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Portable Pop Up Garage

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Portable Pop Up Garage

So as time progresses and people come up with better ways of doing things and achieving certain goals, you can be sure that automobile innovators are looking at better and cheaper ways to store your car and keep it away from the environmental elements. So lets welcome the Pop Up Portable Garage From China.

Portable Pop Up Garage

Portable Pop Up Garage

People who live in the city know that storing your car can be a problem. City livers have limited space as most homes do not posses a garage and cars are left to park outside. Well, these people will be glad for this sleek and trendy car storage tool, the Portable Pop Up Garage. The portable pop up garage is sleek and built to fit in the parking space already provided to you. It will protect your vehicle from the many harsh conditions which your car takes everyday when not under a physical garage. Many city dwellers car suffer from harsh wind conditions, ale, and hash UV sun rays. Scorching temperatures are able to brittle plastics in your car. In other words, constant heat is always a bad thing for your car, in and out. But if you are one of those unfortunate people who have to park their brand new Benz outside, you can be assured now that once you have it protected with a Portable Pop Up Garage, you can sleep better knowing your car is being protected.

How Does The Portable Pop Up Garage Work

The technology is simple, the garage is pitched at any parking spot which may be assigned to you or an area where you commonly park your car. The pop up garage has a dome like shape with a hard back and retract over head cover which retract in and out like an accordion. With just the touch of a simple remote control, you back in your car, step out and flip the remote for the pop up portable garage and it covers your car.

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Pros And Cons Of The Portable Pop Up Garage

I always like to start with the bad news first, so lets go:


  • The garage is made to be portable and therefore will be just small enough to accommodate just shielding your car. You cannot walk in your portable garage and wash and vacuum your car, it was not made for those purposes. So one of the draw back is its size and the fact that it does not facilitate space for car accessories and storage.


  • Portable, can be taken anywhere. you move with it from state to state or even country to country.
  • cheaper to acquire than to do construction of an additional garage to your home.
  • Keeps you car cool from the sun

Where These Portable Pop Up Garages Comes In Handy

Cabin Owners
For the millions of people all over the world who owns getaway cabins, this is the ideal thing to protect your car while you are at you romantic or fun getaway. You don't need to chop down any more trees simple to add a garage to your cabin, all you need to do is own one of these Portable garages and you can take it and set it up where ever you want to. That is what i call convenience. A very good way to store your car, while protecting it from many outside element

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City People Who Have no Garage
So instead of simply jacking your car outside and having it all scratched up while the sun, rain and snow slowly devours you car, all you would need to do is park your car in your portable pop up garage and you are set.

Apartments With Outside Parking

Apartments With Outside Parking

The picture above shows a typical example of apartment livers who have no garage space available and have to simply park their car outside. The portable pop up garage from china would be a good solution to many of these car owners who simply wish to protect their cars from the outside environment. The portable garage is good to have especially when you leave you car regularly to go on long business trips or vacations. All you need to do is back it in, press the remote and cover your car. Now your car is safe until you return.

I see this invention as a necessity and something that many "garageless" owners will grow to appreciate. We live in a world where city over population is growing and many people prefer to cluster than to live in the open country. There is a price to pay for city life and limited space is one of them. The portable pop up Garage from china simply was created to help the millions of people who face this limited space.


ajaxmen on June 18, 2016:

where could i buy one? :)

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on November 13, 2015:

ok have lotsa space on your beautiful farm for a nice garage, i see why you would not need one

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on November 13, 2015:

you are most welcome janshaes

Janis Leslie Evans from Washington, DC on November 13, 2015:

This is very cool and innovative. If I had money to burn, I would consider it. It would work better than my car cover. Thanks for the info, Clive.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on November 12, 2015:

I would never buy one but they are pretty cool and I can see why people would buy them.

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