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Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Used Car

There are tons of guides all over the web telling you all you need to know with regard to picking a new car, right? Well, as you may or may not be aware it is in most areas of life just as important to know how NOT to do things in order to avoid a myriad of common pitfalls. And when it comes to pitfalls, the used car buying process is littered with thousands of them that seem to be out to get you at every turn.

So with this in mind, here’s a quick look at some of the most common rookie mistakes to give an idea of exactly how not to go about buying a used car:

Go It Alone

Right off the bat, there are some things in life you should never go about alone and picking up a used car is one of them. Why? Simple really – as soon as you roll up at the dealer’s yard you have to realize that there isn’t a single person there that has the same interests as you in what goes on. Even in the case of the best dealers in the country, chances are the advice and info you hear will be in some way biased. As such, when it comes to making up your mind and making those difficult choices, you need someone on your side to bounce ideas off and make sure your choice is an objective one.

Ignore Your Instincts

If and when for any reason you find yourself not exactly trusting the dealer or wondering if the car’s a dud, this is one time in life you really should go with your instincts. You might be wrong and worrying for no reason, but at the same time you might be very right indeed and save yourself a serious headache. It’s always best to get into these kinds of things with peace of mind as this is probably the most valuable thing of all you can drive away with.

Be Pushed

It is inevitable that whoever is selling you the car will want to make sure they close the deal as quickly and tightly as possible – such is the nature of the selling business. However, there’s a big difference between helping you find the car you want and pushing you so hard that you end up buying something you don’t need or can’t afford. As such, what you need to do is take along a full mental blueprint of EXACTLY what it is you want and make sure it is stuck to the letter. If and when it appears things are swaying in a new direction you hadn’t banked on, walk away.

Forget What Matters

Another thing to be careful of is letting that part of you that just loves a pretty blue colour take over from your common sense. It’s sometimes a bit too easy to forget about what matters when presented with a load of cars that all look the part, which is again why you need to bring someone along with an objective standpoint that can talk a little sense into you when needed.

Shun Warranties

And finally, when you buy from a registered and respected dealer, you will pay a little more for your purchase and wonder why this is. Well, the simple answer is that when you buy from a dealer with a name to be proud of, you will also take home at least some level of warranty or a guaranteed promising that the car is all it appears to be. Even if you spend top-dollar on a car that looks and feels nearly new, you haven’t a leg to stand on when it falls to pieces on day-two if you didn’t take it with some kind of warranty. And this really does happen more often than you’d believe, so regardless of the extra costs involved you need to protect your investment.

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