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A Better Driving Experience In Your Class C Motorhome.

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Heading Out - 1st Trip With Mods.

Heading Out - 1st Trip With Mods.

2021 Entegra Odyssey 33'6"

During our 1st road trip, I noticed how active I had to be while driving the RV on the highway, as Semi trucks blew by. I just thought it was a normal thing with our new Class C. Constant fighting of the steering wheel as a Semi Truck approached my side. I felt like I had to turn into the truck, so that the RV would maintain a path on the road and not get blown off the road.

I did some research in 2021 to see what I could do to make the drive a more pleasant drive, and not a ride that I would dread. I did come across some products on However, I soon moved passed this, because most of our trips after the 1st was not to far away. So, I did not notice the steering issues.

In April 2022, we took off to Fort Wilderness at Disney in Orlando. The ride down was not too bad. However, the ride back was rough. It was 8 or more hours of fighting the steering wheel and RV to keep it on the road. Basically, the wind was up around 10-15mph, and throw in the Semi Trucks blowing by.

I fought that steering most of the way back, and was exhausted. It was time to research again and hopefully find a product, or products that I could install myself and not pay an arm and a leg for, and make a difference.

After researching and reading a lot of reviews and similar stories, I decided on replacing the steering stabilizer and adding the new SumoSprings.

You can purchase the Steering Stabilizers from pretty much any Auto Store, Amazon,, etc. The SumoSprings can also be purchased from or Amazon.

Fort Wilderness Disney


Class C RV - Suspension Enhancements #1

The first part that I installed was a new steering stabilizer by Bilstein. What a difference in just the product itself compared to the stock oem stabilzier. Just the stiffness in the cylinder was a big difference than the oem stabilizer. I purchased mine from Summit Racing.

The installation process was not that bad. It took longer trying to figure out how I could get under the front-end enough to remove and install the new stabilizer. Make sure when you are installing the new stabilizer is to turn the steering all the way to the left.

I also had to place a small bottle jack to jack up the front end a little, so that I could install the bolt on the passenger side.

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We took a short camping trip to FDR State Park after the installation, and I felt like the new steering stabilizer made a difference in handling by itself. I always felt like I had to drive with both hands on the steering wheel, but this ride I was comfortable and could enjoy it much more, and use only one hand.

Bilstein Steering Stabilizer


Class C RV - Suspension Enhancements #2

#2 - I purchased the front and rear SumoSprings.

SumoSprings are designed to enhance the load carrying ability that your RV can handle, stabilize the sway that happens in windy driving, or Semi Trucks passing, etc., and to improve the over driver control and comfort. There are some color differences in the rear SumoSprings. The different colors designate how much density they are, which reflects in the amount of weight they can handle.
Blue - 40 density. For light and medium.
Black - 47 density. For medium and heavy.
Yellow - 54 density. For medium and heavy.
Here is a nice reference article:

Both front and rear install was pretty basic. I think the hardest part is just getting into a good position under the RV to be able to remove and stock bump stops. I feel like the install was maybe an hour, possibly less.

Front SumoSpring

Stock Bump Stop on the left, and new SumoSpring on the right.

Stock Bump Stop on the left, and new SumoSpring on the right.

Rear SumoSpring

Stock Bump Stop on the right, and SumoSpring on the left.

Stock Bump Stop on the right, and SumoSpring on the left.

Road Trip To Destin With New Stabilizer and SumoSprings

The true test after installing these parts. We headed to Destin Florida, about 200 miles away this past June. We also included for the first time Flat Towing of our Jeep.

What a difference the Steering Stabilizer and SumoSprings made in the over all comfort and drivability of our Class C RV.

I felt like I could actually enjoy the drive without the constant fighting of the steering wheel. I feel like the modifications I made, were well worth it. I would recommend doing exactly the same for their Class C, or Class A, if they are having the same issues I had while traveling.

Destin Fl.

Destin Fl.

TPMS - A must have

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