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Subaru Baja - 2006 - Maybe We Sell It

My 2006 Subaru Baja


I do not know much about my car. I have driven it to work and back. I have driven it to the north end of my state at least once.

It's my third Subaru vehicle. It has a little paint peel, but nothing major. My hubby has done routine maintenance on it so it's mechanically sound.

We have more vehicles than we need. So, we have been selling the extras.

The big question comes down to logistics. Do I take it apart and sell it piece by piece? Or, do I sell it and all its parts together as a functioning unit.

If you are a tall person, just keep walking. The space between your head and the inside of the cab will not make you happy. I'm tall, but my body is short, so I fit just fine. Two of my potential buyers loved the vehicle, but did not fit in it.

I have offered to sell it upon occasion. Apparently, my price has been incorrect upon occasion.

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I am told that the asking price should be $11,000 but, I would be just fine with a lesser amount. The biggest problem a buyer will have with it is getting me to sign the final papers.

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