, if one came with your wheel set. Bolt your lugs down on your wheel hub. Then turn on your car and shift it into Neutral. You should be able to turn the tire freely, and it shouldn’t brush up against the brake caliper. Then, tighten all your lug nuts and lower your wheel back to the ground.

Repeat these steps for each of the four wheels on your vehicle in order to install and fit your Texan Wire Wheels. Make sure all your lug nuts are tightened and that your wheels are securely attached. You are now ready to enjoy your Texan Wire Wheels, so take your vehicle for a test drive!


Caring For Texan Wire Wheels

Caring for Texan Wire Wheels is actually fairly simple. You can quickly and easily keep your wire wheels in sparkling condition. But you need to actually remember to check and clean them on a regular basis in order to maintain that shine.

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There are some very specific things you need to know about caring for wire wheels. For instance, don’t take your vehicle with Texan Wire Wheels to a car wash. The equipment and brushes many car washes utilize can damage the wheels by scratching and scraping them. Also, be sure not to use any harsh chemicals or wire bristles on your wheels. These items can also cause permanent damage to your prized possession.

When you care for your Texan Wire Wheels, the main thing to keep in mind is that you want to try to keep dirt and grime away from the wheels as often as possible. We all live busy lives, and caring for our wheels sometimes slips by the wayside. However, it’s important you keep your Texan Wire Wheels clean in order for them to maintain their shine. If dirt and grime stays on the wheels too long, the sun can bake the dirt right onto the surfaces of the wheels. The dirt you didn’t clean off then becomes a permanent fixture on your wheels.

Check your wheels each week or on alternating weeks for dirt. When you wash your car, be sure to also hand wash your wheels. Use a sponge and a mild cleanser to rub out any grime you see on your wheels. Use the sponge to clean all parts of the wheels, including the rims and spokes. Once you have eliminated all the dirt, spray the wheels down with clean water. Then dry the wheels with a clean, soft towel. If you make sure you have completely dried your wheels by hand, you can eliminate any water spots on them. You may also add a coating of a gentle waxing agent, if you wish, to protect your wheels from additional dirt.

If you are considering purchasing Texan Wire Wheels for your automobile, know that you will be joining a club of wire wheel owners who understand the value and status that these unique wheels offer. Once your vehicle is measured for wire wheels, it’s simply up to you as to which style of Texan Wire Wheels you purchase. Each style of wire wheel has the same basic principle with spokes connecting the hub and rim. But each style of wire wheel also has a different story. It’s your job to determine which wire wheel story you want your vehicle to tell when you’re rolling through your neighborhood.


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The history of the the rims (aka; 84s, swangas, elbows, spiders, wire wheels) are not based off of some farm transporting wagon you dumb ass- keyword: 84', meaning the year it was produced by Cadillac with the help of Cragar Wire Wheels who created the wheels for the 83' and 84' Cadillac El Dorado. From there they were used like crazy in Houston like the low rider scene in California. They were reproduced by a company in Cali, who makes the wheels now and EVERYBODY IN TEXAS ride swangs. They're iconic and the vogue tyres are an addition to compliment the rims, they go together like white on rice. Sooooo, get ya history stragiht- its annoying when ppl who don't understand are culture try to get it twisted/ LAME

Joey G on June 12, 2009:

These wheels are awesome! I have a friend who has ‘84s 30-spoke Elbow wire wheels and they really look great -- he is constantly getting complimented on them. I'm hoping to get a set of my own soon.

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