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Party Bus – A Party Palace On Wheels

Party Bus also popularly known as the party van is a large van-like motor vehicle designed with a seating capacity of 10 to 50 people depending upon the requirements. As the name suggests, it’s not meant for conventional transport from point A to point B but to start from point A and keep on partying in the club on wheels until you are fully exhausted.

  • Facilities a renter or owner gets.

Apart from being chauffeur driven, these mobile clubhouses have upgraded electrical systems to support heavy music systems, large flat screen T.V.s, and on board refrigerators. Luxury leather, power door locks, back up cameras, disc-like lighting system, electrically heated windows, laser lights, smoke machines, disco balls, toilets and even stripper poles are some of the standard facilities provided with each of them. Mostly used for weddings, prom, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties and day long tours, on special requests they are also rented for week long tours. These motor monsters have given limousines a serious run for their money.

  • How safe one would be inside it if something was to happen?

Apart from having re-enforced chassis and a heavy duty outer shell which is supposed to be a standard in a party bus, different countries have enforced different laws to ensure that the passengers arrive back in single piece even after a super wild weekend party. In the United States, any vehicle that has a seating capacity of more than 16 passengers, including the driver, requires the driver to hold a commercial driver’s license. The Department of Motor Vehicles provides operating authority for inter-state operations if the bus is to tour from one state to another. Companies that do inter-state businesses are mandated to register themselves with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and may be subject to more safety related federal regulations. In the United States, any company that provides party bus services must carry $5 million in liability insurance, while in Europe, operating one of these heavy duty party halls requires the driver to hold a D1 licence.

Some people often tend to confuse a Party Bus with a Customised Bus, but the fundamental difference between them is that a Customised bus is made for the purpose of personal exhibitions or decorative purposes and if not this then to promote public transport and give daily commuters a more fresh and upgraded experience for their journeys, where as a Party Bus is a modified bus mostly rented and driven by chauffeurs, for anyone who is eager to spend some big bucks for a time of their lives and is nothing short of a Party Palace on wheels. So next time you want a wild party and are ready to shell out more than $50,000 for a day, but also want to feel exclusive, then fear not, go to your nearest Limo Bus rental service, book a nice big bus for yourself and your buddies and brace yourselves for a wild party that you and your friends are going to talk about the rest of your lives.

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