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Tesla Cybertruck Crazy Vehicle Modification (2021)

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Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck has received a pre-order of a whooping sum of $80 Million so far. Can you beat that! The crazy part is that this vehicle is yet to be manufactured. You may want to call this “ordering a ghost vehicle.” Yet, the people are excited to be part of the first set of people who ordered the vehicle ahead. Those who have placed their orders for the electric pickup truck forward have been compelled to do so because of the crazy modification of Tesla’s 2021 cybertruck. I’m not sure any other vehicle received a fanfare-like the Tesla Cybertruck when it was unveiled.

Many high-tech lovers and those who are not precisely prominent fans of automotive inventions took time to admire the Cybertruck. It seems to be the first of its kind.

The vehicle seems to be entirely out-of-the-box; no aerodynamic lines, no flowing or rounded corners, dramatic angles, and sharp edges.

It was announced after several purchase orders amounting to about $50 million were placed by those overwhelmed by the latest invention which is yet to be manufactured that;

"CyberLandr is an innovative camper/overlander for the Tesla Cybertruck that was unveiled April, 2021. CyberLandr, by stream It, Inc., transforms a Tesla Cybertruck into an adventure vehicle by providing a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and office when deployed while disappearing completely within the bed (or “vault”) of the Cybertruck when stowed. Pre-orders have continued at a rapid pace and already represent more than $50 million in future revenue."

Many of these people who are astonished by the new mind-blowing soon-to-be-invented Cybertruck have not just shown random interest in the vehicle. A number of them have gone ahead to request to make a down payment for the product ranging from $100 to $5,000 to get some discounts. Do you know what that means for the company? Millions of dollars in customer deposits already!

Since the display of the Tesla cybertruck crazy vehicle modification, many people have been commenting on the breath-taking invention, though yet to be manufactured. Talking about how enthusiastic people are about the vehicle, Bill French, Stream It, co-founder, said,

“we believe the enthusiasm is a direct result of people envisioning how this new adventure vehicle can improve their lives. People are telling us of many new uses for both wilderness and urban adventures. For example, parents at athletic matches, or the ability to boondock and overload to places previously inaccessible to a traditional RV. We estimate CyberLandr will be used 2-3 times more than traditional RVs because it is so easy to take with you.”

It is believed that Tesla has gotten up to a million reservations for the Cybertruck.

Commenting also, the CEO of Stream, Lance King, who is also the lead designer of the CyberLandr, said,

“We conservatively estimate demand for CyberLandr at more than 10,000 units in 2022. This is why we are working with renowned lean manufacturing consultants Munro & Associates to help ensure high quality while we scale manufacturing to meet demand.”

Reacting differently to Lance King’s statement, some analysts observed that it would be challenging for Tesla to deliver up to 10,000 units of the Cybertruck in 2022. The challenges are expected to have adverse impacts on the production process of the innovative electric vehicle.

The vehicle’s outward makeup is proposed to be an exoskeleton and Tesla’s latest structural battery pack technology with its own 4,680 battery cells.

Having unveiled the Cybertruck, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, said the electric truck would be offered with “sick attachments.”


The Cyber Truck Design

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, has warned that the vehicle’s design might be too polarizing due to its futuristic Blade Runner-esque look. The truck is designed to seat six people, and it has a 6.5 footbed which is referred to as the Cybertruck vault. The truck has a covered roof that opens if you need to fix something higher than the vault’s roof.

The Cybertruck is to have Tesla Armor Glass that can protect the windows from extremely ferocious enemies. Although the glass failed during the unveiling, Elon Musk had said that the glass was broken before the presentation, that it wasn’t the fault of the glass.

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The Interior Features

The truck is proposed to have a living room that transforms into a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom with the following features.

Living Room

The living room, which also can be transformed into a bedroom, is purposed to have the following features.

  • An alarm system with 360 degrees surveillance and exterior lighting, with a motion sensor that lets users sleep securely.
  • A free-standing reclining seating that can reposition or move outward for sunset.
  • The bed positions at counter height with the room beneath for one adult or two children.
  • An electrochromic dimming, with dual-pane windows that provide a perfect blend of lighting and privacy.
  • The seats technically transform into an astonishing comfortable, breathable RV queen bed.
  • Home automation that lets you control lighting and climate using an app or voice.
  • An installed surrounding audio sound system for music and video streaming.
  • A 32” 4k UHD Smart monitor/TV with the integration of AppleTV, Netflix, YouTube, Prime, etc.


