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Review of Monster Jam Monster Truck Show

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Monster Jam Monster Truck Show – a review.

Monster Jam Monster Truck Show – a review.

This hub contains a review of the Monster Jam Monster Truck Show.

MONSTER JAM MONSTER TRUCK SHOW - The Monster Jam Monster Truck Show takes place at select cities throughout the United States. Albany, New York, Denver, Colorado, Houston, Texas, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Anaheim, California and Raleigh, North Carolina are examples of cities where the Monster Jam Monster Truck Show can be seen. I took my sons to see the Monster Jam Monster Truck Show in Greensboro, North Carolina at the Greensboro Coliseum in January 2018.

  • Before attending the Monster Jam Monster Truck Show, I too looked at some of the reviews of the show.
  • Trip Advisor and Yelp are two websites where reviews can readily be seen. There were both negative and positive comments about the Monster Jam Monster Truck Show and implied pros and cons of attending the show.
  • One person said that it was better than Disney World! In my opinion, to say that would be a bit of a stretch.
  • Various people who attended the show at assorted venues said that the monster trucks were too large to really do big tricks and put on a spectacular show because of the small size of the arena.
  • Many people also complained of noise and fumes.
  • Wearing ear plugs is recommended when you are attending the Monster Jam Monster Truck Show.

Monster Jam Truck Show at Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina

Monster Jam truck show - a review

Monster Jam truck show - a review

Monster Jam Monster Truck Show

the trucks at monster jam monster truck show

the trucks at monster jam monster truck show

We attended the Monster Jam Monster Truck Show at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina

When we attended the Monster Jam Monster Truck Show at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina, we were able to get tickets for $15 each.

  1. Tickets for both adults and children were sold at the same price rate.
  2. If you do not purchase tickets in advance of the show, you can purchase them at the show as I chose to do.
  3. The customer service representative at the ticket counter can show you the seating plan for the arena and you can choose your seats according to price and seat availability.

When I was purchasing tickets for the Monster Jam Monster Truck Show at the ticket counter, most of the tickets that were closest to the “stage”, a dirt covered field where the monster trucks would ride, were already sold out. Additionally, there were no seats that close to the field that were $15, the lowest available price range. Everything that close to the field was a bit pricier.

With the help of viewing the seating plan, I selected some seats that would accommodate the $15 tickets. I did the transaction and was then given the tickets for my sons and me to see the show.

As far as the stadium seating goes, our seats were pretty high up and we would have to walk up quite a few stairs to get to them. You know how those stadium staircases can seem a bit steep and going up and down those stairs can be a bit intimidating especially for little children who have a slight if not incessant fear of heights. Just hang on tight to them, encourage them that they can handle the stairs and be sure to generously give high fives when they make it to their seats up the stairs and to the exit, back down the stairs as needed.


It was a rainy day

On the day that we attended the Monster Jam Monster Truck Show, It was a rainy day. We had taken along a large umbrella as many other people did as well.

During the walk from the main entrance of the building to the ticket counter, we were advised to take our umbrellas to be stored per policy and we left our umbrella with many, many other umbrellas in a pile for us to sort through and find again upon exiting at the end of the show.

It was a bit chaotic with everyone looking for the umbrellas that they left because they were not allowed to take them into the show. You pick one up and say, “No, that’s not mine and toss it aside. Pick up another one and say, no, that’s not mine and toss it aside until you find the umbrella that is yours, mixed in with all of the other umbrellas. There were no lockers available for free or low cost use but only this large pile for placing the items that were not allowed into the main seating area of the venue.

After putting away your umbrella and purchasing your ticket, you could proceed to the security check point which involved X-ray scanning.

Monster Jam - a great way to spend a Friday evening

Additionally, the helpful people that were directing Monster Jam Monster Truck show attendees to put their umbrellas “over there” were giving out fliers advertising other upcoming events at the same venue.

Namely, there is a show coming up soon that will be featuring characters such as the Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man from Marvel Comics.

My sons love those characters shown on the flier handed to us so the possibility of attending that upcoming show seemed enticing as well.

Where we had been seated for the Monster Jam Monster Truck Show, was high up from the field and made the monster trucks appear smaller, a bit less monster sized. The large amount of noise was also not as much of a concern as it would have been if we were seated closer to the field and yes, while it was not overpowering I did indeed notice the odor of the fumes from the monster trucks that I was forewarned about through when I looked at some online reviews before attending the show.

  • The Monster Jam Monster Truck Show itself was impressive and seeing the looks of delight in my sons’ eyes was all the validation that I needed for attending the show. My sons are five and seven years old now. A little boy seated in front of us was continually squealing with delight as he watched the show as well. He appeared to be about two years old.
  • Gazing around the arena, it was clear that everyone was enjoying themselves. Many groups and families were there for family outings. We were there on a Friday and it was a great way to spend a Friday evening in this city.

Monster Jam Monster Truck Show is very entertaining

While it was true that the monster trucks could not give too much high flying actions, given the size of the field, what they did do was still quite impressive. There were many trucks with various themes. One monster truck was decorated to look like a shark while another monster truck was a zombie complete with zombie “arms” protruding out of the front. The zombie truck was a huge hit among the little kids all around, especially. Several of the kids and adolescents that I saw were sticking their arms out and imitating the zombie arm movements whenever the zombie monster truck appeared. The zombie monster truck was driven by a female driver as was another monster truck with a Wonder woman theme. There was also a monster truck called Grave Digger. Oh dear. There were several male drivers and two female drivers of the monster trucks. The women driving the monster trucks had lots of noisy fans. Speculatively, the little girls in the audience could find the female monster truck drivers to be very symbolic of women’s empowerment. Girls can do it too! No problem.

  • There were a few incidents that seemed like they could be quite dangerous, one in particular where a monster truck flipped on to its side.
  • Attendants rushed to the vehicle with fire extinguishers in hand in case they were needed.
  • The driver was okay! The driver enthusiastically waved to the crowd to confirm that everything was alright.
  • The vehicle was okay as well. It was straightened upright and driven off the field.

Some of the main tricks that the monster trucks were able to do in the time and space allotted to them were spinning in place, doing laps around the field and going up on a mound with the rear tires perpendicular.

Watching the Monster Jam Monster Truck Show was very interactive as audience members were allowed to optionally text in their votes for the best and most impressive monster truck demonstrations.

So from racing to beat the clock when doing laps around the dirt field to performing tricks, the monster trucks kept the audience members very entertained.

A great trip to Monster Jam Monster Truck Show

At Monster Jam, there was plentiful food available at concessions and snacks being carried around by vendors. One of the event sponsors, MetroPCS had little games and had given out door prizes such as car chargers and tote bags with the MetroPCS logo.

We are glad that we went to the Monster Jam show. In my family, we love adventure and right where we were, there was an opportunity to see something that is only available in select cities so we decided to go for it, our first time attending. It was a lot of fun for all ages. It was nice and memorable. Monster Jam has a lot of marketing and advertising and they have an online souvenir shop as well.

If you decide to attend Monster Jam, be on the look-out for additional discounts. After the fact of purchasing our tickets and seeing the show, we learned about a coupon code that we could have used for an additional $10 off. Take advantage of such things if you can.

Have you seen the show?

If not,

If you decide to attend the Monster Jam show, where would you most want to be seated?

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on February 06, 2018:

I'd love to attend one of these monster truck shows. I bet they're great fun.

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