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How to Steps, to Rebuild a '68 Camaro


 To some it is a broken down car but to you it is a classic '68 Camaro. Rebuilding the '68 Camaro to it's original or better condition can be a long and involved process. This is not a project for just anyone. With a manual, replacement parts and a lot of elbow grease you can rebuild a 68' Camaro and be the envy of your hot rod friends.

1968 Chevy Camaro

Replacement parts

Automotive tools

Mechanic manual for a 1968 Chevy Camaro


Plan out the rebuild of the '68 Camaro. Decide how much time and money you will need to spend rebuilding the car. If you are unable to buy the all the replacement parts at one time you may want to spread the rebuild out over time to make way for buying parts at intervals.


Rebuild the engine on the '68 Camaro first. The engine is the most essential part of any car so you can drive it. You will need to go through the engine part by part to find out what is working and what parts need replacing. Using the mechanic manual for the '68 Camaro will be very helpful if the engine is original to the car. Replace each part that requires replacement and reassemble the engine to working order. Some parts may need to be machined professionally, there are many machine shops that offer machining services for a fee.


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Restore the exterior of the '68 Camaro. This includes repairing, replacing and painting the body of the car. Each body panel can be checked for damage and fixed or replaced. Exterior parts that may need replacement include bumpers, wheels, lights and ornamental pieces. The Camaro emblem that is on the body of the car is exclusive to the Camaro. Car body and paint shops can fix, replace and paint the '68 Camaro if you are not set up to, for a fee.


Restore the interior of the '68 Camaro. This includes the interior panels, doors, upholstery and head liner along with the entire dash of the car. Repairing and replacing any broken or missing parts. Reupholstering the seats either to their original look or custom look can be done by a professional for a fee.

Replacement parts for the 1968 Chevy Camaro can be found in many places including junk yards, websites and other 1968 Camaros.  

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Engine for a '68 Camaro

Things to consider when putting an engine in your '68 Camaro are:

The size and components. You will need to find an engine that will fit in the space provided. If your replacement engine is too small you will have to retro fit some of the components to help the engine power the car as well as stay in place. If the engine is too big for the space obviously it will not fit.

The components on the replacement engine will need to be in the correct places to fit up with the components on the car. If they are not there will need to be some retrofitting to get them in the correct place for match up.

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