The bathroom is said to have the capacity of fitting in the bed. It also has the following features.

  • A spa-style showerhead that has a 5-flow pattern.
  • Radiant-heated porcelain with one-piece tile floor for the ultimate in durability and comfort.
  • A dry-flush toilet that has a self-cleaning bowl that doesn’t require a black water tank for cleaning.
  • A recirculating shower that has a 4-stage filter that lets you shower for as long as you want without exhausting water.


The kitchen is strategically designed to have the following features.

  • A 5 square working space expensive porcelain countertop.
  • An invisible induction cooktop at the bottom of the countertop.
  • A smart faucet that has a manual, touchless, and a voice control system.
  • A large tri-level sink that has a cutting board wash bin, drying rack, and colander.

Other features

  • Exoskeleton body builds: The Cybertruck is proposed to have an impenetrable exoskeleton body for passenger protection and ultimate durability.
  • Ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel: Its ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel enables the vehicle to remove dents, damage, and long-term corrosion.
  • An adaptive air suspension standard.
  • A speed of 0-60 MPH in 6.5 seconds.
  • A storage capacity of 100 CU FT.
  • An autopilot standard.
  • Vault length of 6.5 FT.
  • A drivetrain tri-motor all-wheel drive.
  • A towing capacity of 14,000+ LBS.

It is also said that the company intends to give every CyberLandr internet access via a SpaceX Starlink dish. Also, a 500-watt retractable solar panel system to provide power.

The Cybertruck Specs and Range

There are three proposed versions of the Cybertruck to be made available. They are also expected to have diverse battery packs and drivetrain configurations. The single motor RWD version is expected to offer a range of 250 miles. At the same time, the dual-motor all-wheel-drive version would reach a range of 300 miles and 500 miles of range for the tri-motor version.

The Cybertruck Accessories

There have been several speculations on different ways to make the truck work effectively in diverse situations. However, there are no accessories for sale yet.

Elon Musk said an electric ATV known as the Cybersquad would be launched as an option once the cybertruck goes on sale. He also said there’s an option to include solar panels to the roof that would charge about 15 miles/day. It would cover driving from home to work for many commuters.


The Cybertruck Proposed Selling Price

How much do you think this astounding truck would go for? Do you think it would cost a fortune, or could someone with an average income afford to save up and acquire it?

Without puzzling around about the cost of the Cybertruck, Elon Musk stated categorically that the truck would start at $39,900 before incentives, but other models would start at $49,900 and $69,900, respectively.

Reports say that most people who are placing pre-orders are interested in the dual motor and tri-motor versions. The single motor model has attracted the interest of only about 17% of the total pre-orders.

Manufacturing Location of the Cybertruck

In March 2020, Elon Musk announced that Tesla plans to manufacture the vehicle in “Central America.” Then in May 2020, it was reported that the factory would be sited in Austin, and in July, Tesla secured a tax break for the Cybertruck Austin Gigafactory in Texas. The Cybertruck Gigafactory was later renamed “Gigafactory Texas.” The Model 3, Model Y, Cybertruck, and Tesla Semi are to be manufactured at Gigafactory, Texas.

Tesla also has plans to manufacture the Cybertruck in other locations, which is evident in the reservation made in China.


The Cybertruck Release Date

Within a week of the unveiling of the Cybertruck, the company got jaw-dropping 250,000 pre-orders. It is estimated that over 800,000 pre-orders had been made for the Cybertruck, which is yet to be produced. It is most likely that the number would increase.

It was scheduled that the dual-motor version of the Cybertruck would be released in late 2021, and the single motor model should be expected in late 2022. Elon Musk has also said that the updated version of the truck would be unveiled in the second quarter of 2021 as the company approaches manufacturing. But it would be best to anticipate the release of the first make around 2022.

Tesla is somewhat one automotive company that has not ceased to bring mind-blowing proposed inventions to the table. The company has a track record of getting its proposed inventions into reality to the amazement of many speculators.

The Cybertruck is most likely not going to be an exception in the list of various proposed innovations that Tesla has translated from a state of imagination to reality. Many people are currently anticipating the materialization of the proposed invention, while some others think the Cybertruck is way out of Tesla’s league to manufacture a vehicle of that sort. Although the testing of the solidness of the glass went sour, many speculators are willing to keep their fingers crossed until the time Tesla has proposed to release the Cybertruck.

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